Dutch Police Causes Massive Crash During Highway Pursuit

A huge accident took place in the Netherlands last week as two suspects were attempting to make their escape after having robbed a supermarket.

According to the Reddit thread where we sourced this clip from, the robbers were driving a Subaru Forester and, despite how bad the crash looks, they were both alive when taken into custody, although one suspect was sent to the hospital under police supervision.

The chase is said to have involved at least 10 police cars and a helicopter, including two marked highway patrol Volvos and an unmarked black BMW X5, which was indirectly responsible for destroying the suspects’ vehicle.

Judging by the footage, we can see how one of the Volvos and the BMW tried to box the suspects in. Unfortunately, when they realized what was happening, they steered right, clipping the front end of the BMW at very high speed – the trailing dashcam vehicle was showing 177 km/h (110 mph).

That’s when things went from bad to worse, as the suspects’ car flew over the guardrail and onto the train tracks nearby, rolling over violently in mid air. The fact that the occupants survived is almost a miracle.

This type of accident goes to show how some police chases are better executed from a distance, especially if aerial support is on its way. Surely, the cops had was no way of knowing how the suspects would react; it just seems that this chase could have been better coordinated in order to avoid an accident that could have ended all ways of bad.

  • Randy Terpstra

    This would make an excellent example, in social science class.

    In life, you can make choices. In this example, the police chose to box the perps in, trying to bring them to a controlled stop. The perps chose not to comply, but they ended up stopping anyways, in a some what less controlled manner. Sometimes, the choices you make in life, don’t gain you the expected results.

    And if that doesn’t sit well, we could always move on to the structural engineering of that Subaru! :O

    • pcurve

      whut… lol

      • Randy Terpstra

        😀 😀 😀

    • TheHake

      WHAAAT??? Do you actually imply that people are responsible for their actions??? No! It can’t be!

      • Randy Terpstra

        Yes. A shocking revelation, I know, but I put it out there 😀 .

  • Zandit75

    Click bait central.
    Why is this story putting the blame on the police? The criminals are the one doing everything wrong, and they caused the accident, not the police.

    • TheHake

      Remember that criminals have more rights that law abiding citizens…

    • Miknik

      Very misleading title indeed. Criminal refusing to stop rams another car. police is blamed….

      On the plus side, the video does feature a lovely Volvo 5 cylinder sound track.

      • Salih Ahzem

        One sure will miss the good ol’ 5-cyl Volvo engines (especially in turbocharged form)

  • Matthijs

    They tried to block him in and the CRIMINAL was steering to the right causing his own accident. Maybe watch the video again instead of blaming the police

    • exeptor

      I just saw tat the actual criminal(s) is/are in the car that flip. They really caused it by themselves.

  • LeStori

    Hope this was a vehicle “full” of serious criminals. The chaos and inconvenience caused by this chase certainly warrants more than just petty criminals.

    • Matthijs

      17 and 19 guys robbing a supermarket. But you think they should have let them go?

  • Loquacious Borborygmus

    Those Dutch are shome crazy people, huh?

  • TheHake

    Make way but not pull over.

  • Matthew Daraei

    Do you understand that all of the cars were pulling over, except 2 other cars which hovering around the suspect? Those two cars are undercover police cars. Who in a right mind follow a suspect with 150 km speed?

  • Bo Hanan

    This kind of stupid used to happen a lot in Colorado in the 90’s. Until a Police officer got sued by bystanders who were not part of the chase but got hurt in the crossfire. The cop was also charged with reckless driving. Better to know when to backoff. Especially when you have a helicopter following.

    • OIST AV

      My thoughts exactly.

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