Quebec Snow Storm Causes 50-Vehicle Pileup On Highway

About 50 vehicles have been damaged in a huge pileup on Quebec’s Highway 10 due to heavy snow and limited visibility.

Footage from the scene shows dozens of damaged cars and three trucks backed up on the road and a number of unsuspecting drivers being caught on in the thick fog and snow and slamming into the rear of stationary vehicles.

CTV News Montreal reports that 15 to 30 cm of snow fell in southern and central Quebec and was joined by strong winds. Some areas are expected to get up to 50 cm of snow by the time the storm finishes.

The Sureté du Quebec reported that over 100 crashes happened across the province’s highways Tuesday afternoon and that one driver died on Highway 55 after crashing directly into an overpass.

In response to the treacherous conditions, the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) has recommended that locals keep their winter tires on even though they are legally allowed to be removed from March 15.

Hat tip to Louis T!