Low-Mileage BMW E39 M5 Is Certainly Desirable – But $150K Desirable?

A rare E39-generation BMW M5 is currently up for sale courtesy of Enthusiast Auto Group in Cincinnati.

BMW didn’t produce all that many E39 M5s in Imola Red and, unless we’re mistaken, it appears as though this particular example was previously listed on eBay 12 months ago for $78,000. It’s now much more expensive…

There’s no doubting the fact that, to this day, the E39 M5 still looks superb. It has aged very gracefully and is perhaps the perfect mix between aggression and refinement. There’s no crazy sharp edges, skirts, wings, or splitters like many modern performance sedans and instead just simple lines and only a few tell-tail signs that distinguish it between a regular 5-Series of the same era.

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The E39 M5 was built between 1998 and 2003 and features a naturally aspirated 4.9-liter V8 with 394 HP and 369 lb-ft (500 Nm) of torque at 3800 rpm, and this particular car only has 9,225 miles (14,846 km) on the clock which, considering its age, is not a lot.

Now for the price. Well, saying that it’s not cheap is probably an understatement. In fact, in the video below, the seller states that the dealership is asking $150,000. Yes, that is roughly $50,000 more than a new M5. The seller notes that it’s hard to find Imola Red E39s in such superb condition as this one, but still, the asking price does still seem excessive. Perhaps a hardcore E39 M5 enthusiast will disagree.


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  • Mr. EP9

    I’m not sure about $150k but you never know. All it takes is one person.


  • TheBelltower

    The E39 is one of BMW’s best cars ever. And it has a massive enthusiast following. This one looks completely loaded, with the pricy nav option and the unfortunate grey/black leather combination.

  • Bash

    Yes on the car. No on the asking price.

  • Jason Miller

    Best M5 ever.

  • Miknik

    It#s a nice car, for many one of the last proper BMW driving machines. The price is high, but then again, ultimately, if someone pays it, why sell it cheaper? And if no one is willing to pay that, the seller will have to lower it so I don#t really care….

  • john1168

    Nice ride. But, no thanks…

  • Julien Lachemoi

    Everything must cost a fortune nowadays, this is actually depressing.
    Who else is tired of seeing cars they thought they could afford later but are now treated as either a luxury or an investment for rich people ?

  • alexxx

    Suddenly those kidney grills look too small ☺️

  • iggination

    Absolutely not unless you just want it sitting in a garage for a decade.

  • This tells you just how undesirable the new BMWs are. I would much rather have an E46 or E39 over any of the crap the company is producing today.

  • Enter Ranting

    These cars are better looking than anything BMW has sold in the last decade.

    • marioGTI

      I agree, this is the last model that I actually cared for.

  • Techmaniac

    These enthusiast jokers are peddling a bunch of overpriced e39s. Just take a look online and you’ll see they are trolling for suckers.

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