Ferrari 488 Pista Sets Blistering 7:00.03 Nurburgring Time

A Ferrari 488 Pista has been driven around the Nurburgring by Sport Auto in just 7:00.03, one of the quickest laps ever recorded by the German publication.

Not dissuaded by the fact that Ferrari itself isn’t interested in setting official Nurburgring lap times, they jumped behind the wheel of a 488 Pista to see how it stacks up against some of the industry’s fastest supercars and hypercars.

A time of 7:00.03 puts the 488 Pista in a very exclusive club. The fastest production car lapped by Sport Auto around the Nurburgring is the latest Porsche 911 GT2 RS with a time of 6:58.28, while its best time around the circuit in the McLaren 720S is a 7:08.82. A time of 7:00.03 also places the 488 Pista ahead of manufacturer-set lap times for cars including the Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro and Nissan GT-R Nismo.

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Times set by Sport Auto around the Nurburgring could be considered as more legitimate than those from manufacturers. Many companies, such as Porsche and Lamborghini, spend weeks and huge amounts of money fine-tuning their cars to set the fastest laps at the Green Hell. And, of course, different car manufacturers use different drivers for their laps. By comparison, laps from Sport Auto are all done by the same driver (editor-in-chief Horst von Saurma until 2015 and Christian Gebhardt since then) and the cars are not tuned by their makers before hitting the track.

The full onboard video of the 488 Pista’s lap is truly something to behold, as it takes corners with blistering speed and rarely gets out of shape. Ferrari clearly created something very special with the 488 Pista.


  • Ben

    I see this as more validation for one of my hero cars, the Viper ACR!

    1) It made less power than the Pista (70hp less)

    2) Had no active aero (top speed limited to only 177mph)

    3) Had a six-speed manual

    4) Set the time during sub optimal climate

    5) Without manufacture support

    6) Did it with Kumho tires

    7) No power upgrades over entry vehicle

    ….and was just 1 second shy of Ferrari’s track focused supercar.

    • Nastinupe1911

      I didn’t realize that the top speed of the Viper ACR was limited to 177 mph? I wonder why?

      • Ben over 1,500lbs+ (680kg+) of downforce due to fixed aero. It produces so much downforce, the slates in the rear diffuser are made of cheap harden plastic that is removable. They get pressed into the track due to downforce and are meant to be be replaced periodically. Without the aero the Viper was rated at 206mph.

      • brilliantradience


      • eb110americana

        I believe Ralph Gilles (design head at MOPAR) stated that the huge wing on the Viper actually dropped MPG of his tow vehicle, it produced so much drag.

    • Bob

      I have learnt something new.

      • Ben

        The Viper is truly an overlooked specimen. Its impressive that it broke and held 13 lap records simultaneously, but what made it even more special was Dodge didn’t use a professional race car driver to set all of the records. The record breaking lap at VIR was set by an engineer from Dodge.

    • chumaxa .

      The Viper has probably way more downforce, and more importantly, a bunch of guys working for days on the track with a couple of drivers to try to get the best time possible, all you need is a guy and a car without the entire factory to help, compare what is comparable.

      • Ben

        The Viper did not receive the tons of help or optimal conditions that most record setting vehicles get when supported by an organization. In fact, they had to create a Gofund me page just to get the Viper to Germany.

  • Six_Tymes


  • Some ol’ bloke

    8 seconds faster than the 720… and 2 seconds slower than the 911 gt2
    clap clap clap…..
    the non track focused mclaren was beaten by the pista and the 3 year old porsche beat it

    • RDS Alphard

      GT2 RS only unveiled 9 months before 488 Pista, they were equally new (or old)

      • Some ol’ bloke

        Did it? oops….
        to be fair though, its a good standalone time, but it is also not brilliant compared to other cars

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