Oh, Yes, This Is A Slime Green Jaguar F-Pace On 32-Inch Rims

Jaguars are supposed to be classy, a true British alternative to other luxury cars. Surprisingly, they did well with their first SUV, the F-Pace, managing to attract even more customers into brand, and even better with their first-ever EV, the I-Pace – that, coincidentally, is also a crossover.

The thing is, the F-Pace you see here eschews everything the Jaguar brand stands for. It was filmed at a car meet in the USA and it appears that its original color was red.

The owner, apparently, wasn’t happy with the size of the wheels, so he decided to oversize them. Heck, ‘oversized’ is not enough to describe them, as the measure 32-inch in diameter! They likely required some technical mods to fit in the wheel arches and have ridiculously considerably raised the ride height.

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The next step was to choose an even more striking color, and green was favored over everything else. It’s not just any green, either, like a British Racing that would be a perfect match for a Jag, but something that’s apparently called ‘Slime Green’. It comes in contrast with the black bits used on the lower parts of the SUV. The grille is also custom and, surprisingly, the owner chose to keep the Jaguar badges, probably so that bystanders would recognize what this monstr-, um, thing is. Or rather was.

Of course this vehicle deserves a “bespoke” interior. Red and black leather adorns most parts of the cabin, and the interior door panels have been modified to make room for some gigantic speakers, part of the aftermarket sound system that was, of course, a requirement in this abomination unique creation.


  • benT


  • FlameWater

    Congratulations on destroying 50% of the vehicle’s value

    • CayJag

      Just 50% . ?? Lol

    • kachuks

      Eventually these creations get old and end up with a for sale sign on them. They sit in a parking lot for months on end and no buyers.

  • Mike anonymous

    Anyone remember when Jaguar first stated they we’re going to build an SUV and they showed off the CX-17 Concept, from that point everyone thought it was going to head to head with Bentleys’ upcoming (at the time) SUV, and the Porsche Cayenne, (because that was simply the level of automotive company Jaguar was at the time)?


    We rather instead got a (while still nice… occasionally, ) BMW X5 competitor, which people were mildly disappointed about upon it’s release.

    P.S… Just going to throw this in while I’m posting this (but in my personal opinion, Jaguars older C/J-Styled headlight/DRLs’ shown on the CX-17 above, are still a far more elegant design than the “L-Styled” headlamps on the F-Pace and their current line of vehicle)

    • europeon

      because that was simply the level of automotive company Jaguar was at the time

      Which alternate timeline is that? Cause in the prime timeline we had the mighty X-type, and also XEs, XFs and XJs with 2.0 diesel engines.

      • Mike anonymous

        Since the companies inception up until about the 90s’ (or maybe it was the 80s’… it changes depending on who you ask) really. Although the remanence of which lasted into the 2000s’ even with vehicles such as the XJ, XK, (and yes I am accounting for the S & X Type) with the exception of the XF the (at the time) ‘entry level’ Jaguar.

        I am referring to Jaguars higher range vehicles. They were once a bit higher regarded as a brand (for history rather than financials which we’re not all that great i.e. the move further down market in recent years to compete with BMW.).
        While the marque was not at the level of Bentley, they were certainly a lot closer to them than they are today (again with Jaguars’ recent focus on the entry & sports market opposed to the higher end market).

        (Note below shown is a 2010 Model Year from about a decade ago).

        The quality of their vehicles was far more on par with the likes of something you could find from Bentley. Hence when the CX-17 Debuted a large portion of the automotive community was expecting it to compete with the likes of Bentleys’ upcoming SUV (which, remember people knew very little at the time about) and the Porsche Cayenne.

        It wasn’t until about 2014/2015 that Jaguar notified/told/confirmed-for people otherwise with the move down-market with the release of the X5 rival, 3-Series Rival, & now a series of other BMW rivaling vehicles in the pipeline (with the rumored removal of vehicles such as the XJ from the line completely).

        • MarketAndChurch

          That was once Jaguar’s aspirations, to rival Bentley through its Daimler sub-brand ( that was always reserved for the highest-trim Jags ) kind of in the way Mercedes tries to through Maybach.

          Like all luxury brands with history/pedigree, they all started off with working class roots, either making airplane engines or tractors, etc, and this includes Jaguar. Many people want Jaguar to remain that way, something they could afford through reasonable and moderate success or at retirement. But Jaguar also saw itself as having enough pedigree/history to rival Bentley and Rolls Royce.

          But Tata isn’t a great source of technology and resources for them to be in a position to make that happen, and the only way for any brand to be a luxury brand today is to be tethered to a larger tech-focused car company with tons of resources, part-sharing, R&D funding, etc. There are exceptions to this. Mclaren and Ferrari being an example. But as of late, that’s been generally true for most everyone else. Not only could they not express their aspirations to be in the same comparisons/sentence with Bentley or Lamborghini, they struggle even competing with the German 3, of Mercedes, BMW, and Audi.

          So the Jaguar we have today is one just trying to make do with what little it has, even if many of us (and even them themselves) still believe Jaguar to be greater than what it is currently able to achieve ( of large luxury cars, super expensive SUV’s, sports cars, and roadsters / grand tourers). This may also be the story of a lot of other haloed car brands, and I don’t know if moving further down market is the way to go. (Sorry for the rant)

          • Mike anonymous

            Absolutely, no need to apologize, This was/is a great comment!.

            The same could be said (with your final point) for not only Jaguar but even for example Maserati (another company held with higher regard during the 2000s’ and prior, but since the turn of the decade has moved downmarket attempting to generate more sales through entry-level models). Also like Jaguar their current owners FCA are also not the greatest source to allow Maserati to blossom and ‘do as it should’.. or at least on some level wants to.

            I think you put it best, and this could be stated for other automakers in a similar predicament;

            the Jaguar we have today is one just trying to make do with what little it has

            Again, I agree; I don’t know if moving further down market is the way to go.

        • europeon

          up until about the 90s’ (or maybe it was the 80s’..

          the CX-17 Concept, from that point everyone thought it was going to
          head to head with Bentleys’ upcoming (at the time) SUV, and the Porsche

          That’s a 20-30 years gap between.

          • Mike anonymous

            Although the remanence of which lasted into the 2000s’ even with vehicles such as the XJ, XK

            You may be skipping over some of the important details.

          • europeon

            I am not. Your original comment was about a 2013 concept.

  • ErnieB

    Florida strikes again!!

  • Ilbirs

    If you didn’t realize how much space current 16 to 20 rims eat on a vehicle and force the automaker to bloat it by extending length and width, not to tell that they require way more invasive wheel wells, maybe seeing 32 ones on a car that in production form uses 18 to 21 will make you understand.

  • Paul

    It’s horrid.

  • europeon

    I like donks. They created the wheel rental business.
    Huge contribution to the progress of the human race.

    • donald seymour

      I don’t know what to make of this.

      • Six_Tymes


    • Six_Tymes


  • Mr. EP9

    I think I’m going to be sick.

  • Bo Hanan


  • Scott K

    Blacks guys perpetuating stereotypes.

    • MarketAndChurch

      Stereotypes aren’t bad in and of themselves. Unless you think this style of vehicle is a bad stereotype for blacks – or anybody – to be perpetuating. The only stereotype I don’t support is poor people blowing all of their money on things that they can’t afford just to show off to others, and some people who do their cars like this, or put a lift kit and expensive rims/tires on a pickup very often tend to fall into that category. But you could say the same about sneaker heads and their Jordan’s or Yeezys, or poor people with the latest iphone or macbook.

    • Bo Hanan

      I believe you think your statement is not racial- you are wrong.

  • Liam Paul

    it looks more than stupid AF to me but the person who did this must love it, so I hope they are thrilled with it, me I would see it as a nightmare.. It could be a good car for batmans joker , no jokes intended

  • Zhaokun Zhou

    why you do the car like that

  • Callanish

    That’s one way to lose the dignity of driving a Jaguar.

  • eb110americana

    Well, that’s ruined.

  • isabell

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  • wait a minute

    Judging by the front clip, hood and headlamps panel gaps this car was in a frontal collision. If it was a salvage title they paid a few thousand dollars for and a few more to jack-it up, then the media reaction and PR gives a good return on his/her profile (good or bad) it’s publicity/awareness for someone. Tasteless yes, but if they have an album or a custom car shop they’ll get alot of recognition with this monstrosity.

  • wait a minute

    …It may even be reversible if the paint is plastic dip.

    • Andrewthecarguy

      Should be. The original burgundy color in the beginning of the video might be it…I think it looked better

  • Bo Hanan

    Uh, no.

  • Ben

    Please Xzibit, PIMP MY RIDE!!!

  • Alduin

    Thats ridonkulous.

  • benT

    I drink drink nothing but Goonness.

  • TB

    Why? Just…why?

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