Dashcam Footage Reveals Who Really Is To Blame For This Crash

If you’ve ever questioned the usefulness of having a dashcam in your car, this video might convince you that buying one is well worth the money.

Limited details about this incident shared on Reddit are known, but the title of the thread says that two witnesses blamed the driver with the dashcam. This footage reveals that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The crashed occurred in Orange County, California on a very wet day. The cammer can be seen driving along the left lane of a motorway when a sedan slowly begins to overtake from the right. However, this driver was clearly going a little too fast for the conditions and the car quickly aquaplanes directly in front of the cammer.

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As the sedan slides around, it slams into the concrete crash barrier of the highway. The cammer quickly pulls over, and while the video posted doesn’t include any audio, the footage itself is revealing. Unless something very bizarre had happened before, which is not shown in the video, this is as clear-cut as they come.

While there are a number of expensive dashcams on the market, there are many cheaper alternatives available online which can record in 1080P or even 4K (which, frankly, unless you plan on making a Netflix movie, you don’t really need right now). Spending $50 on a dashcam could save you thousands, so you might want to think about it next time you visit an electronics store.

Accident Video

Check out this video on Streamable using your phone, tablet or desktop.

  • Jason Miller

    Nobody’s fault. The Taurus hydroplaned and that’s the end of it.

    • msterbeau

      If it hydroplaned, the driver involved was going too fast or too unskilled for conditions. Both the driver’s responsibility.

      • Jason Miller

        It was hardly traveling faster than the camera car who was traveling the same speed as the car in front. If speed is a factor for the Taurus it should be the same for everyone. Skills is an assumption at this point. Camera car had nowhere to go. If anything can be blamed it would be the condition of the tires, which is also an assumption.

        • msterbeau

          All it takes is one significant pool of water in the Taurus’ lane and a set of worn tires. Also, look how slowly the person reacted to the sudden slide. They were quite slow turning the wheel, not nearly fast enough to catch the slide.

          • Jason Miller

            Again, assumptions on the tires.

    • Mike

      While the police may determine this was a no-fault accident, I can guarantee the dash cam video will be used by the dash cam owner’s insurance company to declare the Taurus driver at fault and force her insurance to pay for the damages.

  • Paul

    You can’t really blame it on going to fast for conditions either because everybody was going about the same speed. Just an unfortunate incident.

    • ChrisInIL

      He lost control of his vehicle because he was driving too fast for conditions. That other drivers maintained control is irrelevant.

      • Paul

        Does that make me guilty of failing to maintain control of my posts? Sheesh!

        • ChrisInIL


  • Ddinox64

    Too fast for the conditions. How were the tires. People have a responsability to maintain their vehicles in safe working condition. I know democrats are pushing for third world conditions here and we now have cars without bumpers, fenders, headlights, turn signals and more. If it was actually road conditions then the state democrats need to use our over taxed gas on our roads and not illegals.

    • cravebd


    • datCubanguy

      There is no hydroplaning in red states?

  • Mike

    The car that hydroplaned was going too fast for the conditions. Different car/driver combinations have different safety spaces and that car/driver was outside their safe driving capabilities. The guy with the dashcam is probably very happy that he has video evidence that the other car initiated the accident.

    • Big Black Duck

      could the driver in the right be trying to over take since the passing lane was being occupied by this dbag and then hydroplaned because of that?

      • ChrisInIL

        He hydroplaned because another driver was driving too slow? Please explain the physics to support that hypothesis, as the physics of hydroplaning are well known.

        You might want to watch the video to see that the dash cam car was driving with traffic

      • Mike

        While I hate left lane drivers, it has no bearing on the fact that the overtaking driver was driving too fast to safely handle their car in those conditions.

    • Jason Miller

      “Too fast” was like 1-2 mph faster than the camera car? Please.

      • ChrisInIL

        Relative speed has no bearing on what is “too fast”. The other driver lost control, thus it was too fast.

        • Jason Miller

          You just say “too fast” because we’re watching an accident video. If you yourself were traveling down the road and that car passed you without incident you wouldn’t say anything about it. The car hydroplaned, it happens. Complete accident with nobody at fault. Period.

          • ChrisInIL

            Thank you for trying to speak for me. However, your assumptions about what I might say are wrong (of course).

            The car hydroplaned because it was driving too fast for the driver to handle (proven by the fact that said driver lost control).

          • Joff

            Accidents don’t happen though it’s

  • Wandering_Spirit

    From how easy it hydroplaned it looks like either she found a water puddle or her tread was really thin. Those speeds are fairly ok to me.

  • Jason Miller

    If the Taurus needed to be going 35, so would everyone else, which they clearly were not.

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