Robbers In Audi RS6 Escape Police Cars Despite Two Flat Tires

This dashcam footage shows the moment when a gang of robbers attempted to escape police, injuring officers during a chase.

Unfortunately, their efforts were successful as they managed to eventually ditch the stolen high-performance Audi and flee the scene after winning their battle with the police.

According to Birmingham Mail, two of the gang members were caught three months later, pleading guilty to a robbery at a pizza takeaway, which is what led to the chase in the first place.

Speaking of the chase, not only was that RS6 had to stop through PIT maneuvers, the robbers even pulled over and backed into the trailing officers’ BMW 3-Series Touring, which ended up taking quite a pounding.

Backing it up were two Vauxhall Insignias, who were also rammed by the Audi as the bad guys were desperate to get away.

In the end, all four robbers were arrested and convicted, each serving 8 years in prison.


  • salamOOn

    omg you have two cars…. why the F to stop behind him with both cars, when he was completely standing still for several seconds?
    why not to block him from front and rear…?

    • brn

      I’m not sure if these officers were armed, but setting yourself up to draw guns in the direction of a fellow officer is frowned upon.

      If they’d had any real PITT training, they would have been successful in the maneuver. It’d also help if they had push bumpers, like many US police.

      It was nice of the citizen to stop and make sure they were OK. Nice to see that.

      • Matt

        I think 600bhp and Quattro make the old-fashioned ‘PITT’ maneuver a bit redundant on over-achievers like the RS6. They are more capable of defying physics than some bouncy old American sedan.

        • brn

          PITT is harder on awd, but maybe a bouncy old American sedan would have performed the PITT better. I’ve seen CVPI’s PITT a box truck.

  • Erzhik

    Who robs a pizza takeout in an RS6?

    • Kevin Tay

      maybe they just want a pizza.

  • cooper

    That cop was a pussy arse driver. Just terrible.

  • cooper

    Sad cops, extremely unskilled drivers. Typical pu$$^ cops. Those in the car should have received more than 8 years.

  • Michael Cohen

    We got some great comments here from some awesome armchair quarterbacks. Please put the PlayStation or Xbox controller down and leave the police chases to the big boys.

  • steve

    Good job those guys were not in the USA – they would have been shot!

    • gary4205

      Indeed! THAT would be the “tactical contact”!

  • Bash

    Too much idiocy in the clip. But still, those bad guys certainly deserves more than 8 years in prison. Besides that is a year old footage, if not more, i saw it somewhere else few months ago.

  • gary4205

    In American. ..the crooks might outrun a cop car or two, but they won’t outrun the radio, or air support.

    Also…after ramming a couple of cops (attempted murder) the bad guys would be well ventilated!

    • Matt

      I think countries outside of America have radios and helicopters as well. It’s a matter of resource and priority.

    • they backed into the police car making it undrivable. It worked, I don’t see that as attempted murder. Something is wrong with your thinking or the laws where you live 🙂

      • I’mCallingYouOut

        ah yes, the always classic passive aggressive smiley face.

  • keeskun

    F*cking Audi. Cars for criminals.