Jeremy Clarkson Gets Choked Up Ahead Of Big Change For The Grand Tour

The third season of The Grand Tour wrapped up on Friday and it was a bit emotional for Jeremy Clarkson.

Noting there’s “so many people I haven’t insulted [yet],” Clarkson revealed the show as we know it is coming to an end. Beginning with the fourth season, The Grand Tour will focus exclusively on a handful of big adventures rather than ten or so traditional episodes.

Clarkson didn’t say much about the change, but he told the studio audience “It’s not goodbye from us, it’s goodbye from this.” He then went on to joking ask if anyone wants to buy a tent as the new season will skip the studio format.

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While it’s a pretty big change, Clarkson told The Sun the moment was emotional for more than just that reason. As he explained, “I never got the chance to say goodbye to Top Gear. One minute I was there and one minute I wasn’t.”

He went to say Top Gear “was my baby” and that he came up with ideas such as the test track and the Stig. To lose all that overnight and not have a chance to say goodbye left him pretty sad. As Clarkson told Express, “This was almost as though we were saying goodbye to Top Gear as well. That’s why it was so emotional for me.”

There’s no word on when the fourth season of The Grand Tour will land on Amazon Prime, but it will reportedly consist of just four specials. Clarkson has previously said he’ll miss the current format, but acknowledged change was need as he’s been doing the same thing for nearly 17 years. He also joked there’s a silver lining to the new format as he’ll get to spend less time with James May.


  • lagann

    I might be in the minority but I really thought their show on Amazon lacked the excitement and epicness of when they were with the BBC.

    Imo it really shows the difference in budget the BBC would give compared to Amazon. Having watched all the eps so far, only a couple of episodes were actually really fun and their specials mostly felt lacking except for some of them.

    I’m actually glad they will use all their budget with only a handful of specials and hopefully they can be as epic as their previous show.

    • PhilMcGraw

      I’m pretty sure Amazon spent more money on their episodes of the Grand Tour than BBC spent on Top Gear.

      • designer_dick

        The Grand Tour is rumoured to have cost as much £50m per season, and with an average 12 episodes per season, we can assume a budget of around £4.2m per episode, which is just over 4x the maximum that a publicly funded broadcaster like the BBC would have been able to justify spending on a factual entertainment show.

        The budgetary disparities are obvious from the shooting locations. Exotic, far flung parts of the world were a relative rarity on Top Gear, while they’re more or less the norm for The Grand Tour.

        • lagann

          Then I have no idea why the Grand Tour is just not as good as when they did Top Gear. I must not be the only one thinking that as the Grand Tour is changing to specials only for a reason.

          • exeptor

            I think that they overplayed at the very beginning and in general the famous British behavior was settled down just a little bit – could be because it was meant to be primary for US market, could be the age of the three wise men, etc. Although with every next season (and episode actually) they become more and more comfortable which made the show quite pleasant to watch. I personally felt bad about the breach between Clarkson and TG primary because TG was part of my youth and all the good memories somehow was darkened (just a little bit). I still believe that the money which Amazon spent was ridiculous, but at the end it is their money – we had something good (maybe not as good as the old time) to watch.

      • KAG25

        Of course, and the CEO of Amazon was worth over 150 billion, while BBC can’t find the right people still for Top Gear.

    • Six_Tymes

      no offence, but you must be a negative thinker to feel that way, every show has been as entertaining as any previous. different in some ways, sure, why wouldn’t they be?

    • KAG25

      Top Gear was a little better because they had no budget, so they made up stuff to fit into the show with spare parts.

  • GT

    I bet it was sad not being able to say goodbye to Top Gear. Just like it was sad for that guy you punched.

    • exeptor

      I really don’t justify what Clarkson did and I think that in general it is a moronic behavior which has to be punished. Although your comparison is inadequate – the one entertained millions for more than 20 years (building something from scratch which btw brings hundreds of people quite a decent life) and the other just work for the monthly income (nothing wrong with that … I do the same).

  • Vassilis

    Brilliant episode, brilliant season.

  • Kagan

    Haha, the only thing that might have been interesting in the show were the cars. Without that boring boring boring…………

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