Tragic Incident Sees Man Live-Streaming Police Pursuit, Then Getting Shot And Killed

A man in Minnesota has been killed in a shootout with the police shortly after live-streaming a pursuit in suburban Minneapolis, NBC News reports.

According to the local police department, authorities began to pursue 30-year-old Brian Quinones at 10:22 p.m. near the city of Edina. No details have been offered as to what initiated the chase, but it is reported the driver live-streamed video from inside his car that showed police lights flashing behind him as he calmly drove along.

The video was soon removed from Facebook and authorities have yet to determine its authenticity.

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At one pointin the clip, Quinones allegedly stopped and got out of his car, seemingly ending the pursuit. However, he tried to flee the scene and the officers could be seen shooting – and killing him. Emergency dispatch audio reveals one of the officers yelled “drop the knife!” before opening fire on the man.

The Star Tribune reports that the man posted an apology on social media prior to starting the live stream of the pursuit. He also released an album titled ‘T.I.M.E. (This Is My Everything)’ on the same day he died, writing on Facebook “I Pray You Treasure It… My Hearts Inside It.”

“The Edina and Richfield police departments express our thoughts and prayers to all those involved in this tragic incident,” a statement issued after the incident reads. “These are some of the most difficult scenarios officers will ever face in their careers. No officer ever reports for duty hoping to be involved in something like this.”

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        Perplexing more like were seeing the dumbing down of society,Idiocracy was merely a prophecy.

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    When is someone going to livestream an abortion? I mean come on people. Live stream getting shot? Whats next? Live stream taking a dump?

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      I’m pretty sure all those things have already been done ???

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    Narcissism has reached a new psychotic level. Oh wait, that started in 2009 when the plane of the poor Jordanian pilot was shot down by “radical” Muslims, and then they burned him alive 15-20 minutes after then president Obama spoke on behalf of the world saying “we will not pay terrorists” they then burned that poor guy alive, and Obama played golf 10 minutes later, seen laughing and having a good time. Whats my point? that was streamed on all platforms, and ever since that horrific murder, it seems anything goes.

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      Obama was THE WORST president we ever had what an idiot he was.

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        Right…and Trump is the best? Moron

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          Has America gone down the drain since he came into power? If so, how?

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            No sense talking to a low IQ libturd like “GobbleUp”

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        he was in fact the reason ISIS formed, and why the “Arab spring” took place in Egypt. You are being too nice by calling him an idiot.

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          You are utterly stupid !! The Arab spring started in Tunisia with a young unemployed engineer that burned himself to death. That rage grew and spread all around the Maghreb and the Arabic world !

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          Well, i thought ISIS formed because you americans decided that it was ok to invade Irak, to save the world from those mean weapons of mass destruction…
          The rest of the world can’t thank you enough for that.

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        Yeah like that time he reprimanded the weather service for correcting his false forecast, oh wait that was Trump.

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        ok, cops out here shooting black people but yea remember that time Obama wore a tan suit, Fox News told me that was bad so i believe them 100% because i have no integrity

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      You’ve gone insane. Turn off the Fox News Entertainment channel.

  • donald seymour

    The harsh reality is that if you’re Black you better step way back. What the suspect did was entirely wrong. So, I am not excusing his behaviour, but it should be duly noted that we, Blacks, are not treated with the same care as our other American counterparts. And if you are Black and reading this, know that your life is meaningless in some eyes, which means we cannot make stupid crazy decisions. The same grace and mercy may not be extended you. So, don’t play Russian roulette with your life. Peace and God bless.

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    Car news?


      no, apparently not

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    Don’t run from the police. If they are asking you to do something, do it. Obey the law.

    This is common sense 101.

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      Common sense is severely lacking in today’s society.


      Common sense? So you doing your thing the opposite of life is common sense? And you know what i’m talking about, your sexuality.

    • Rick Alexander

      And you know this because you’re a person of color who’s never been mistreated by police right!? RIIIIGHT! I’ve met many an officer in my day. I used to manage a bar. Every Thursday night, a police officer standing about 6’4” would come in at around 10pm. I’d always buy him a coffee, and we’d have some casual conversation for a few minutes, then he’d leave. Pretty cool guy I thought. I’d usually be dressed in a shirt and tie. However, on this one particular night, I decided to change into my sweats at the end of my shift, and go to the gym after work. Well as soon as I pulled out of the club parking lot, cherries come on from outta nowhere. As fate would have it, it was Mr. Thursday night police officer. When he came to the side of my car, I started laughing because I thought he stopped me to take the mickey out of me. “Driver’s license, ownership, and insurance”, he said with a real stern voice. “Seriously?”, I said. He repeats again, this time louder and angrier, “Driver’s license, ownership, and insurance!” “You don’t know me?’, I said. He looked right through me. “No! I don’t know you!” So I repeat again, “You don’t know me?” He pauses… “NO! I DON’T KNOW YOU!” So I say, “Rick, Thursday nights, coffee at the bar!” His face changed so many different colors, you’d have thought he had seen a ghost. “Get outta here!”, he says. I never saw him again after that. My point is this, why am I somehow seen as less than, less intelligent, less worthy of respect, more inclined to be a criminal because of what I wear or drive? For the record, it was about 1990, I had a customized Escort GT at the time. I wasn`t speeding, I had no outstanding tickets, and if it was a routine stop, he had no reason to not say so, or even come back for his routine coffee. No harm no foul. This is just one of a myriad of times I`ve been stopped for absolutely no reason, other than, wait for it… RACISM IS REAL MODDASUCKAS!!!! But I digress.

      • Big Black Duck

        I totally agree ..check out Hassan Minaj’s Patriot Act on Netflix…this weeks episode is exactly about the Police system… Also trying to educate an ignorant person about racism is an uphill battle….sad this is how it is…. IBeing Non white…. don’t consider my self racist…but I am averse to the “Trash” segment of it black, white, indian, latino or asian…. I just can’t handle ignorant uneducated loud people…some of them end up in the police force…

      • SD38439

        And how many times have they shot or beat you for doing nothing? Zero, I assume, because you didn’t act like an idiot. People of all colors are stopped all of the time because they, or their vehicle resembles that of a criminal who police are searching for. This is even more common in the UK.

  • Stephen G

    This sounds like suicide by cop.


      That’s why i barely read their articles. It’s like a child with writing skills was hired to just write whatever comes in mind.

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      The unknown creates doubt. Doubt creates conflict. Conflict creates hate. Hate makes people read articles.

      Publishing articles without all the facts achieves exactly what they want.

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    Well if Carscoops`goal is to get as many readers knickers in a twist as possible, I`d say mission accomplished. Don`t read, don`t watch, and don`t reply, and you`ll see how fast they stop reporting this garbage. But hey… I`m equally guilty. Here I am sounding off on a non-car related subject. Oh wait, the guy who died was driving at the time. Silly me.

    • ChrisInIL

      I didn’t say it was right. I just explained what I believe to be their motivation.

  • Big Black Duck


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