Toyota Camry Cuts Off Driver Leading To Massive Crash, But Is He The Only One At Fault?

Do drivers really learn from their mistakes or the mistakes of others? We certainly hope so but the steady stream of accidents we’re seeing on a weekly basis shows a different picture.

Drivers are increasingly intolerant of other drivers’ mistakes — or stupidity. Just take a look at the following footage that almost looks like a carbon copy of another crash we saw last month.

The driver of the beige Toyota Camry wants to merge from the right lane in front of the car with the dashcam. While the Toyota signaled its intention to switch lanes, there wasn’t enough space to safely perform the maneuver. Not to mention that the cammer wouldn’t have any of that.

He started honking the horn, but the message didn’t get through to the Camry’s driver who continued to the maneuver and cut him off.

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Instead of braking to avoid contact, the driver of the dashcam-equipped vehicle carried on as if there was no car in front of him. And so the inevitable happened: as the Toyota entered his lane, he clipped it.

As you can imagine, an impact at highway speeds can have terrible consequences. And it did: the Toyota then hit a black SUV and both vehicles then hit the median strip violently.

Here’s hoping the people involved in the crash that happened on October 17 in Norfolk, Virginia didn’t suffer major injuries. Perhaps it’s telling that the cammer deleted the footage he originally uploaded on YouTube. Thankfully, the video got re-uploaded by someone else for everyone to see.

Warning: The following video contains NSFW language

  • Gbec1234

    I live in this area and I can completely attest that drivers here are absolutely terrible. This stuff happens multiple times a day. 😑

  • Arthur

    Living in LA, there is absolutely no shortage of idiot drivers I encounter on a daily basis but this cam guy basically letting the accident happen right in front of his eyes is beyond stupid, like wow. Of course the Camry is at fault too but not seeing how close this jackass was to her from behind.

    • Philip George

      He doesn’t have to give her way. She’s 100% at fault. She could have safely tucked in behind his car and then gone past him again. Her manoeuvre made no safe sense.

  • Six_Tymes

    narcissistic, self-centered dbags like her always trying to cut in, and cut others off as if the world should pause for them. yes the dude with the cam maybe should have let off his gas peddle, but still, she is the main cause, period.

    • ShitMyNameWontF

      Lol they’re both at fault. The idiot could’ve slowed down and allowed her to get in, but idiots like you guys think the world should revolve around you.

      • Six_Tymes

        apparently you are those who cut people off

        • Big Black Duck

          i disagree.. the camry is only at fault for not changing lanes safely…the cam guy triggered the actual accident… sometime defensive driving is the best way to prevent an accident…claiming right of way when your entire family is dead is not a win-win situation…what if the camry driver had a baby in the back seat?

          • chuck2

            No, its called being an ahat.. And if you drive like there number of cars on the road are the same as 20 yrs ago, then you qualify ;…

  • Auto

    That camry got more than just the iconic dent.

  • ShitMyNameWontF

    Idiot1 could’ve turned her blinker on longer and change lane when it’s safe to do so.

    Idiot2 could’ve slowed down and let Idiot1 cut in.

    But we live in a world where everyone thinks they own everything.

    • Philip George

      I won’t even blame idiot2. He was on his own lane minding the gap between his car and car in front. Perhaps he was waiting for an opportunity to get past car in front? What makes idiot1 think she can just barge in to lane and make the other driver slam on his brakes all because she wants to change lanes? Thats not safe driving. If the other driver is in his lane and has to hit his brakes because she decided to change lanes then she hasn’t driven properly. It is meant to be smooth and safe and she should only change lanes when it is safe to do so and when the gap is appropriate enough to not cause an accident or create a hazard to other drivers.

  • Tinky-Winky

    The cam guy was just asking for it to happen. It even seems like he sped up a little when Camry turned on the blinker.

    • Big Black Duck

      IKR…but i think they were both wrong here…but the cam guys looks like a typical maga red hat..

    • Philip George

      Maybe he did, even then that doesn’t make him guilty for the accident(s) as he was in his lane and had absolute right of way. She caused the accidents by changing lanes when it wasn’t safe to do so. She is 100% GUILTY.

      • Tinky-Winky

        Why you telling me this? I never said the Camry driver wasn’t guilty.

        • Philip George

          Oh right, got cha. It’s cause you said the cam guy sped up when he saw her camry indicate as if that makes him guilty or complicit in the accident, because it doesn’t. Yeah it’s a silly thing what he did but its okay we both agree camry driver is 100% guilty for the accidents.

  • stelvio

    Some would rather kill someone than give up their right-of-way

    • Big Black Duck

      i agree… i have noticed many drivers that keep tailgating the car in front of them for quite a distance and then when i notice this crap like a km away i change to the clear lane go on my merry way only to have these morons cut you just before you try to pass them because they don’t want you passing them….They could have easily stop tailgating the car in front on them minutes ago and have overtaken them on the clear lane in the right..instead they choose not to…

      • stelvio

        Regrets always comes in the end. What if there are little children in the back?

    • I also agree. It was obvious the Camry driver’s intention was to move over…and to continue moving over until in the lane. The camera guy, was just as bad because, again, it was obvious that there was no sense of attention by the Camry driver to stick in their lane. Why risk escalating this scenario and damaging your car just to keep your right of way?

      It’s fair to argue the Camry driver was at fault but BOTH have to take blame for displaying a lack of due care and attention and endangering OTHER road users too – imagine if this was on the high street and not a bridge; people could have been seriously injured / killed because neither could do the right thing. 50/50 in my opinion.

  • Big Black Duck

    I would agree with you at first…but you know how many cars speed up and not let you pass when you put the blinkers?…almost 75% of the vehicles i comes accross…sometimes not putting the blinkers and changing lanes is the only way not to trigger douchebags from speeding up… its a paradox…

  • LJ

    As douchey as the cammer couple appear to be, the Camry driver is at fault. She got up on the SUV’s ass and then cut over to pass, using her signal at the last second to try and sandwich herself in between the two left lane cars.

    Jumping up and down and pouting like a child tells you she thinks people should acquiesce to her.

  • Commonsenseonthefield

    Camry driver is at fault. Regardless of whatever the cammer did, there was hardly ANY room for her to squeeze in between the cammer and the guy in front of him. that said, the cammer is the worst of the worst kind of human being. you cause an accident like that (fault or not) and you walk by the your fellow without as much as a courtesy inquiry into their wellness.

    • Joe

      He saw the accident coming and he did nothing. He shares the blame.

      • Philip George

        No he doesn’t. He’s not a fortune teller. You can’t prove he saw the accident coming and even if he did see it, one can also argue that she must have seen the accident coming too and did nothing to stop it even though she ultimately had 100% control of her decision making. If she’d chosen to apply wisdom and safely tuck in behind the dash cam driver, there probably would have been no accident. She’s an egotistically driven maniac who shouldn’t ever be allowed back behind the wheels of a car. She’s 100% GUILTY.

  • Mynameis Taylor

    why are people saying the camera guy is a douche? That chick was driving reckless, cut him off and caused the accident. I don’t think she even used an indicator to change lanes. Then again, as annoyed as I would be… i definitely would see if she was ok, and then cursed her out after realizing she was good.

  • Mynameis Taylor

    wait. Never mind, i saw it again… the does appear to have sped up to deliberately not allow the Camry in….But the Camry shoudln’t have changed lanes without a clear path

    • Joe

      That is why they are both at fault. If you did it do anything to avoid the crash, then you are guilty too.

      • Philip George

        He’s not at fault, at all. He can choose to speed up or slow down, he’s in his lane and has right of way. Tailgating didn’t cause the accident. She changed lanes dangerously and hit his car, then she hit the other car. Just because you want to or need to (or even MUST) change lanes doesn’t mean you have the right to change lanes dangerously. Always remember, it is governed by who has “right of way”. If you do not have the right of way, even if the other driver hits you, you can still be held at fault. She is 100% guilty.

  • Socarboy

    Hopefully the Camry driver was not only charged with reckless driving but also taken to jail

  • icareyetidontcare

    Both parties at fault. Both were tailgating, the cam guy appears to have sped up to close the gap even more and even seems to be gloating with the “that’s what you get” attitude. The Camry was clearly driving too fast and really wouldn’t have been in a better position getting behind the white vehicle. But as for the cam guy, if he would’ve been on my ass like that, I would’ve seen an imaginary animal run across the roadway, slammed on the brakes and let him rear end my car and said “that’s what you get, you dumb bitch.”

    • Philip George

      Insurance companies would completely disagree with you. He (dash cam driver) was in lane and had absolute right of way. She (camry driver) was 100% at fault for all of the accidents that occurred. Sure there was poor driving by almost all drivers in the video but guess what, poor driving occurs everyday by loads of drivers, doesn’t mean it must result in accident(s). Insurance companies don’t get involved until an accident occurs and that silly egotistical camry woman driver caused all the accidents. Not one else is responsible but her.

      • icareyetidontcare

        Your insurance company expects you to take steps to mitigate potential damages. Speeding up intentionally to attempt to prevent someone from changing lanes while you are already tailgating another vehicle doesn’t qualify as mitigating potential damages. If you can prevent your insurance company from having to make a payout by taking reasonable action to avoid the accident, that’s what is expected. If you create your own video proof while doing the opposite, expect your insurance company to drop you like a ton of bricks.

  • Kagan

    Only Camry quilty. You can not drive in front of another car.

  • Knotmyrealname

    What I don’t get is that not only did she endanger herself and both drivers of the camera car and the Rav-4 (what if the Rav-4 needed to brake suddenly) but when her stupid move doesn’t work out, she absolutely plants it and accelerates into the 4×4!

    • Philip George


  • TheBelltower

    The dash cam guy was being a total d!ck, but he wasn’t at fault. The Rav 4 driver shouldn’t have been cruising in the left lane, but he wasn’t at fault either. The poor 4 Runner was an innocent bystander. The Camry driver was doing what Camry drivers do, driving like a complete a-hole. She was 100% at fault.

    • LeStori

      Yes. If he had backed off slightly he would now not need to have his vehilce repaired. Never smart to have an accident that you can avoid.

      • Philip George

        He doesn’t need to back off, he was in lane and had absolute right of way. And he probably was more focused on the road ahead and didn’t she her change lanes till late. She had no right of way at all and he gap she was shooting was minuscule besides where would she have gotten as there was another car right in front? She is a complete egotistical idiot who put her life and the lives of others in real danger. If everyone drove like her, no one would make it back home.

  • Luc Helterbrand

    incidents like this really prove the autonomous car idea as viable and necessary. People are hateful ignorant and stupid. You see it with all three of these drivers. The only one not to blame is the dark grey SUV (ironically).

    • D3X

      Agreed, both cars were following too close on a highspeed freeway. Camry shouldn’t have attempted to change lanes, there’s no where to go anyway except slow down. Cam driver should have kept a further distance behind.

  • ksegg

    Camry driver wasn’t the brightest tool in the toolshed, but for the other guy – does it take that much effort to just slow down to let the Camry in?

    • willhaven

      All depends if the Camry signalled to move over. If they did not, how would anyone know their intentions aside from cutting another drive off and just merging over?

    • willhaven

      Looks like she did use indicators, but the same argument could be made for the Camry driver – why not just wait instead of insisting she get around the Rav4?

      • Philip George

        Use of indicators doesn’t give right of way. The fact one even has to use indicator shows that they have no right of way. Drivers in lane have right of way and therefore do not need to use indicator except when they’re going out of lane. But so many people like the woman in the camry stupidly think once they’ve indicated, other drivers need to beware as they must change lanes.

        • willhaven

          I agree. Camry driver was wayyyy too aggressive in the right lane and clearly had no patience

    • Philip George

      Does it take that much effort for her (camry driver) to slow down and tuck behind him safely? Or is there a rule in her head that she must be in front of him? He had right of way, he doesn’t have to let her in especially if he feels it’s not in his safety to do so. If he chooses to let her in, that’s his decision but she tried to make the decision her’s when she had no right of way.
      If the driver with right of way (driver in lane) has to hit his/her brakes (esp. in free flowing traffic) in order to accommodate the other driver changing lanes, then the other driver changing lanes hasn’t driven well. Period.

  • Frank Anderson

    Camry driver is 100% responsible. SUV should file suit.

  • wait a minute

    add this clip to the case for autonomous cars.

  • wait a minute

    Rule No#1- female drivers need extra space to park and drive.

  • Paul

    Camry driver is clearly the guilty one. Yeah people should be courteous and let others in, but they don’t have to and you shouldn’t in turn try to force your way in.

    • Philip George

      Exactly. It was not her right of way. It’s simple common sense, isn’t it? If you have to change lanes, then it isn’t your right of way, and using an indicator simply means “I intend to come into your lane where safe and able to” not “I’m changing lanes so back off”.

      • Paul

        Finally a voice of reason. Also in the video there is no clear reason why she “NEEDED” to be in that lane to begin with as it looks like they’re on a bridge.

        • Philip George


  • DetrinKD

    This same thing could have happened to me this past weekend dealing with some entitled idiot on the road. I go to pass an Audi and Ram on the left before my upcoming exit, both going pretty slow… I pass them both safely, no cars in front of me or them for a good distance, but the Ram has moved over to the far right lane that opened up, and as I go to signal and change lanes to make the exit (not at the last minute mind you and with good clearance) I check my blind spot one last time and the Audi, that was cruising BEHIND the Ram in the right lane before, had to have LITERALLY floored it and passed the Ram and is barreling down in my blind spot… Of course my first instinct, not saying it’s right, is to speed up so that I can make the lane change, but of course they speed up even more. I could have been the douche that the Camry was in this video and forced my way over, but I just slowed down and let the idiot pass and changed lanes behind them. Had I been completely careless and not checked my blind spot, I would have clipped the Audi and possibly spun out or caused them to rear-end me. Simply because I was going faster than them and felt the need to do something about it… I make no excuses for my speeding, but it is not your job to use your vehicle to slow me down, especially in this situation when I wasn’t even going to change lanes directly in front of you!

    And that’s what it boils down to, pride and entitlement. The cammer had every right to be pissed about the Camry cutting in like that, but had they let go of their pride, this whole situation could have been avoided. The Camry driver definitely felt entitled to make such a move and actually follow through with it. I look at both of them and think they both took it too far and their actions were completely unnecessary. And the cammer slightly initiated a pit maneuver if you watch closely…

    Kudos to the 4Runner driver for being aware of the situation and slightly moving over to the shoulder to allow room for the idiot Camry driver.

  • Wolverine350R

    Fault the Camry driver. It was her responsibility to make sure there was room to merge. Poor 4Runner driver.

  • DantesLegions

    why did she start jumping?… I’ve only seen 5 year olds do this.

    • Philip George

      She’s trying to act like she’s the victim. Little did she know there’s video evidence fully captured.

      • cooper

        She is obviously at fault and upset. But she is playing the victim? How ? Or are you just a trumptard?

  • Philip George

    You’re deluded. Firstly, there wasn’t enough space there. Secondly, even if there was enough space, he has every right to speed up or slow down as he’s in lane and there was no sudden road closure or imminent danger on her lane and even if there was, she should have slowed down and changed lanes safely behind all other cars. Always remember that when changing lanes, you lose almost all rights of way and powers until you’re fully in your new lane.

  • Philip George


  • Teflon Don Colombo✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    The dash cam driver hunkered his horn (without depressing the brakes) to avoid the accident; however, the Toyota driver could have thought it had enough space to quickly maneuver in front of the dash cam driver (which the driver should have braked to let the Camry right away), but he didn’t which led to side swiping the Camry that caused a havoc accident and it could have gotten someone killed. Lesson learned: dash cam driver, press your brakes to avoid an accident rather than sounding your horn; Camry driver, use your mirrors and look completely before maneuvering. Verdict: the Carelessness of the Camry driver could have caused a major disaster; the dash cam driver didn’t press brakes just hunkered his horn which I say both are to blame.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    2 kinds of stupid here.
    1) The lady on the Toyota should be prevented from driving.
    2) The gentleman, so to say, who didn’t even hit the brakes just because, i assume “he was on the right side of history”, should at best be fined for not braking. The result is an additional car involved, when a short hit on brakes some more attention from the morbidly obese lady and a few healthy insults to vent it all would have solved the situation with just some stress but intact cars and no issues.

    What some people have in their brain stays a mystery to me.

  • cooper

    Camry driver causes another accident. What a surprise. Swear Crapmry and Corolla drivers cause 50% of all accidents. Complete morons drive these vehicles.

    • Annamarie

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    • Joe

      What a pile of crap.

  • stelvio

    True. But it would be idiotic to participate in his shenanigans in the event it’s totally avoidable ain’t it?

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