Oil/Coolant Spill Gives Pack Of Drivers A Scare On The Ring

If you’re going to come across a patch of slippery tarmac while out on the track, it’s best if you have a wide enough runoff area so that you might have enough space to regain control of your car.

Well, lack of space is an issue at the Nurburgring, a track that has a lot of very narrow sections where if you get on the grass, you’re more likely than not to get close and intimate with the barrier.

For example, let’s take a look at this incident that involved two Leon Cupras, two Megane RSs and a BMW M3 E36. The only one that got in real trouble was the yellow Megane, whose driver couldn’t regain control after the car hit what was probably a oil or coolant spill, as stated in the video’s description.

Both Meganes were actually in danger at first, however only the yellow one slid onto the grass, barely avoiding a black Clio RS that had already slowed down. None of the trailing cars were affected though, so at least there’s that. Plus, the driver of the yellow Megane RS was probably OK since the impact with the barrier might have hurt his pride more than it did his wallet.

We also can’t help but agree with the owner of the dashcam, who was driving one of the Cupras: this would be a lot more dangerous to somebody riding on two wheels.


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