Yes, You Can Drive A Subaru With Saw Blade Wheels And Cut Through Ice

Ever had a wacky idea that you were too scared to pull the trigger on? That’s totally understandable. The Beyond The Press YouTube channel, however, weren’t afraid to put theirs to the test.

The channel is chock-full with hilarious experiments hosted by a couple residing in north Finland. In their latest endeavor, the couple decided to see if a Subaru Legacy can be driven on saw blades. Yes, you read that correctly.

Each solid steel saw blade fitted to the car weighs roughly 35 kg (77 lbs) and, as with any saw blade, each appears to be very, very sharp. And what better way to test out saw blades as wheels than driving on a frozen lake?

Saw blades can double as wheels, but they’re not with compromise. Despite the all-wheel drive traction of the Subaru, the steel saw blades do struggle for grip. What’s more, they cut into the ice with ease. That might be fine if you’re driving along a road with a thin layer of ice on top, but when you’re driving along a frozen lake, you might want to take extra care so you don’t end submerged into the water.

When the couple head out onto the street, the saw blades provide a little more traction than on a frozen Finnish lake, but still look pretty sketchy and are very unsafe. However, if you want to hone your skills in controlling understeer and oversteer, this is certainly one unique way to do it.


  • Paul

    Use it on the Ice Road and put everybody behind you in peril maybe. 😉

  • Bash

    Too many questions in my head, but basically… wwwwhy?!

  • Infinite1

    Why tho?

    • Howfarr

      Youtube clickbait revenue

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