Who’s To Blame? Dashcam Captures Totally Avoidable Crash On Illinois Highway

What happened to defensive driving, is anyone even aware of that notion anymore?

We get it, drivers who cut others off are extremely annoying but is it worth the risk of getting into a potentially horrifying crash just to teach them a lesson? Unfortunately, some drivers would answer yes to this question and that says a lot about how dangerous the roads are.

Take a look at the following video taken on an Illinois highway and you’ll see what it’s like to drive with a total disregard for safety. The short dashcam clip shows a previous-generation Ford Explorer accelerating in the middle lane and forcing its way into the fast lane — albeit accompanying the move with the blinker turned on. By all means, it was an unnecessary and dangerous maneuver.

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However, what happened next boggles the mind and defies any logical explanation. We have two theories. One is that the cammer didn’t like the Explorer’s move and somehow decided to teach the driver a lesson. So instead of stomping on the brakes they continued and hit the Ford, only to lose control of their own car and slam into the median.

Another explanation could be that the cammer was caught completely by surprise (distraction?) by the Explorer cutting them off and couldn’t react quickly enough to avoid the crash. Either way, both drivers could have behaved much better than they did and could have avoided this totally unnecessary crash. It’s a miracle that other cars weren’t hit as well.

The video author claims in the title that the Ford driver continued without stopping, though there’s no way of confirming that from the clip.


  • Jason Miller

    Camera car’s fault 100%.

    • salamOOn

      WTF? Since when you do have the right of way while changing lanes?

      • Jay

        Since when should you speed up just to cause an accident? They saw them driving aggressively and they attempted to speed up to close the gap. Other car was wrong too but had the camera car maintained a safe driving distance behind the car in front of them the explorer would’ve never been hit. It’s never a good idea to drive either way.

        • salamOOn

          “had the camera car maintained a safe driving distance behind the car in front of them the explorer would’ve never been hit.”

          there is enough space between camera guy and subaru to call it a safe distance, of course until the moment when the explorer wanted to squeeze in.
          90 percent explorers fault.

          • Jay

            Im simply stating that it the collision was avoidable if the cam car had been paying more attention. I tend to stay back when I there’s an aggressive driver ahead to avoid accidents like this.

      • Jason Miller

        Explorer is a jerk but the cam car had plenty of time to avoid an incident. They caused their own accident and I have no remorse for idiots like that. Karma at it’s finest.

        • Matteo Tommasi

          You can change lane ONLY if the car behind is at a safe distance, which is clearly NOT the case. Also, the Explorer driver pulled a right overtake (illegal on highways)

          • Jason Miller

            Was there a safe distance? No. Was there enough space for the Explorer to fit without making contact? Yes. The cam car either sped up, or didn’t slow to avoid the collision. 100% their fault. “I’ll teach them a lesson for cutting me off” get’s you results like this.

          • Matteo Tommasi

            You said it right, no safe distance. So the Explorer shouldn’t have changed lane. It’s not a car park, it’s an highway: enough space to fit isn’t enough.

        • Six_Tymes


        • salamOOn

          of course more defensive driving from cam guy would prevent this, but it doesn mean he is to blame here.

  • Six_Tymes

    DBAG suv driver cutting and squeezing in is to blame 100%

    • Jason Miller


  • Jweisberg

    The cam driver was not paying attention but, the ford driver is at fault because he or she made an improper lane change.

    • Jay

      Maintaining a safe following driving distance of 3-4 seconds is also in the handbooks. If they were further behind it could’ve been avoided. Ultimately I blame the camera car for speeding up attempting to close the gap though.

      • Matteo Tommasi

        No safe distance, no lane change. This is why the Explorer driver is at fault (after an illegal right overtake that put him in that position)

        • Jweisberg


        • Jay

          Not sure if passing on the right is illegal in that area but it’s not where I live. Doesn’t make it right to but in the line but the video clearly shows the camera car speeding up intentionally to keep the car from merging in the lane. The safe following distance would’ve prevented it no matter how you look at it.

      • Jweisberg

        Your comment makes no sense.

        If you claim the cam car was following too close to the white vehicle in front of it, then the ford had no business going between them, regardless if the cam car sped up or not. What if the white car suddenly stopped then the ford would have rear ended it.

        So again the ford is in the wrong for making an improper lane change. look at the video again, the ford started turn then he or she put on their turn single. You are suppose to look, signal, look again then make your lane change. but whatever

        • Jay

          If the car up front slowed down then the explorer would’ve been at fault for rear ending it. But the last car would be at fault if it rear ends another car. The 3-4 second gap allows things to happen and gives you time to stop. Try it out, you’ll see for yourself.

          • Jweisberg

            LOL, you claim the cam car did not have a 3 second gap, so how can you justify the explorer cutting in between that space? Furthermore, the explorer did not even have a 3 second gap between it and the Camry in front of it that is why at the last second it switched over to the left lane. By Switching over to the left lane the explorer did not leave a 3 second gap between it and the cam car. I don’t see how you can defend the explorer driver unless you drive just as bad as him/her/other.

            I don’t need to try it out. I never had an accident, nor do I drive like an @sshat like the people in the video.

          • Jay

            You can see the gap, plenty of space before they sped up. The explorer was wrong on all levels I’m not saying they were right but if the camera car wanted to avoid the accident they should’ve never sped up. They knew the explorer was driving aggressively. Why go toward them when staying away would be safer?

          • Jweisberg

            I don’t know if you are watching the video on a phone or a low resolution device, but look at the video again in high resolution.

            There was not enough space for the explorer to properly change lanes.
            From the moment the explorer enters the frame you can see the brake lights are on. The driver of the explorer was braking while the cam car was still going at speed.

            When the explorer started to turn into the cam cars lane the brake lights were still on until the last second. that is not the proper way to change lanes. but whatever

          • samagon

            that’s the key, the cam car could have avoided being run into by backing off, but that doesn’t make him responsible for the collision. that’s all the explorer.

  • Marc Gruben

    Definitely clear evidence of collision.

  • ChrisInIL

    Passing on the right is allowed in this area on this roadway. Driving in the left lane is normally illegal, except that traffic on the roadway was such that it was allowed.

    The dashcam car intentionally sped up, as you can see his distance to the car in front of him decreases only after the Ford passes.

    This seems to be yet another case of “I have a dashcam so I’m absolved of any responsibility”.

    • samagon

      a blinker doesn’t give the explorer driver free range to take over the lane. it was his responsibility to signal his intentions and not make a move until it was safe. would it have been nice for the cam driver to have made room? yep. was he legally responsible to do so? nope. this collision was the fault of the explorer, what lane the cars occupied doesn’t matter, all that matters is that the explorer driver came into the lane while it was occupied.

      • ChrisInIL

        None of that negates the dash cam driver appears to have intentionally hit the other car.

  • McFly

    And again:
    two drivers taking chances, creating an accident.

    They both didn’t care about the 3 second rule, and they both proved why it’s a good rule.
    If you don’t want to meet yourself in traffic, stay out of traffic.

  • Matthijs

    lol how can you loose control like that? People really have to learn not to pull their wheel so hard when they hit something or when they are off to road

  • Insid

    Over-correct much? Geesh, what a terrible driver.

    • illogicalPotato

      Lol I did wonder, how did you turn a fender tap into a full on barrier crash… maybe staring at the phone?

      • Insid

        People just can’t drive. Even if you’re staring at the phone that shouldn’t make you wreck the car. A good driver will never over react like that. I just know I’m an expert driver and stuff like this boggles my mind. it’s beyond silly to wreck in this situation.

  • samagon

    unfortunately, a blinker doesn’t give a driver carte-blanche to come into the lane. the driver of the car was hit by the explorer was maintaining a suitable gap to the car in front, and the explorer decided to move when there was no way to move. that is the law in most states, and the explorer should get an at fault ticket for this, and also for fleeing the scene.

    should the driver of the car with the dash cam have made room for the guy and considered the 10 seconds lost from the situation a save? probably. does that mean he is responsible? not at all.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    One wants to stick where he shouldn’t….big ego. The second sees what’s happening and lets it happen till he realizes he can’t control his car. If you put their brain together you won’t get one single neuron.

  • crabbyolddad

    Blinker or not, the Explorer did NOT have the right of way. The cammer can be faulted for not reacting quickly or properly by a few but as far as I’m concerned the REACTION was not the cause of the problem. It was the ACTION that precipitated it. The Explorer driver though he was at Daytona, as do most driver who think it’s all about them.

  • nealanelson

    What some of the commenters are missing is that a dashcam has an extreme wide-angle lens so that it can catch a 160 degree (or more) view. This isn’t what the driver sees, which is probably half that in central vision, a little more in peripheral vision. This makes the Explorer look farther away that it actually was. So all you armchair judges, when that Explorer drove right in front of a faster car, there was little to no chance to correct.

  • Dylan Wentworth

    Following way too close. The driver that crashed into the wall is at fault and they didn’t react properly by stepping on the brakes but instead they crashed into the barrier.
    And the video doesn’t show this but I’d bet that that driver was poking along not letting people pass in the passing lane (illegal in my state and many others) and and when someone tried to go around them on the right (dangerous but not necessarily illegal depeding on where you are), they sped up to prevent them from doing so.



  • Paul

    You can actually see the video filming car speed up during this. They deserved the backwards turning pit maneuver that ended up happening.

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