“Stoopid” Toyota Corolla Driver Cuts Off Nissan Xterra Sending It To The Sidewalk

We don’t know about you, but we absolutely hate it when other drivers cut in front of us without even signaling their intention.

That has to be one of the most widespread and dangerous things happening on roads all over the world. If you’re going to cut off another driver, at least put the blinkers on. That might be a good idea for two reasons.

First of all, it may increase the chances that the driver you’re trying to cut in front of will see you and let you in. Secondly, it might save you later on in case an incident happens. That’s because you’ll be able to say you put on the turn signal.

Now, the video you are about to see shows us a reckless driver who performs a lane change without even blinking (both literally and figuratively). It happened in Canada, where a Toyota Corolla took the driver of a dashcam-equipped Nissan Xterra totally by surprise.

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The cammer was minding his own business in the slow lane when the driver of the Corolla passed him on the fast lane. Suddenly, he swerved into the slow lane without using the signal. To avoid the impact, the Nissan driver almost crashed into the wall of the underpass.

Between the Xterra and the wall, there was a sidewalk the SUV used as a refuge. Fortunately, there were no pedestrians in that area, otherwise, things could have got a lot worse.

Even though the accident took place in Canada’s francophone region of Québec, the Nissan driver seemed well-versed in English-language profanities. This being Canada, however, the violence remained limited to cuss words.


  • rodriguez256

    Same thing happened to me two days ago. Thankfully I didn’t hit a sidewalk or anyone while trying to avoid the accident. The dumb driver still finished cutting into my lane even though I was honking and swerving. Pulled up beside her at the light and wouldn’t even turn to acknowledge me or any form of an apology for what she had just done. The selfishness and uncaring attitude of some people still astound me.

  • Alec The Star Wars Kid

    Also drive an Xterra and it’s not like it’s a hard car to see.

  • Ben

    I understand the frustration, but I wouldn’t get out of the car. Too many variables could lead to someone getting hurt or caught in a legal web of nonsense. Just curse and lay on the horn a few times.

  • The-Fez

    Quebec licence plate? Not even the slightest bit surprised by that one.

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