Study Names America’s Deadliest Vehicles With The Most Frequent Fatality Rates

Safety is one of the biggest considerations when it comes to buying a new car, but a study from iSeeCars has found the type of vehicle you buy can have a big impact on your survival rate.

While a number of governments and organizations crash test cars to determine their safety, iSeeCars took a different approach. They analyzed fatality data for 2013-2017 model year vehicles from the U.S. Fatality Analysis Reporting System. They then adjusted for exposure by normalizing the “total number of vehicle miles driven, which was estimated from iSeeCars’ data of over 25 million used car sales from model years 2013-2017 sold in 2013-2017.”

As a result, they’ve come up with a list of what they’re calling the “most dangerous cars” in America. Leading the pack is the Mitsubishi Mirage which has a fatal accident rate of 10.2 cars per billion vehicle miles traveled. That’s nearly four times the average rate of 2.6 cars per billion miles.

The Mirage was closely followed by the Chevrolet Corvette which had a fatal accident rate of 9.8. The third place car was the Honda Fit which received a rating of 7.7.

The top ten list was dominated by subcompacts and sports cars. iSeeCars CEO Phong Ly suggested this is due to multiple factors including below-average safety and a lack of driver assistance systems in small vehicles as well as the performance associated with sports cars.

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Speaking of sports cars, these were the deadliest vehicles overall as they had an average fatal accident rate of 4.6 cars per billion miles. Besides the Corvette, the top ten list included the Subaru BRZ (6.9), Nissan 370Z (6.2), Dodge Challenger (5.8) and Chevrolet Camaro (5.5).

Crossovers and SUVs had an average fatal accident rate of 1.7, but two models had more than double that rate – the Kia Sportage (3.8) and Jeep Wrangler (3.6). The Lincoln MKT came is third, which is ironic as the automaker markets the vehicle as a hearse.

On the pickup side, the Nissan Frontier lead the pack with a fatal accident rate of 3.9 vehicles per billion miles traveled. It was followed by the Ram 1500 (2.6) and Chevrolet Silverado 1500 (2.5).

  • ErnieB

    Notice the mustang is not listed, while the other muscle cars are .. hmm..

    • TheAmerican2point0

      Mustang is commonly a rental car

      • ErnieB

        So are Camaros.. etc.. the mustang is the most popular sports car as well, yet didn’t make the list. For all the bad rap they get at least they are not as deadly one might assume.. I guess pedestrian deaths were not calculated in this. I bet the mustang would be close to the top.. lol.

        • emjayay

          The current Mustang has the best crash test ratings of any Ford. I think it aced everything. I didn’t look it up but someone commented that at Jalopnik so it must be true.

    • MonkeyRider

      That list shows occupants, not crowd.

      • ErnieB

        Very true …

    • ctk4949

      Its weird there are no Fords are on the list. With the amount of F-series truck on the road, that is surprising. lol

    • willhaven

      Mustangs do the killing.

    • jrelon

      Mustangs usually veer off the road before they’re going fast enough to kill any occupants.

      Kidding! Definitely something to unpack there though because both the Challenger and Charger are on there, and I would assume Mustang drivers drive just like the other muscle car drivers.

  • Socarboy

    I’m surprised the Nissan Altima didn’t make this list I’ve seen some stupid operation of Altimas on the road as well as the internet

  • Bo Hanan

    And not a BMW in the group.

  • JRP

    The Soul is an SUV.

    • Alduin

      No it’s an MPV.

      • JRP

        It’s an SUV. Go look on Wikipedia. Kia calls it that too.

        • Alduin

          Wikipedia? Anyone can edit what it says.

          • JRP

            An MPV is a compact station wagon that is taller and specifically made for carrying passengers. An SUV is a hatchback or station wagon with higher ground clearance and focuses on carrying people and hauling more items.

          • Alduin

            An MPV is a vehicle like the Kia Rondo and Mazda 5 which were 5 door FWD hatchbacks but the Mazda 5 was a mini van.

  • Nick099

    What nonsense.

    The reason this is a “novel” approach is because it paints certain models as deadly while not accounting for driver error.

    The same idiotic approach is currently being tested in the US courts in an effort to shut down gun manufacturers; weapons legally made and sold but used illegally as supposedly the fault of the manufacturer and not the perpetrator.

    The cars made are sound. They are crash tested. They are rated accordingly. They are allowed to be sold on the open market. What the driver does or does not do is not the maker’s responsibility in a legally approved enterprise.

    This is what happens when little kids who got participation trophies grow up and get corporate jobs…they become Big Brotard weenies.

  • Paul

    This is a little misleading because the driver has as much or more to do with it and their taking chances or making poor choices in things than the vehicle or even its size.

  • Alduin

    Strange how the Tesla model S isn’t on the top of the list? Those seem to randomly spontaneously combust into flames and kill it’s drivers with it’s dangerously flawed autopilot mode.

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