Almost Half Of New Cars Sold In Norway Are Now Electric

Norway has become a paradise for full electric vehicles, with almost half of new cars sold there during the first six months of 2019 being battery-powered.

This is a major increase over the same period last year, when electric cars accounted for just over a quarter of the total sales in the country.

More specifically, 48.4 percent of the new cars sold from January to June were electric, according to Reuters, making Norway the leading country in per-capita EV sales by a rather large margin.

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Norway’s target is to ban diesel and petrol vehicles by the middle of the next decade, with battery-electric cars being exempt from the heavy taxes applied to ICE-powered cars, as well as getting discounts on parking, tolls and car ferry fares among other benefits.

This small country has sort-of become the world’s testing ground for electric vehicles and their accompanied infrastructure. China and the US might enjoy far higher sales figures but as a proportion of the total vehicles, battery-powered cars are flooding the Norwegian roads like nowhere else.

Tesla was crowned the No.1 brand in Norway, holding a 24.5 percent share of the market after selling 3,760 cars in June. Most of its sales are of the Model 3, with the more expensive Model S and Model X seeing their numbers drop compared to previous years. The Tesla Model 3 also became Norway’s top-selling vehicle overall for the first six months of 2019.

Car makers like Hyundai, Kia, Nissan and Renault have also been boosted by Norway’s EV strategy as they are one of the few companies that offer full electric vehicles, rather than hybrids and plug-in hybrids. Ford and Mercedes are expected to join them from next year with their own purely electric models.

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  • LJ

    Impressive, until you realize the entire country of Norway has 3 million less people than New York City.

    • Jørn-tommy Skjellnes

      its still empressive

      • LJ

        It depends. There are 5 million people in Norway. How many actual cars are there, though? Then divide that by half.

        • Jørn-tommy Skjellnes

          This is new cars sold in 2019, this year there has ben sold total 78209 cars first 6 monts of them 35200 is pure electric, and around 12000 hybrid, so diesel og petrol have the rest.
          Tesla is the most populare car in norway 12605 car sold first 6 monts.

          • LJ

            So just for comparison, Tesla sold 16,350 cars in the U.S.

            In just May.

  • Tom

    I guess they don’t have any apartment buildings over there. I’m in Chicago and I don’t know of a single apartment building with electric car charging available.

    • McFly

      Because an American city doesn’t have chargers, a Norwegian city can’t possibly have them either?

      • Paulbe

        yes, very sharp and clever, but still doesn’t answer his question.

        • McFly

          The sharpness was because it wasn’t a question, but a statement.

          Of course there are apartment buildings and charging stations in Norway.

  • Aqua Boogie

    Impressive. After decades of making money with oil, they electrify. Money well invested, I reckon.

  • benT

    any detail of manufacturer market share of lecky cars ?
    Is the Toyo Camry to be counted – it has a small range or 50kms?? on electricity.

    • Jørn-tommy Skjellnes

      camry is a hybrid, not a pure electric car

      • benT

        yes this is the basis of the query. I drove one very briefly and that’s when I discovered you need to be a curbside crawler to take full advantage of it low kms per full battery charge and to avoid the 40km/h kickin of the petrol motor.

  • Randy Terpstra

    A similar kind of tactic has been done before, in the Netherlands, with LPG powered vehicles. The losses in government income from taxation, tolls, etc, will reach a tipping point and incentives will end.

    • LJ

      Already happening here in Illinois. The politicians incentivized going green and then realized, oops… these cars don’t generate gas taxes. So now registration fees are going way up and the incentives will stop to make up for the lost revenue, rather than cut their wasteful spending.

  • Maisch

    Well, if they really care about the environment how about stop pumping up the oil? Otherwise everything else they do looks a bit of a joke. A regular volvo or other similar cars cost about twice as they do in other countries due to taxes, electric cars dont get that tax, so EVs and ICE cars are suddenly prices very similarly. Then you get advantages with parking tarifs, tolls etc with EVs, money talks 🙂

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