Tesla Model 3 Might Find Audi’s RS3 Sedan Is Anything But A Pushover

The Tesla Model 3 is at its best in AWD Performance spec, where it produces 473 HP and 471 lb-ft (639 Nm) of torque. But what about its second-best, Long Range AWD variant?

The Model 3 that Throttle House threw at the Audi RS3 Sedan has 367 HP and 376 lb-ft (510 Nm) of torque. Of course, that muscle is still delivered instantly and constantly, which automatically makes you difficult to beat in a straight line.

If you think the Audi RS3 doesn’t stand a chance, you’d be wrong. In fact, it’s quick enough to keep up with just about any current Tesla model, at least for brief stints.

That’s because, despite being powered by a conventional internal combustion engine with no electrification whatsoever, its 2.5-liter five-cylinder is good for 395 HP (400 PS) and 354 lb-ft (480 Nm) of torque.

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The numbers speak for themselves: the Long Range AWD Model 3 hits 100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.6 seconds, the Audi RS3 Sedan in 4.1 seconds. Moreover, the former maxes out at 145 mph (233 km/h), whereas the Audi is electronically limited at 155 mph (250 km/h) – although in this race, that doesn’t really come into play.

All in all, things seem pretty evenly matched. How do they translate on the tarmac, though? Can the Tesla’s instant power delivery overcome the Audi’s slight power advantage, or can the internal combustion engine still the newcomer a thing or two? This should be interesting, to say the least…


  • more reason for me to get the RS3

    • Exotics

      Inferior mind, inferior car 🙂

  • Jp

    Since when do we compare a Long Range Model 3 to the most powerful A3? Get a Model 3 performance.

    • Smith

      Since Tesla always claims to have the fastest cars. No the best engineered, best styled, best quality finish, just the best accelerating, which is what every EV is because of the dynamics of an EV motor compared to an ICE. However, keep doing that and the tesla will last 75 miles and then need a 4 hour charge and the Audi will be driving for hours. Bye Bye Tesla!

      • Exotics

        Everything you typed is nonsense.

        You and the Audi diesel scandal employees are the reason humanity wouldn’t evolve…. but luckily we have Elon Musk and all the brains at Tesla to advance us.

        • Daniela Wolf

          Nobody cares about that.

          • About evolving as human kind? It’s evident from the “ah but it sounds so great” comments, completely ignoring the fact that these ICE cars are brutally polluting the environment, sponsoring terrorism, and spreading cancer.

          • Daniela Wolf

            U came into the wrong hood my friend.

      • Made up numbers much?

    • Chris

      What they don’t say is price wise, the RS3 is Model 3 Performance money. AudiS3’s are going for $50+k, and good luck finding a RS3 for less than $60k!

  • Smith

    Who cares and so what! Take one look at the interiors and the exterior styling and the decision is easy, no one in their right mind would choose the boring and bland Model 3 or is that Model iii

    • Exotics

      Model 3 has better interior and exterior than that bland Audi

      • Daniela Wolf

        Wait what…

    • Disagree. I find it extremely disappointing when people with this type of a budget buy a technological dinosaur. Model 3 is light years ahead of this Audi. It’s about 10 times more efficient, the performance version is way quicker, yet it’s a much more simple construction hence less risk for something to go wrong.

  • helloWorld

    The RS3 looks better. the model three, seems like interior design was an afterthought

  • nubianngoldpheonix

    The interior of that 3 is about as interesting as a church hall broom cupboard. There are elements of the exterior that are OK, good even but the front is very frog eyed, just doesn’t work. I have a friend with a stock sportback RS3 and it regularly times around 3.5 sec 0-62 so the 4.1 is typical Audi understatement. Not surprised it smashed the M2 and Model 3. BTW in the UK the M2 lost the track race with the RS3 also, I think the model 3 would likely handle better than the M2 which really all about hooning around sideways, fun but in no way the quickest way to get from A-B Good god almighty though, the RS3 sounds sublime doesn’t it.

  • JqC

    I’m just loving that EVs are now taken seriously enough that they are in these sorts of conversations and comparisons. That alone is a win for the new technology, but it’s not really about winning. It’s about technological progression. I recommend petrol heads enjoy ICE vehicles while they can. Technology is moving ahead of that paradigm. The future of cars is exclusively EV. Not even Hydrogen fuel cell or hydrogen combustion (except maybe in some commercial applications). Battery/capacitor tech only.

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