Smile, You’re On Camera: Audacious Nissan Passenger Steals Equipment From Road Workers

It has become quite clear that a dashcam can be useful in many situations, and not necessarily just for providing proof of who’s to blame in case of an accident.

Take this incident, for example. It took place this past Monday in Hayward, California, and thanks to the cammer, we’re pretty sure that the authorities can proceed as they see fit. Not that it was a high crime or anything, yet stealing anything, be it a candy bar or, in this case, equipment (most likely a chainsaw) is still stealing.

The clip was posted to Reddit, with the uploader stating that the incident was recorded by his father who told him he will go back there to the road workers and “give them the video copy”.

The video is very clear and you can make out both the license plate of the Nissan as well as the facial features of the man in the white t-shirt. It’s rather unfortunate that no road workers were guarding their equipment at that specific time, but to be fair, it’s hard to predict that something like this can happen in broad daylight.

So, next time you feel like doing something reckless and/or illegal, even if you can’t spot a security camera anywhere, just remember that you might be recorded by another vehicle’s dashcam.


  • Craig

    “…the incident was recorded by his father who told him he will go back there to the road workers and “give them the video copy”. Why didn’t he call the police IMMEDIATELY? Or stop to tell the road-workers IMMEDIATELY?

    • Benjamin B.

      Maybe because he wanted/hoped for his to do the right thing.

      • Craig

        For his….. what?

    • Benjamin B.

      He did yell out towards the workers that the “chainsaw” was taken.

  • Bash

    What is up with the people?

  • Big Black Duck

    Altima drivers… the garbage of society

    • Aeromann


    • Bo Hanan

      True on many levels….. Sorry.

  • PK

    just why????

    • Aeromann

      Maybe a kleptomaniac.

  • no25

    this is why i love dash cams. i think every driver should have one

  • Mr. EP9

    Some real pieces of garbage I tell you.

  • Knotmyrealname

    I think you gotta build a wall….

    • Benjamin B.

      No, we need more honest workers in this country. Guys like this need to have their hands cut off. Not literally.

      • Paulbe

        No, you need to build a wall. You’ve tried being nice, and there you are.

        • Knotmyrealname

          Exactly. Being nice gets you nowhere. You end up being trod on by people who don’t understand nice. It’s just not in their blood. Being fair, however, works for everyone.
          ….And by that, I mean everyone, (even Mexico 😉 )!

  • Socarboy

    I have no use for a thief; I hope karma visits you with a failure of your CVT in your crappy Nissan and get ripped off by a dishonest mechanic!

    • Mr. EP9

      ….and they do more damage to the car just to charge them extra for it leading to them coming back to the shop and having the cycle repeat all over again.

  • Paulbe

    Invite the third-world, don’t be surprised when they treat your Nation like the third-world.

    • stallion999

      You forget that they also build the world ,, the guys working on the roads and the guy filming are most probably from your so called “third world”

      • Knotmyrealname

        So this is the price to pay? You condone this?

        • stallion999

          No of course, I condemn every criminal act regardless of of who they are. I was referring to people who generalize and judge an entire people .

          • Knotmyrealname

            But they really don’t do themselves any favours do they? When the US is arguing about how to treat Mexican illegal immigrants and the President is saying that there are many criminals amongst them, these sorts of images can only harm their cause.

          • stallion999

            In any country, any illegal person is immediately deported, there is no cause for an illegal person from a receptors view unless they can prove they are escaping death. Instead of pushing Mexico to pay for a wall, how about they pay for the deportation of their illegal Citizens. That would be more logical and legal and would let them control their borders if they want to save money. On the other hand, my reference isn’t about management it’s about racism. The Ruler here is the LAW not somebody looking down on you and making judgments based on where you’re from or what you look like or what you believe, because you make it sound like a legal citizen is ok to be a criminal! for e.g we wouldn’t be having this conversation if it was a white guy .. he would just be called a criminal or trash .. that’s it.. there wouldn’t be any reference to third world or country or race or what ever .. why is that ?!! is that too hard to understand ? This is what Nationalism is all about . End of my point

          • Knotmyrealname

            It’s not about racism (the all-too-common catch-cry) it’s about respect of your newly adopted home. Yes, if it were a white person, we’d be saying trash or the like, and it would reflect badly on how the society has been allowed to become. But this is where somebody enters a country (illegally or otherwise) and then treats it with a complete lack of respect for the cultural norms of the host country.

          • stallion999

            Again that’s why there are Laws … The law can not force YOU to change your view of the world but you have to respect it. What some people are doing is not pleading to the law but spreading hatred and racism. In other words, if you were a legal, respectful, law abiding Mexican or any other foreigner, why should you be scared of society because someone has a stereotypical view of where you come from, even though you might be born here and know nothing of your origin? Such way of handling things can only split societies and you can spend a life time of pointing fingers at different people, it won’t change things and won’t get you anywhere. I repeat the Governor here is the LAW and everyone has to respect it.

          • Knotmyrealname

            My point was and I think we agree, that people like this don’t exactly help the cause of the USA’s southern friends.
            But there are cultures where laws are simply not respected or their worth not properly understood. Yes, laws are important, and are a reflection of the culture and society (for example Sharia law is different to Western law which is, quote “Western law refers to the legal traditions of Western culture. Western culture has an idea of the importance of law which has its roots in both Roman law and canon law. As Western culture has a Graeco-Roman Classical and Renaissance cultural influence, so does its legal systems”), so one person’s understanding of law maybe different from another.

          • stallion999

            Therefore, what’s important is the implementation of the Law, and not to cherry pick who’s good and who’s not. By the way, Sharia Law, when it came, it was new and not always went with the Culture and to this day some western countries adopt many of it’s Laws like for e.g France from Sharia Law with out them knowing it and this is not the place to talk about it but you get the point. Being a Sovereign state, you look at your cause only without injustice or disrespect to anyone and if they disrespect you, then the only way to sort things between you and them is the Law not because you hate them but because you want everyone to abide by the Law.

  • Paul

    Just keep letting the riff raff in and this is what we end up with.

    • Knotmyrealname

      Some don’t get let in, they let themselves in.

  • Knotmyrealname

    Apparently not to this man.

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