Car Violently Rolls Over After 100MPH Road Rage Incident

Road rage will never lead to anything good, and yet people continue to vent their frustration behind the wheel, oftentimes putting themselves and other motorists to great danger.

The following footage caught by a police dashcam on the M4 motorway in the UK will convince you (if you still needed convincing) to think again before letting anger cloud your judgment while driving.

In the video dating from June 2018, two drivers are seen repeatedly undertaking and tailgating each other along the eastbound carriageway of the M4 near Port Talbot in Wales, at speeds of over 100 mph (160 km/h).

The reckless behavior caused one of the drivers to lose control of his blue Mini Countryman, smash violently into the barriers and then roll multiple times before landing back on all four wheels.

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Given the violence of the impact, it’s a miracle that the driver survived. According to South Wales Police, he got out of the car unharmed. His driving record wasn’t that lucky, however: 59-year-old Wayne Sebury was given an 18-month community order, got disqualified from driving for 12 months and must also carry out 150 hours unpaid work.

The driver of the previous-gen Ford Mondeo, 44-year-old Paul Carpenter, was sentenced to six months in prison and disqualified from driving for 18 months. Both drivers initially denied any wrongdoing, but later pleaded guilty to dangerous driving. They got their sentences on April 11, 2019, at Cardiff Crown Court.

“This incident was a classic case of road rage where two motorists have driven dangerously, at high speeds, undertaking, tailgating and flashing their lights. It is sheer luck that nobody was killed or seriously injured and the dash cam footage of the incident sends out a clear message about the consequences of driving in such an irresponsible manner,” commented police constable Kathryn Matthews on South Wales Police’s Facebook page.

We have nothing more to add to that – although the footage speaks for itself…


  • Jay

    “Captured by a police dash cam” bold enough to do this in front of a police car and deny it afterwards!

    • Loquacious Borborygmus

      Both drivers initially denied any wrongdoing, but later pleaded guilty to dangerous driving.
      That should really add to their sentences, I hope.

    • Sovereignty

      I’m not so sure it was the police’s dash cam. It is more than likely a member of the public submitted the footage to the police and they’ve added their logo to it.

  • salamOOn

    and all of that for what….?!! crazy.

  • Aeromann


  • Paul

    Crazy. Good for the dash cam to catch the deniers and they got the punishment they deserved.

  • michelle

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  • Sovereignty

    Probably arguing over who’s sheep was the “prettiest”.

  • Howfarr

    Same crime, yet different punishments..?

    • canathan

      I suppose it’s because Mondeo driver did a brake-check and caused Mini to crash.

  • Thunderbolt

    I had an idiot who did that to me on the highway, flashing lights, driving very agressive, and tailgating…, when he drove up beside me, I waved my hand in a friendly guesture to say hello. The guy passed and started to drive normal again. Sometime It took a very small gesture to calm a crazy M.F. down.

    • BlackPegasus

      I would advise against any type of “waving” or acknowledgement of an aggressive idiot driver. Even if your intent is to de-escalate a potentially dangerous situation it can still cause the road-rager to react stupidly. A police officer gave me this advice.

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