Inglewood Mayor Implicated In Crash That Injures LAPD Motorcycle Officer

Footage of an incident that took place earlier this week on Tuesday, showing the driver of a black SUV causing a collision with an oncoming vehicle near the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, has surfaced online.

The impact launched the black SUV into a stationary LAPD motorcycle officer, who was thrown off his bike and into a fountain. Thankfully, the officer was wearing his helmet and is reportedly recovering from a few broken bones, as reported by ABC7.

According to a source familiar with the investigation, the driver of the SUV was none other than Inglewood Mayor, James Butts, who proceeded into the intersection despite being at a red light. It’s a very good thing the officer wasn’t seriously hurt.

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“Motor officers’ helmets have improved so much now,” said law enforcement expert Bruce Thomas. “They are really ballistically designed to absorb impact like that because you may suffer broken bones, but the most serious part of any person’s body is the head and the brain.”

“He [Mayor Butts] knows to obey traffic, and he knows to obey the laws. In this case, if witnesses and video bears out, he is probably going to be party at fault,” added Thomas.

Meanwhile, the Mayor released the following statement:

“I am thankful the occupants of the other vehicle were uninjured. I am thankful that the Motorcycle Officer is expected to make a full recovery. He has been on my mind and heart since the accident. I was a Motorcycle officer with Inglewood Police and was hit twice by cars myself. It is a dangerous job. I was so grateful to see that he was alert and communicative at the scene. I pray for his speedy recovery.”

The other vehicle had a woman and her 4-year-old child onboard, both of which were reportedly unharmed, as stated above. Currently, this incident remains under investigation with the LAPD.


  • robotlogic

    Mayor Butts?? Really?? It cost like what $20 to change your name, how about removing one of those T’s from your last name if not for yourself then for your children’s sake?? And learn how to drive idiot!

    • Stephen G

      No reason to change name. It helps to identify the real “butts” by their giggling.

  • DetrinKD

    That statement pisses me off! No ownership what-so-ever for his responsibility in what could have been a tragic incident.

    • ChrisInIL

      You’re in the wrong business. You’ve been able to fully evaluate the situation, know all the facts, and determine fault and guilt after watching 6 seconds of video.

      • Ronald Roman

        Got this: “… Butts, who proceeded into the intersection despite being at a red light”?

        • ChrisInIL

          Red light in the turn lane? Red light in both lanes? Red light in the cross lanes?

          The short video doesn’t show this, and I’m certain you don’t know the correct answer either.

          • дапвт

            He is turning. It was red light. He proceeded into intersection. You don’t need to be a nuclear physicist to put those together to understand what happened.

            Law enforcement expert already confirmed that.

            Sounds like you might know the mayor personally?

          • ChrisInIL

            You’re making assumptions about something you have no direct knowledge of.

          • AggregatVier

            Go to Google street view. The left turn lane has its own RED light. Butts is at fault even though you may not be able to see oncoming traffic (who has a green light) before it’s too late to bail out. That’s why the left turn lane has its own RED light! How RED does it have to be? Day’m!

          • ChrisInIL

            Google Street View doesn’t show the conditions of the light at the time of the accident. Like other posters, you are making assumptions about something you have no direct knowledge of.

          • дапвт

            You have a problem buddy. Clearly you have some kind of interests in protecting the mayor.

            I don’t need to make assumptions. The FACTS we’re already stated by the LAW ENFORCEMENT EXPERT.

          • ChrisInIL

            “Clearly you have some kind of interests in protecting the mayor” is another assumption, and an incorrect one.

            You have made nothing but assumptions because that’s all you have.

          • AggregatVier

            You’re not here to defend innocent until proven guilty. You’re a transparent apologist.

          • ChrisInIL

            Sadly, you’re mistaken once again.

            All you have left is to try to change the facts to fit what you incorrectly conclude.

          • Jweisberg

            You appear to have your head way up the Mayor Butts.

          • ChrisInIL

            You appear to be jumping to erroneous and ridiculous conclusions.

            No, you ARE jumpting to erroneous and ridiculous conclusions.

    • BlackPegasus

      Agreed! His statement shows just how utterly tone deaf he is! He immediately made his negligent carelessness about himself by talking about “the times he was hit while on a motorcycle.” What a jackass! 😡

  • Jason Clairmonte

    Aside from the near fatality, everything about this story is funny. Thank god the Mayor wasn’t a Major.

  • Alexandro Pietro

    Americans do cars but doesn´t know to drive…

    • Mr. EP9

      You should see what happens in Russia. They’re worse.

      • Dude

        Auto safety statistics are crazy. In terms of fatalities per capita the US is worse than european countries but way way better than Russia and other 3rd world countries. But if you look at total fatalities or fatalities per miles driven then the US is one of the worst.

        • MarketAndChurch

          In terms of population, the US is like taking Western Europe and calling that a country.

  • Jason Miller

    Landing in the fountain probably saved his life.

  • Seats & a steering wheel

    What a butt head.

  • Astonman


  • skinny

    Wouldn’t be surprised if the mayor made a left even when the light was red. I see it often, with govt vehicles in no emergency going through red lights.

    • man

      There is nothing to suggest that. The mayor was a motorcycle policeman himself and likely did yield, but never saw the car. Look at the design of the intersection, it is poorly planned for making left turns with that obstructed view of the oncoming traffic. The city needs to get their engineer out there right away to redo the lane striping, signage and signals to prevent another tragedy.

  • man

    Looking at the video, it seems the meridian and fencing on top of the concrete blocked the view of the sedan. It seems that the SUV thought there was a clear left turn. This street has a designed that requires no unprotected left turn, must be green arrow. The signal should be changed immediately.

    • emjayay

      “According to a source familiar with the investigation, the driver of the SUV was none other than Inglewood Mayor, James Butts, who proceeded into the intersection despite being at a red light. It’s a very good thing the officer wasn’t seriously hurt.”

  • dumblikeyou2

    I wanna see more of this video. I want to know what the guy standing behind the fountain was actually going to do to help.

  • Puddingpopper

    All three were texting

  • Enter Ranting

    There’s a building in Portland, Oregon called the C. A. Butt building.

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