Honda, GM To Jointly Produce Fuel Cell Systems From 2020 [w/Video]

GM and Honda announced today their collaboration into creating the industry’s first manufacturing joint venture to mass produce a fuel cell system.

The new factory called Fuel Cell System Manufacturing will be located in Michigan, with mass production expected to begin in 2020 and 100 new jobs to be created.

Both companies will make equal investments into the new facility, totaling $85 million. The final fuel cell system will used in future models from both GM and Honda.

Honda and GM have been working together since 2013 in arranging the co-development process for a next-generation fuel cell system and hydrogen storage facilities, with both companies integrating their development teams and sharing their fuel cell intellectual property in order to create a more affordable commercial solution.

The new joint venture will be operated by a board of directors which will include three executives from each company and a rotating chairperson, in addition to the rotating president.

“This foundation of outstanding teamwork will now take us to the stage of joint mass production of a fuel cell system that will help each company create new value for our customers in fuel cell vehicles of the future,” said Toshiaki Mikoshiba, Honda North America CEO.

“The combination of two leaders in fuel cell innovation is an exciting development in bringing fuel cells closer to the mainstream of propulsion applications,” said Mark Reuss, GM executive VP, Global Product Development. “The eventual deployment of this technology in passenger vehicles will create more differentiated and environmentally friendly transportation options for consumers.”

Note: Honda Clarity pictured