Automakers Ask President Trump To Ditch Plans For Lower Emissions Standards

A group of car manufacturers have co-signed a letter to President Donald Trump asking him to reconsider the planned rollback of emissions standards in the United States or risk threatening significant cuts to their profits.

According to The New York Times, the letter is signed by 17 companies, including the likes of Ford, GM, Volvo, Toyota, BMW, and Volkswagen.

In it, the automakers express serious concerns about how Trump’s drastic regulation change could split the auto market in two, as California and 13 other states are expected to continue enforcing their own, stricter norms.

“We strongly believe the best path to preserve good auto jobs and keep new vehicles affordable for more Americans is a final rule supported by all parties — including California,” the letter reads.

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Many car manufacturers rallied behind Trump early on during his presidency, encouraging him to roll back emissions standards set in place by the Obama administration. They now believe the President is going too far and want to find a middle ground between what the former and the current federal proposals.

Trump’s revised regulation would essentially eliminate Obama’s pollution rules, virtually freezing mileage standards at about 37 mpg for cars, compared to the previous target of 54.5 mpg by 2025.

If the Trump administration follows through with its proposal, California and 13 other states are tipped to sue and continue enforcing their current rules.

“Our thinking is, the rule is still being finalized, there is still time to develop a final rule that is good for consumers, policymakers and automakers,” vice president of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, Gloria Bergquist said.

There are reportedly fears within the industry that criticizing Trump’s plans presents a number of risks, with some believing the President may retaliate with new tariffs on auto imports.

  • Six_Tymes

    everything obama did puts pressure on trump. he knew these were unrealistic time lines, but did it anyway to rile up his base. And, he knew he would be out of office and so left a legacy that no one could hold up to. I would have liked to see how obama would have handled this situation.

    • Denzel

      57 is high but it’s something to aim for because if you keep it low like 37 that’s realistic but also easy to achieve. When 57 is something that would be hard but a greater achievement. Like with horsepower wars and the race to 300 mph

      • Exotics

        57 mpg is terrible

        Burning gas and polluting the air we breathe seems completely normal… until you start driving an EV

        Then there’s this weird cognitive flip: Once you realize you don’t *need* to burn gas to get around, doing so starts to seem bizarre and outrageous

        • Sovereignty

          If we listened to fools like you, we’d all have to ignore the terrible impact the mining for lithium and other precious metal does to the planet to make the dirty batteries.

    • lagunas3ca

      Obama would’ve just printed more money… again.

      • Afi James


  • TheBelltower

    President dumb dumb will probably do it, even though US automakers are packing up and manufacturing oversees on his watch. He’s too much of a d!p$h!t to negotiate on behalf of the country.

    • LJ

      So dumb that he’s presiding over the best economy in the last 50 years.

      • Stigasawuswrecks

        He’s riding high off of Obama’s economy

        • lagunas3ca

          U.S. borrowed more under Obama than all other presidents combined. And that’s not including the additional money he had printed.

          • ME

            Oclowna gave billions to Wall St thugs for an earlier retirement package and to Iran who has more advanced destructive equipment than ever before.

      • TheBelltower

        It was a strong economy before he got into office, and it remains strong in spite of him. Though he seems committed to tanking it.

        • gambit gamboa

          I see you are European, whats the matter??

          Hows it going with the immigration situation?? I heard theres lots of grooming gangs in the UK. I heard you got some no-go zones and a muzzy infestation over there. Must be great living in the crumbling EU.

          • Funny argument when any part of USA is way more dangerous thanks to your absolutely insane (lack) of gun laws. Have you ever checked murder and rape rates of USA and EU countries? I guess no…

  • TheAmerican2point0

    Yup. He’s taking away a lot of Obamas stupid regulations and people are complaining about it.

    • Afi James

      Now that’s the truth.

  • ME

    Did you ever see what Denture-Mouth-Pelosi’s district (San Fran.) looks like these days?My dog wouldn’t dare to sniff any of the street corners over there.

  • Cobrajet

    They are afraid that they will get the blame.

  • Exotics

    All legacy automakers wish they could be Tesla, but they can never be them.

    Burning gas and polluting the air we breathe seems like a completely normal thing… until you start driving an EV.

    Then, there’s this weird cognitive flip; Once you realize you don’t “need” to burn gas to get around, doing so starts to seem bizarre and outrageous when you can simply plug your car in at home and wake up with a full charge in the morning.

    • Sovereignty

      Tesla churns out poor quality vehicles, makes huge losses and has deranged fanboys who go to any lengths to defend them. Get real, no manufacturer wants to be them, Meanwhile, Jaguar’s I-Pace is currently outselling Tesla in many European nations.

      • You are comparing poor built quality with pollution? Yes, built quality is so important for the world and for the people living in cities…

        • Sovereignty

          I’m comparing the fanboy’s view of Tesla with reality. Meanwhile, you EV fans seem to be happily ignoring the dirty mining of lithium and other important elements required for batteries to be built. Irreversible damage is happening in many eco-systems around the world so they can be extracted. 🤣

          • Century long oil industry that destroyed planet Earth as we once used to know it, and you come up with lithium? Are you kidding? Youre talking about a piece of plastic on the street in comparison with the destruction of the whole Amazon rainforest. This is how insignificant lithium mining is in comparison with the oil industry. Yes, obviously it is a concern, but damn what a poor propaganda it is when it comes to the criticism of the EV revolution. Nothing comes without a price, the thing is though, EV’s are radically less polluting.

          • Sovereignty

            It’s not so black and white as you suggest. You need to think about where the electricity comes from. In coal heavy India, China, Australia and South Africa electric cars using power direct from grid is just as polluting as typical gasoline vehicles in the 25-30 mpg range. In the US, Mexico and Turkey they are as good as cars in the 35-45 MPG range. In the UK, Germany, Japan and Italy they are as good as the best petrol hybrids in the 45-50 MPG range. EVs are only better for the environment than ICE cars in places like Norway or Switzerland, or if you have your own wind turbine.

          • You are mixing up atmosphere warming gases (CO2) with toxic air pollutants. The latter CANNOT be found in EV’s. Hence, EV’s will always be better in each and every country on earth. Also the calculations that are based on coal heavy energy grids are comparing it with ICE cars like if the petrol and diesel would just appear from nowhere. Couldn’t be further from the truth, the refining of these fuels alone are already more energy requiring than the energy that runs EV vehicles. This is another major lie by the oil industry. Comparing apples with oranges.

          • Sovereignty

            Absolute nonsense. You just don’t want to admit that EVs are just as polluting in the long-term as ICE vehicles.

          • Mike anonymous

            @burjkhalifa:disqus & @LostCrafts:disqus, You both seem to be coming from two separate sides of the same coin. I think the two things that need to be separated in your argument (alluding to my post above) is the fact that and EV and ICE vehicles do not pollute the environment. Without a source of power (form of energy generated, created, or stored through some means) the ‘power’train would simply sit there.
            What pollutes the environment (maybe beyond the actual mining of materials to ‘make’ the vehicle and powertrain components) are the sources of Power which EVs’ and ICEs’ are powered from.

            The most common type of ICE (internal combustion engine) is that which is powered by gasoline. The gasoline (the way the gas ‘source of power’ is created or extracted, and then used) and the emissions created through the process of powering the powertrain are what cause the pollution.
            The part of ICEs’ that makes them ICEs’ is the Internal Combustion Engine/Motor,… that which uses fuel (gasoline) to generate power used for propulsion. You can have an ‘ICE’ without the Gasoline.

            The most common type of EV (Electrically powered Vehicle) (referring to the powertrain) is that which uses a BATTERY to store the electric power. The Electricity and the way it is produced may and/or may not cause damage to the environment depending on how it is done (and some methods may actually be more polluting that that of gasoline, while others are no where near as damaging to the environment as gasoline). There is also the Battery (essentially the equivalent to a gasoline tank in function) and the way ‘it’ is produced, used, and then discarded when done DOES bring harm to the environment (if we are talking specifically about Lithium-Ion Batteries).
            The part of EVs’ that makes them EVs’ is the Electric Engine/Motor,… that which uses the fuel (electrons) to generate power used for propulsion. You can have an EV without a battery.

            There are many (much cleaner alternative to both ICE and EVs) which I mentioned in my previous post above. So You BOTH are CORRECT, But there are many aspects to both sides of the same coin that I think you both may be missing in your statements.

    • Mike anonymous

      A Few Misconceptions That I would Like To Set Straight Here For Everyone, As Well As Some Statements I Think People Should Be Aware Of.

      I’m not here to go against Tesla Fanboys, but while EVs’ are and can be great… there are many disadvantages to (specifically) BATTERY powered EVs’.
      I personally am a fan of hydrogen powered vehicles in comparison to battery EVs’ as all they require is hydrogen and a tank, a lot cleaner for the environment. Those who are very serious about the environment would opt for a vehicle such as that. There are even technologies such as Nano Flow Cell that run on salt water. While electric vehicles (vehicle powered with an electric motor) can be great for the environment the way in which the power for the motors themselves is derived and stored, and how that storage system is created is a major deal. Not to say it is the best, because it is not, but it is the least impactful to my knowledge in comparison to specially Battery and gasoline vehicles.

      For example ICE vehicles are not pollutant to the environment… The FUEL which they run on (and depending on the vehicle the tank, and type of fuel) can be what pollute the environment, not the system on the system that drives them. (btw fuel does not have to be ‘gasoline‘, Combustion engines can actually run on water if you developed one specifically for it).
      In the same way EVs’ are not pollutant to the environment,.. but the POWER & FUEL that EVs’ use (depending on the EV type) can be damaging to the environment itself.

      How these vehicles are made, & that which powers them (and how that power it also made and stored (be it gasoline or batteries), can greatly affect and impact the environment.

      • Astonman

        I have to disagree with you Mike. You need electricity to create hydrogen fuel. Which then has to be shipped to a location for people to get fuel. With EVs you get the electricity directly. No middle man. Lets put it this way – do you want to pay retail or wholesale?

        • Mike anonymous

          No, I am not against what you’ve said. I 100% agree with you.

          Not to say it is the best, because it is not, but it is the least impactful to my knowledge in comparison to specially (*specifically) Battery and gasoline vehicles.

          Based on the level and kind of pollution, some chemicals can kill you if enough is inhaled over time, other chemicals literally will burn you,. and I’m sure what can burn or kill you, can likely burn or kill other things. I would personally opt for Hydrogen over the other two… but again that’s a personal choice based on; location, pricing (if there is any, some places offer it free), and other factors of living, which are different for everyone. Again, referring to my quote above.

          I kind of look at it like this; the making of fuel tanks brings less harm to the environment the production of battery/energy-tanks.
          The creation of electricity (depending on how it’s created, from solar to coal (majority is coal at least within the USA)), can be about as damaging to the environment as the production of most fuel… depending on how it’s made, which solar is a very small percentage (if solar was the larger % then that changes everything, but as of today it is not),…
          & The use of ‘fuels‘ such as electricity produce far less pollution (relatively none) than gasoline, and hydrogen actually puts water-vapor back into the air.

          Almost none of the majorly used methods are 100% clean all around. Just as batteries need to be shipped, gasoline needs to be shipped, and… fuel of most any kind needs to be shipped. Which does the least amount of damage overall (using todays methods) and gives back as much.

          • Astonman

            I see what you’re getting at. Many variables – not perfect so decisions become harder. I’d prefer more use of solar to offset coal for electricity.

  • Sovereignty

    Fewer people on Earth is the only real way to stop this “pollution”. Perhaps you should do us all a favour and start with yourself?

    • Paul Webster

      It’s all about the biomass of carbon life forms. The goose stepping environmentalists are too drenched in faulty/incomplete/arrogant/bad science to comprehend.

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