This Stormtrooper Of A Jeep Wrangler Is $60,000 Worth Of Overkill

Typically, Jeep’s Wranglers are sturdy go-anywhere vehicles that attract very little attention on the road. The following Wrangler, however, is far from normal. Like really, really, far…

Currently listed for sale on eBay, this Wrangler Unlimited Sport comes from Voltron Motors and features the tuning company’s ‘Prestige Intimidator’ upgrade package thatincludes numerous visual modifications as well as a plethora of performance-oriented upgrades.

On a visual front, the Wrangler has been adorned in a bespoke bodykit that incorporates overhauled front and rear fascias, a hood with a bulging power dome, wheels finished in blue and white and a set of absolutely massive off-road tires.

Other upgrades include front and rear Fox Racing shocks, a 4-inch lift, Alpine speakers, upgraded navigation system with Apple CarPlay and custom diamond-stitched leather.

Typically, a stock Jeep Wrangler Sport will start from $23,995. However, the various upgrades from Voltron have lifted the asking price to an unbelievable $59,900.

Although it’s easy to find more capable off-roaders for that price, few would turn heads quite like this one.


  • Six_Tymes

    Overkill, sure is. Cool to look at, yep. Nice rear lights and sound system.

  • MultiKdizzle

    I kinda like it.

  • BGM

    Ahahahah! No.

  • alexxx


  • TheBelltower

    Maybe it would look better in a different color combo. Is that a cigaret burn on the front driver’s power window switch?

    • Six_Tymes

      In what image do you see that?

      • TheBelltower

        The image of the window switches beneath the aftermarket stereo. The top left switch looks melted.

  • Astonman

    I would take this over a GL Wagon.

    • Bash

      please tell me you were kidding..

      • Astonman

        Sorry to disappoint ya. I like the looks of this. Never cared for the looks of the GL Wagons and the stratospheric prices they commanded. Don’t break up with me over this now:)
        PS I meant the G Wagon in my first post. But in retrospect I’d prefer it to the GL also. My sister had the last gen and my friend has the newest and it just bores me to death in its looks.

        • Bash

          im cool with that man…

          • Astonman

            thanks bud

  • europeon

    It’s 60k worth of AWESOMENESS!

  • David Chavira

    Safest car on the road. It wouldn’t be able to hit anything.

  • Laundru Patton

    Auggh! Redo. Stormtroopers does not have blue in it. That blue clash with the BLK/W. You should have just kept it two tone BLK/W. Interior and wheels.

  • Ezra Blanche

    Still waiting for my vehicle to be finished after almost a year! Paid upfront and still do not have all of the items listed on the original build sheet and dealing with poor workmanship. Management is completely unresponsive and could care less about making things right with the small customer. Check out the RipOff report here:

  • Ezra Blanche

    My experience with Voltron Motors has
    been very frustrating due to the lack of attention to detail with the final
    product and lack of responsiveness from management. After paying in full and upfront for my
    custom Jeep build September 2016 it is still incomplete to date. Several items listed on the original build
    sheet are missing and or were not installed as documented. I requested these
    parts be sent and or reimbursement for the parts and labor not needed but
    charged for. Electrical work had to be redone due to poor workmanship and I
    have yet to be reimbursed for the repairs to be completed locally. Several
    items were not completely painted or prepped properly allowing rust to develop
    flake off and bubble up in very noticeable places. I have sent several texts
    and emails to Voltron Motors management in good faith checking on the status of
    the above issues I am experiencing; I’ll get a response saying they will take
    care of it and then not hear anything for months. Just because I’m a simple military member and
    not a high profile customer/future investor, I would at least expect to receive
    a product of equivalent build quality and finish and hopefully above average
    customer service. This is not the level of customer service or build quality I
    would expect from an up and coming global company touting “Outstanding Quality
    of Custom Build Work” catering to the elite luxury Jeep community. Letting a vehicle leave your shop in that
    state and failing to communicate with your customers, no matter how small in
    comparison to your other clients, is just plain wrong in the business world and
    again reflects negatively as to the quality of your products, your company, and
    those that endorse Voltron Motors.