Jeep Liberty Driver Forces Overtaking And Pays The Price

The problem with pushing your luck on a small dusty road is that you risk losing control of your vehicle if the maneuver you’re attempting is, let’s say, too ambitious.

Take the driver of this third-generation Jeep Liberty crossover. He had the absolute worst idea at that time in trying to pass the cammer while another vehicle was approaching fast, coming the other way. Thankfully, the head-on collision was avoided, although the maneuver culminated with the driver at fault losing control.

Just to put into perspective how close of a call that initial situation was, pay attention to that Chevy Suburban and how its driver had to steer away from the Jeep in order to make sure the two SUVs didn’t make contact. They may have also had to brake, although it’s hard to tell.

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In the end, it appears that the person at fault didn’t really know what to do once he rejoined the right side of the road. There doesn’t seem to be sufficient steering input and the vehicle inevitably made its way to the grass (good thing there wasn’t another car directly behind that Suburban) where it proceeded to knock over a fence and roll over before landing on its wheels, seemingly.

The accident took place earlier this month on June 8 and according to the description of the video, the driver of the Jeep walked away with only a few cuts on his arm. That’s what we call lucky.


  • TrevP

    Don’t these have the highest roll-over probability? Idiot. Got what he deserved.

    • Dylan Wentworth

      By passing a slowpoke? I don’t really see why they deserve to have a rollover for that.

      • TrevP

        He could have waited until it was at least clear to pass them. But you are right, I shouldn’t say he deserved it. But he also put himself into that situation.

        • Dylan Wentworth

          Lets say it was clear to pass. They could still have trouble over correcting on that wobbly top-heavy jeep liberty and roll over into the ditch just the same

  • ctk4949

    I had that jeep for a rental and it is freaking terrible!! Every sharp turn felt like it would tip over!! Not sure how it passed rollover tests.

  • Loquacious Borborygmus

    Blind crest – check
    Large unwieldy suv – check
    Oncoming vehicle in your way – check

    Seems everything’s ready for this recipe.

  • TheToadPrince..~~ToadSquad

    hes good

  • willhaven


  • Dylan Wentworth

    If you don’t see a speed reading, how do you know they were doing it unsafely? They all looked pretty slow to me. If the slowpoke wasn’t moving at all and was stationary, would you still say it was unsafe?

  • Alduin

    Third generation jeep liberty? There were only 2 generations. This is the first. Correct your writing.

  • Stealth333


  • Harry_Wild

    Stunt driving shown in the video! “Action, Cut!” in the box! Next scene!

  • Paul

    The Jeep driver was using risky behavior including lack of visibility to clearly pass and not enough room to do it. This model of Jeep isn’t the most stable thing out there either, what an idiot.

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