Firefighters Dropped A Burning BMW i8 Into A Water Container!

An electrified BMW i8 sports car caught fire earlier this week in Breda, Netherlands, where the fire brigade chose to submerge the vehicle completely into a large water container, so as to make sure the flames are extinguished.

Before dropping the car into the container, firefighters dispersed the larger flames separately. However, since the i8 features lots of electronics and flammable components, they simply couldn’t take any chances, so they had a large container of water delivered.

Toxic hazard

After the car was lifted out and back onto the road, emergency services needed to make sure that the water used was discharged in a safe manner, since it now contained all kinds of acids and toxic substances, as reported by BN DeStem.

While this i8 wasn’t a fully electric vehicle, these types of extreme measures are apparently necessary when dealing with electric motors and lithium-ion batteries. Thankfully, there weren’t any reported injuries as the car was quickly taken out into the street from inside a local BMW dealership once the fire was spotted.

On a related note, we can’t help but think back to an old BMW recall notice from 2014, with regards to possible fire risks involving the i8. According to the NHTSA, that issue involved “a bolt used to attach and secure the vehicle’s fuel tank to the vehicle chassis,” which may not have received proper welding during the manufacturing process and “could cause a fuel leak.”

At this point however we don’t know why this particular i8 caught fire.

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Photos: Brandweer Midden-en West-Brabant / Facebook

  • Jay

    Cool so now it’s fire and water damage.


  • TheAmerican2point0

    Looks like a toy car compared to the container

  • Six_Tymes

    I wonder what the toxic pollution of batteries will have environmentally in say 50+ years from. has there been any projection studies yet? or is this another build it now syndrome and worry later scenario?

    • illogicalPotato

      It is exactly that scenario. Hopefully in 25 years we get really good at Battery disposal or recycling. Otherwise, it’s not looking good.

    • Matthew Raworth

      Well since electric cars & hydrogen fuel cell cars are the safest options at this point, I don’t see why they shouldn’t be building them now. Sure there may be an environmental impact in however many years, but it wouldn’t come close to matching the impact that burning fossil fuel has caused.

    • xDRAN0x

      Just let the other generations take care of it? Like we have been doing over and over for many many years?

  • DanSemering

    What’s with the BMW catching fire ..I saw one burn the other day!

    • Stephen G

      Car fires are BMW’s thing now!



  • brn

    How fortuitous.

    Car is on fire? Good thing we happened to have both a car-sized container of water and the ability to pick up a burning car to plunk it in there.

    • TheHake

      You can never be too prepared!

      • wait a minute

        That looks like the back of the Mini dealership. Kinda odd this all happened at the BMW/Mini dealership. You’d expect BMW technicians on the premises would be able to extinguish an EV car fire.

  • karmat

    That’s an interesting idea. Fire departments could have a special truck ready to go with a foam/water tank on the back, with a motorized lid and a crane attached. The liquid could be treated with neutralizers so it can be reused a bunch of times. Sure the disposal of the liquid will be a concern, but it’s better than having the chemicals run down the storm sewers during every car fire. You heard it here first!

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