Watch A VW Driver Try To Inflate Their Tires With… An EV Charger!

We thought we’d seen it all when a woman tried to fill up her Tesla Model S with petrol last year. We were wrong.

While surfing the web, we came across this video of a black VW pulling into an EV charger parking space in the UK. That alone isn’t all that weird as some ICE drivers do park in those spots reserved for electric vehicles. However, the clip soon becomes absolutely hilarious.

After pulling in, the woman unscrews the caps on both the front tires of the car. Yes, she really is about to try and pump up the VW’s tires with an EV charger.

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The driver initially grabs the large CCS Combo 2 plug and proceeds to try and pump up the tire. It doesn’t work. Still yet to figure out her mistake, the woman then tries a CHAdeMO plug but once again, it fails to pump up the tires.

The woman clearly knew that her tires needed to be inflated, something motorists often fail to notice. What’s really weird is that she clearly has no idea as to how one actually fills a tire with air. Which is nothing to be ashamed off – just go to a gas station where you’ll find areas to fill up your tires, typically with big signs that read ‘AIR’ – or just ask nicely, and someone might help you out.

We get it, people get confused and do unimaginable things for no obvious reason; but, seriously, trying to fill up a car’s tires with an electric charger must rank up there with the worst we’ve ever encountered.

  • 2PacOfCarscoop

    Ya. wOULD be funny, IF IT WAS REAL!

  • Loquacious Borborygmus

    I’m guessing she was meeting up with Eddy Grant down the road…


  • Bo Hanan

    # me want a brain too.

  • Eric Sin-Chan

    Such idiocy right there

  • brn

    Hose isn’t long enough.

  • db

    Sure gives you an idea what it takes to get a driver’s license these days.

  • Harry_Wild

    Now you know how car owners get cheated on their auto maintenance repair bills all the time now! It is to tempting by the service centers when you have owners so ignorant about automobiles in general, they just asking for if I were a service adviser working on straight commission and see someone like her.

  • Harry_Wild

    Her passenger is wear a parka jacket for cold climates while driver has on a short sleeve shirt!

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