Out Of Control Bus Wrecks Havoc In The Philippines

At first sight, this seems like a total disaster, with many people being injured – or worse. And yet, despite how bad it looks, that, fortunately, wasn’t the case.

Sure, the bus does hit a bunch of parked mopeds, but there weren’t any pedestrians (who would be the most vulnerable of all) around and everyone else managed to steer clear of the wreckage.

Based on the description of the video and the timestamp on the footage itself, this accident took place last month in Daraga, which is a municipality in the province of Albay in the Philippines.

Mechanical failure or driver error?

The YouTube comments seem to lean on the side of blaming the bus driver for the accident. While the driver may very well be at fault, it’s also possible that the bus suffered some type of mechanical failure, like the brakes overheating, for instance – the speed it carried into that corner was clearly way too high and that could be a logical explanation, though we can’t exclude driver error either.

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Anyhow, this an account of what happened according to someone who was inside the dashcam car:

“Our vehicle with my family inside traversing the Daraga, Albay National Highway near Kimantong. Suddenly a speeding bus down the hill, hitting some vehicles ahead of me before smashing into a fence and other parked tricycles. Usually there were always by-standers on that area but fortunately that day it was empty and nobody was hurt except for the few damaged vehicles.”

In the end, this incident is definitely one of the scariest we’ve ever seen involving buses, and there have been plenty; good thing the outcome was better than the following video would seem to suggest.


  • Paul

    That was wild. Too bad the cammer kept going and didn’t show us the mayhem left. Those poor little cycle and side car thingy’s got wasted..

  • Aeromann

    This moron was too fast.

  • Peps Llamas

    There are a lot of accidents like that here in the philippines, and fatal at that. They’re just not reported.

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