BMW 7-Series Driver Loses It, Crashes Into Pole Head-On

Yep, winter is finally here (at least in the Northern hemisphere), and driving conditions are worsening so drivers should be more aware of their surroundings.

This is common sense, regardless if one is using a front-, rear-, or all-wheel drive car, but sometimes things can, and do, go wrong.

Case at hand, a BMW driver, whose 7-Series needs a serious makeover. The full-size luxury saloon was captured on camera accelerating from a traffic light at full force, when it suddenly became tail-happy. No surprise considering the slippery road…

After some fish-tailing, the Bimmer ended crashing on a pole head-on. From the looks of it, no one was hurt bar the car itself; plus, things could have been much worse if other vehicles, or pedestrians, would have been in the wrong place, at the wrong time.


  • antbee

    Totalled, all because he wanted to race that little black car to the next red light. Maybe if he had gotten smaller diameter Winter tires, he would have had better traction. Oh, and I bet he had his traction control turned off.

    • europeon

      > smaller diameter Winter tires

      What’s the diameter of the wheels have to do with it, and why are you assuming the car wasn’t equipped with winter tires?

      • antbee

        Look how fat the tires are on the car. They tell me: a. they are an added mod, which a lot of people do, including me, and b. Winter tires would have held their grip, but only if he had bags of sand or something heavy in the trunk, since this was a RWD vehicle. RWD is not great for Winter driving, unless you load them down in the rear. I live in Canada, so I know a little something about Winter driving. I always go down to a smaller wheel in the Winter, as you get better traction, because you have more tread on the ground.
        I don’t come on here to argue with people, in other words, I don’t do Internet beefs. I was just giving my opinion, that was all. Your questions were really confrontational, but fair, so I answered them to the best of my ability. I don’t know what setup the guy had on his car, and as you said, I was “assuming.”

        • europeon

          I’m sorry, but you make no sense whatsoever – and I’m just gonna leave like that – and you still haven’t explained what the diameter has to do with it.

          • antbee

            You said you were “just gonna leave like that,” yet you still tried to confront me. You can look up the information in regards to tire diameter and Winter driving yourself, I hope. Read again where I said I don’t do Internet beefs.

          • europeon

            I don’t think you know what diameter is, and you’re confusing dry pavement traction with snow traction.

          • antbee

            I have nothing further to say, in regards to this conversation. Even though you have insulted me, my intelligence anyway, I still like some of the comments you have shared on this site. So, no BLOCK for you! 😉 See you on another posting, I hope.

          • europeon

            I haven’t insulted you in any way, you just said some really stupid things. Sorry, but I’m not the PC type that holds back because others might feel insulted, I’m speaking my mind.

            Diameter is the overall size of the wheel (so to speak) and it has nothing to do with snow traction. You probably meant the width of the tire, which has *some* significance when it comes to snow traction, but not in the way people think. People think that traction is achieved by lowering the size of the contact patch, generating a higher pressure on a small area, hence “gripping” better, but that’s the case only with studded tires. Studless winter tires achieve traction both by having some suction effect on the rolling surface (the sipes) and by “grabbing” snow to use it as a grip layer, and that’s why wider is better.

            As far as the assumption part goes, it’s highly unlikely that a wealthy person that lives in a country where winter lasts half a year, doesn’t afford, or it’s clueless enough to not have a RWD car equipped with winter tires.

  • Six_Tymes

    A d-bag finally got what they deserved. thankfully no one was hurt or lost their own car because of this d-bag.

  • Strada


  • badcyclist

    It’s just basic Driver’s Ed: when it’s icy and you start to lose traction, just punch it and keep the pedal to the metal until you hit something. It’s the first rule of winter driving.

    • Beelzaboot teriaksun

      when you hit that said something you know you’re safe

  • Jim Ragland

    Do any other country have wrecks???

    • Knotmyrealname

      Other country have many wreck. But Russia have most stupid wreck.

    • BlackPegasus

      Yes, the United States has tons of them. We just don’t have as many dash cams being used by drivers. My cam is always on.

  • rover10

    Typical BMW.

  • Alex

    Take a rear wheel drive they said…it will be fun they said

  • CFK

    Next time you steal a car do it with winter wheels included bro.

  • Miknik

    Just smashing the throttle, even as the rear end starts sliding ( I guess there were summer tires on the car, btw.), and not even touching the brakes at any point, and likely had DSC switched off. Some drivers don’t deserve better. At least, damage here was limited to the idiot….

  • bonzomatic

    Just like in GTA. I always manage to hit the light pole! I swear those things have giant magnets in them.

  • Enter Ranting

    He shouldn’t have been Russian.