Honda Civic Type R Prototype Could Be Facelifted Model, Lightweight Special, Or Both

We’ve got hold of new photos with the two Honda Civic Type R prototypes testing on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. The photo gallery below has been updated with the new images. (Update 4/24/2019)

Honda Civic Type R test cars have been spotted again in Europe, this time on the punishing Nürburgring racetrack.

Honda is currently running two prototypes on the “Green Hell,” a white and a yellow one. The former is more or less the same car our photographers spotted last year on the public roads around the Nordschleife. However, the yellow one seems to be in a different stage of development.

While it features the same updated front and rear bumpers as the white, the yellow car features a fully camouflaged roof and camouflaged air intake in the bonnet. Our guess is Honda is testing lightweight parts for the facelifted Civic Type R.

Another way to explain this would be that Honda is testing a special edition model that will feature a carbon fiber hood scoop and carbon fiber roof. We don’t know which (if any) of these assumptions will turn out to be true, but we do know that Honda said it would add more variants for the Civic Type R in order to continue generating interest and, thus, demand.

During the previous sighting, we noticed that the automaker was also testing a smaller rear wing, possibly for an entry-level version. Unfortunately, not much else is known about the refreshed Civic Type R. We assume it will retain the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder, but whether it will offer a power upgrade over the current unit’s 306 HP (310 PS) is anyone’s guess right now.

Honda is expected to introduce the updated Civic Type R late this year, following a possible world debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

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Photo credits: CarPix & S. Baldauf/SB-Medien for Carscoops

  • Howfarr

    I hope they call that color the angry Pikachu

  • Romain AA

    still ugly as f*ck

    • geolemon

      I have a Civic Sport hatch… which I think looks great. It’s the right balance.

      If I had a Civic Type R, I’d quickly swap on the bumpers and wing from a Civic Sport hatch.
      I’d have no trouble selling the Type-R specific body parts for what it would cost to source, paint, and install the Sport hatch parts.
      But that doesn’t change the fact that I’d love a Type R.

      All cars are always more fun as sleepers – and the Civic Sport Hatch looks sporty enough to be cool, but understated enough to park at the office parking garage without people wondering “who hired a teenager?”

      • Matt

        I don’t think the bumpers are interchangeable as the Type-R has wider front wings and don’t forget additional cooling requirements that will be affected if you put on a ‘standard’ bumper.

  • StrangerGP

    Civic Type-R will be pretty much dead after this generation. I doubt many people will decide to buy the next one after the gearbox scandal.

    • Alpina

      I am not on it. What gearbox scandal?

      • Ben

        Some Type R Civic owners reported trouble shifting into 3rd I believe and grinding coming from the gearbox. It wasn’t a scandal, just a mere quality issue. The VW-emissions cover up was a scandal, not a gearbox that may grind a certain gear on some vehicles. Every vehicle has issues, especially first year models. It only got put on blast because how awaited the vehicle was. The same thing with Focus RS going into limp mode on tracks or having a super hard suspension. Many performance cars will put themselves in limp mode to avoid damage. Ford promptly took care of it. Another “Scandal” was the heatsoak issue with the early C7 Z06 corvettes. The story by Motor Trend fanned the flames. Chevy increased the blower size on the next model year and I think offered early adopters the larger supercharger.

        • Alpina

          Thanks for the explanation.

    • Ben

      You underestimate the love for VTEC, yo. Research what used Type R’s are going for currently, only a couple thousand off MSRP. Its not going anywhere.

      • geolemon

        There’s no VTEC, yo.

        • Dude

          Yes there is. The CTR is specifically the only Civic that you can get with vtec now (it might only be on intake though)

    • Able

      What are you on about?

  • Vassilis

    Nurburgring Edition?

  • Six_Tymes

    ugly as sin

  • Charles Chin

    When you have super thin tires….waiting for it to pop off the rims.

    • Sybill Julian

      exactly my thoughts. tires are too thin and wheels are too big

  • Bash

    As usual, overdone!

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