North Carolina’s Infamous 11Foot8 Bridge “Scalped” Two Trucks In Two Days

The Durham, North Carolina low bridge continues to produce high-quality content for YouTube viewers worldwide.

In case you were wondering how the 11ft 8in (3.55 m) bridge has been doing lately, you should know it had a busy week in February. The railway underpass claimed two different trucks on two consecutive days.

While that’s hardly surprising giving the bridge’s history of 143 video documented crashes since April 2008, the incidents caught our attention as they are very similar. Both could have had unpleasant consequences for pedestrians who happened to be on the sidewalk very close the bridge when the trucks got “scalped.”

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As reported by our friends at Jalopnik, in the first incident that happened on February 21st, we clearly see the sign mounted atop the bridge flashing “Overheight Must Turn.” Obviously, the driver didn’t notice it so when the stoplights went green the refrigerated truck got its roof chopped off by the bridge. The debris went flying and landed on the sidewalk almost hitting a woman pedestrian.

Fast forward to February 22nd and the scenario repeated itself. This time, another reefer truck received the “can opening” treatment, with potentially serious consequences for another pedestrian. A man with an umbrella was walking under the bridge when the accident happened but fortunately, the debris missed him.

Things weren’t as simple for the truck that got held hostage by the bridge for two hours. Traffic was brought to a halt in the area and it was only after a big tow truck was brought in to remove the offender that things went back to normal.


  • Jay

    It’s funny that this is still a thing, it shows how much some people just disregard plenty of warnings. It doesn’t look like it would be too much work to lower the road surface a bit but what do I know ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

    • Six Thousand Times

      Pretty well posted. There might be drainage problems if you “scooped out” some of the roadway. Plus, say you made ‘er a 12”, idiots driving trucks at 12’5” would still hit it. People just don’t read.

      • Jay

        I think there should be an audible warning as well since it’s this bad. Heck even a flashing red light in the green lights place when it detects a vehicle that it over height to go along with the actual message.


        • Sadaharu

          Well there is a sensor on the bridge literally measures the truck and gives the driver a visual flashing sign warning saying OVERHEIGHT MUST TURN, but it is still useless against ignorance.

        • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

          There are both visual and auditory warnings that start over two blocks away from the bridge. It warns drivers to turn and NOT go under the bridge. That’s what makes it so amazing, there are bells and lights flashing and people still hit the bridge.

          They can’t “scoop” out the road due to drainage issues and utilities being there. It would cost a massive amount of money to accomplish this when people should just read in the first place.

    • Ken Lyns

      Not a little bit. Max legal truck height per NC DOT is 13 ft 6, so the road surface would have to be lowered by a good 2 ft. There will be drainage issues and possibly existing underground obstructions. Just downtime and tax dollars…

      • Jay

        By a bit I meant a few inches, not two feet lol.

        • Ken Lyns

          A few inches would still result in many trucks hitting it. Wasted tax dollars.

  • Six Thousand Times

    I want video of the guy returning that truck to Ryder.

  • Bob

    Did the Feb 22 truck run a red light?

    • Jason Miller


  • Jason Miller

    I like how the Tahoe in the second video slowed before the truck even hit the bridge as they knew what was coming.

    Edit: I take that back, both of them ran the red light…

  • Mr. EP9

    No matter how many warning signs you put up, people won’t learn.

    • carsmofo

      To be fair, this type of warning sign is extremely uncommon in the US, therefore it probably didn’t crossed anyone’s mind.

      This is a known problem for years at this bridge, and the city should’ve done something about it by now.

      • Mr. EP9

        They did do something about it and it has reduced the amount of crashes that happen at that bridge.

        • yeash people will always see light signs and never look at their phones, or assume I don’t know that their truck should go under all road bridges… The warning should be huge. The bridge can’t be put higher, and if it’s too expensive to rebuild the road lower… Than paint the road red, put a bigger illumanated sound, an alarm when a high truck gets too close.

      • Ken Lyns

        Plenty of low-clearance bridges and tunnels in the US. Good portion of these trucks are rentals. Probably inexperienced drivers without commercial truck licenses behind the wheel.

  • Six_Tymes

    North Carolina’s Infamous 11Foot8 Bridge “Scalped” Two Trucks In Two Days

    fixed title version
    North Carolina’s Infamous 11Foot8 Bridge Hit Again, Twice In Two Days by Dumb-Asses


  • BlackPegasus

    I need to bookmark this 11foot8 website for days of boredom 😆

  • I always laugh when I see that a bridge has its own unique fansite.

  • Simply Navy✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Seems to me the Legislatures of North Carolina or Department of Transportation should collaborate with the state to build a bigger bridge overpass to allow truckers, who are clearly uneducated, to pass along that same route for better clearance and safer travels.

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