Chevrolet Equinox Mysteriously Drives Itself Into New Jersey Traffic

A runaway Chevrolet Equinox narrowly avoided causing a huge crash in New Jersey after crossing over a median strip and onto a highway.

Dashcam footage shows the gloss black SUV slowly exiting a parking lot but curiously, there is no one inside, suggesting that the driver may have left the Chevrolet in Drive and forget to enable the parking brake.

The cammer follows the Equinox as it crosses through a Stop sign before running into a curb. The vehicle was only traveling at walking pace but it still easily maneuvers its way up and over the curb and onto a grass median strip directly adjacent to a highway. The SUV soon rolls down a grassy hill and crosses into traffic.

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Footage shows the quick-thinking driver of a Ford Mustang slam on the brakes of the pony car to avoid hitting the Chevrolet while a silver Dodge Grand Caravan swerves onto the median strip to also avoid collecting the Equinox or the Mustang. Fortunately, the Chevrolet came to a rest in the left-most lane of the highway meaning it didn’t cross over into multiple lanes of traffic which could have been absolutely disastrous.

Like some cars, the Chevrolet Equinox features either a foot-operated parking brake or an electric parking brake depending on the age and specification of the model. For whatever reason, some people don’t use the parking brake when parking and evidently, the owner of this Equinox is one of those people. Forgetting to switch a vehicle with an automatic transmission into Park is also a rather dim-witted thing to do.


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  • charlie bear

    Nah, it is just Chevy testing one of its self driving cars.

  • Adilos Nave

    Man, driving is just so darn difficult. Those two gigantic pedals (which one do I use???!!!) and all those shifter things. I mean, does Drive mean go or does it mean to stop? What are all these levers for? And this big round thing sitting in front of me? What’s that for?
    If people can’t figure out even the simplest mechanics of driving a car, maybe they shouldn’t be allowed to command said 2-ton car at 70mph only a few feet away from other people.
    Nah, let’s just start giving driver’s licenses to everyone as soon as they are out of the womb.

    • salamOOn

      now imagine them on a horse….. no pedals, no shifter……nothing.

  • Six_Tymes

    Hey Traffic, I want to join in! – ai

  • Porkopolis

    Only in New Jersey… Car crawls in front of you in high-speed traffic after it just crawled over the grass median, you emergency stop, but then you just go around and take off. Nevermind the appearance of a DRIVERLESS car; one that most would assume has a incapacitated driver/ passengers/ a child(?) in need of assistance.

  • Jay

    They don’t even look similar 😂

  • Steve G

    I drive a Chrysler Pacifica. If I’m stopped and open the door when it is still in drive it automatically engages the emergency brake. This should be a standard feature.

  • JW

    How does this even happen in this modern age?

  • Paul

    Somebody got out with it running and it wasn’t in park. Away we go.

  • I am 55 years old and have been driving for some time. My work car is a manual transmission Saturn. For errands and family travel I drive a recently purchased 2019 equinox. This vehicle has an engine shut off feature that unfortunately can’t be disabled. One morning while running errands I pulled into a parking spot beside other vehicles that were poorly parked. I wasn’t sure if I was squared up properly so I opened my door, while still in drive, to check the lines. My engine at some point shut down, and I got side tracked with something else in the meantime. I then checked something on my phone and when I finished, I got out of my vehicle to go into a store. When I closed the door, I tried to lock it but it instead sounded two quick chirps of the horn and would not lock. I opened the door and tried to lock it from the inside door lock. Same thing. I then got back in the car to try to figure out what was wrong. It was then I realized that it was still in drive. I was kinda freaking at that point thinking that if the air conditioner had kicked back on the equinox may have started back up again and drove itself into the front of the store. I thought, surely not. There has to be some kind of security feature such as an occupant sensor in the drivers seat that would not allow the engine to restart. Not sure. Maybe Chevy needs to take a look at this. As for using a parking brake every time you park your car, who does that? On the other hand, be careful with this engine disabler thing. I have a feeling this could trip up a few other seasoned drivers:/

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