Unfortunate Driver Almost Crashes Into Unmarked Police Car

This driver in Florida probably got the shock of their life after immediately being pulled over by an unmarked police car in Cape Coral.

The following footage captured on dashcam shows a black sedan travelling down a highway and, to most observers, it looks just like any other sedan, but it is in fact an unmarked police car.

Someone driving what appears to be a dark green sedan suddenly flicks on their indicator and starts to move into the left lane without noticing the police car. The two only manage to avoid a collision thanks to the quick-thinking officer, who is able to swerve across to the left and give the other driver enough room to complete the lane change. The officer then flicks on his flashing red and blue lights and proceeds to pull over the driver.

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It’s rather hilarious to watch inattentive drivers get pulled over like this, and, if you drive frequently, you’ve probably had someone try to merge straight into you just like this driver.

Ensuring you don’t change lanes into another vehicle is quite simple. You check your mirrors and turn your head to see if anything is in your blind spot before doing so. Even better, check your mirrors multiple times and if you own a vehicle with a blind-spot monitoring system, there’s really no excuse for doing something like this. Driving on public roads, frequently occupied by distracted motorists, isn’t a race and it’s far better to get to your destination safely than it is to get their quickly while putting others, and yourself, in danger.


  • salamOOn

    police hogging left lane is also worth mentioning.

    • Jay

      police following too closely is also worth mentioning.

      • ChrisInIL

        Dude running the police off the road most likely saved the guy in front of the cop from getting a ticket.

        • atomicbri

          LOL you are right there! It is illegal in Florida to ride slow in the passing lane, so he definitely lucked out with the idiot doing the unsafe lane change.

    • Willzyx

      He wasn’t hogging it, the car in front of him was.

  • Vassilis

    Obviously it’s stupid but they actually give a ticket for that?

    • dufonrafal .

      In most/all countries that’s actually a very serious offense with a big fine.

    • Willzyx

      Yes, “unsafe lane change”. Checking for blind spots is the #1 rule when learning to drive. The idiot switched 2 lanes over without checking his blind spots.

  • Paul

    Open thine eyes and don’t be trying to force your way in is how I see what happened. Cops should have stopped the idiot.

  • On newer cars they have lane departure alert, lane keep assist and lane tracing as part of the safety sense package

    • brn

      On older cars, we have peripheral vision.


      Every human being should be equipped with a brain. Every. Single. One.

      • David Kale

        Unless god plans to add that in as standard, it’s an expansive option for a lot of people. 😛

  • Big Black Duck

    cops fault….the driver merging in was signalling for a while…but douche bag cop was tailgating a slow car one the passing lane…infact if the cops should have pulled over the slow car in the front and this would not have happened…cops forced this to happen..

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