Chevy Silverado Trash-Talks Ford F-150 In Bed Strength Comparison Video

Chevy released a video comparing Silverado’s roll-formed, high-strength steel bed against Ford F-150’s stamped aluminum bed.

The company wanted to showcase just how much stronger the steel bed used in their Silverado is against its nemesis, by putting the two trucks side by side and performing two extreme durability tests.

The first one included dropping 55 landscaping blocks with a total weight of 825lbs (347kg) into the beds of both models at the same time from 5 feet above the bed floor. Chevrolet claims that in 12 out of the 12 tries shot for video, the Silverado came out as a winner, exhibiting only scratches and dents. The Ford’s aluminum bed however sustained punctures in every drop, averaging 4.3 punctures per drop.

The second test was aimed at replicating a more every-day scenario, involving a steel toolbox pushed off the side rail of each truck. Chevrolet says that the toolbox left dents on the Silverado’s bed in 12 out of the 14 tries, with the last two drops leaving a pinhole puncture on the bed floor. In the case of the F-150 though, the toolbox only dented the aluminum bed once out of the 14 tries, leaving a sizeable puncture through the aluminum bed floor.

Watch the videos linked below and have your say in the comments section.


  • Knuckle Buck

    Uhhhh they have this thing called bedliners? Who wouldn’t protect their $50k truck with a bedliner?

    • Ken Mansfield

      That’s the first thing I thought too. Who in the world doesn’t have a bedliner in their expensive truck. The bedliner also disperses the weight before it reaches the metal bed. This demonstration is a “Straw Man” and is totally meaningless.

  • TheBelltower

    If some dipshit is going to dump concrete pavers from six feet high, or toss a twenty pound toolbox, then the pickups really need to have bed liners no matter what material the bed is made of. And for every ding and abrasion that the steel bed gets, those are now areas prone to rust. Aluminum doesn’t rust like steel.

    • Kash

      I wouldn’t have said they threw that toolbox, pushed it yes, but it was far from thrown. And what about all the stuff under the bed of the truck, not everything is made from aluminum, I’m sure there’s some steel somewhere under that bed and now there’s a hole opening all that stuff up to water to be rusted, at least with the steel bed you can take it all dinged up and go have someone do one of those spray on bedliners and it’ll keep the dents from rusting, can’t do that with the holes in the aluminum one.

    • Jay

      Im still a ford guy but in this case the bed should still be steel for this purpose, or come standard with a bed liner..

    • Billy Pate

      tool box is empty.

    • Billy Pate

      But Aluminum does corrode.

  • Bobby Lee

    The new 2017 GM Desperation!

    • Andrewthecarguy

      The test is rigged. Both trucks look to be the same trim level, but in reality the Chevy is higher spec’d and priced. LED lights and chrome wheels and mirrors. The Ford is lower spec’d with black mirrors and not so nice wheels.

      • Astonman

        so you’re saying a higher spec Ford truck would have thicker aluminum bed?

        • Andrewthecarguy

          No, but I am inclined to think GM cheated because they didn’t level the playing field.

          • Astonman

            What would you think would be a level playing field?

  • Cord

    I have owned several Chevy/GMC trucks. I always put bed liners in them. I just bought my first F150, and again I put a bedliner in it for this very reason. I guess it’s because I am intelligent and Chevy must be marketing to people that are not since most dealers will thrown in a drop in bedliner at no charge in the deal.

    • Ken Mansfield

      Bingo! No matter what truck I bought, I would install a bedliner if it didn’t come with one. I would never dump blocks or anything else in an exposed metal bed. You are just asking for trouble.

  • smartacus

    couldn’t they replace those heavy truck beds with polyamide 66?

    aren’t GLOCK pistol frames made of polyamide 66?

    NTM, Zytel 66 is a natural fire retardant

    • Ken Lyns

      Or SMC (like Toyota does with the Tacoma and Honda with the new Ridgeline). End of the day, a lot of design decisions in pickup trucks are not engineering-driven, but tradition-driven. They are still lynching ‘coons (black people) in certain parts of the US…

      • smartacus

        The Cartels from South Of The Border are notorious for lynchings and they are moving into this country.

  • Romanovich

    What happen with Chevy bed after 2 years rust coming every wear, Ford has aluminium do not corrosion at all

  • John F. Murphy

    I guess they did NOT see the reports from the I.I.H.S. that said the ONLY truck to pass the front crash test was the F150, FIVE STAR rating… Also NO ONE drop block from 6 feet. either they are loaded on a pallet or by hand… Put in a dam liner if that is what worries you. At least you will be SAFE in an accident.

  • JIRM

    That’s kind of expected when you use aluminum in every body panel.

    Moral of the video: get a bed liner either way.

  • Brunot

    So buy a $300 bedliner, morons.

  • MuhammadSameh

    Why not try making a good car instead of comparing your trucks to Ford, i.e. the Best Selling truck for 4 decades, or that’s the best you can do GM

    • Ken Mansfield

      I don’t see this advertisement doing anything constructive for GM.

    • Billy Pate

      they do, and how many Ford’s out there have 300,000 miles on them (gas engines) I have a 2001 GMC Serria pickup got over 300,000 miles runs & drives like new!

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