Meet Venzayga: The Toyota That Thinks It’s A Bentley

The Bentayga is Bentley’s first crossover, right? It’s first production wagon of any kind, really. But nobody appears to have told that to this Toyota.

What you’re looking at is a Venza that’s undergone a bit of a facelift – far away from the factory – to make it look like a Bentley.

The Toyota Venza, to refresh your memory, was a sort of crossover wagon based on a Camry chassis. Toyota started producing them in Kentucky back in 2008, and though withdrawn from the US market in 2015, the Venza remains in production for overseas markets – though that’s slated to end this year as well.

This particular is wearing a new nose, taillights, wheels, and badges – all borrowed (at least stylistically) from the Bentley Continental. Hopefully it has some upgrades inside as well, though even a standard Venza might seem more comfy and luxurious inside than some older Bentleys.

It’s also wearing Iowa plates, but the pictures (which come to us courtesy of Asphalt Valhalla) appear to have been snapped in Arizona.

Of course this isn’t the first “ordinary” automobile that’s tried to pass itself off as something higher-end. Judging from the VW Phaetons and Chrysler 300s and Sebrings we’ve seen to date, it seems that Bentleys are popular targets for this particular brand of poseur posturing.

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  • I’mCallingYouOut
  • Stephen Baxter

    The work is not done badly, and I’ve run out of nice things to say about it 🙂

  • Mike Gonzalez

    well… funny thing is the front end looks better than the Bentayga’s TBH

  • Craig

    It’s very well done. Obviously a lot time and effort to get it ‘just right’. But I’ve never really understood the appeal of something like this. Oh well… to each his own.

  • fabri99

    Prettier than a Bentayga.

  • Benjamin B.

    Just got sick inside my mouth

    • pureworx

      really? as opposed to vomiting from your ass?.. i don’t get it.. when you vomit it will come from your mouth, unless its normal for you to vomit through your ass, ears or nose and not your mouth.

  • Christopher Evert

    I’ve seen some terrible front/rear end conversions on custom cars before.
    This isn’t one!
    Actually looks well done, and not that out of place.

    The only real embarrassment is that it’s a fake (key word) Bentley.

  • Jay

    It would look better if they did something better with that rear end. The squared edges around the license plate and that big gap of nothingness is what kills the vibe.

  • smartacus

    how much did the conversion cost?

    • BlackPegasus

      Probably the cost of a Toyota Yaris.

  • Kash

    The front doesn’t look THAT bad, it’s the back though.

  • Marc Gruben

    I’d love to have been a fly on the wall for the discussion that led to this thing’s creation…

    “Hi, I have too much money, not enough brains, and even less taste. And I have a Toyota Venza.”

    “Hello there! I own an auto body shop that would LOVE to take your money. And the dumber your idea is, the more it will cost. How does that sound?”

    “SOUNDS GREAT! How long do you think it’ll take before I can look even dumber to my friends than I already do?”

    “We’re looking at a couple months at least. But at least you’ll be paying a daily fee while work progresses on your car.”

    “Really?? Gosh, that sounds great! How much will this cost me?”

    “Probably around $25,000.00”

    “Can you get me genuine Bentley badges?”

    “Sure, but you’ll have to indemnify us from Bentley’s lawyers”

    “Oh wow, I was hoping you’d say that. Here’s my wallet, my checkbook and all my credit cards. I’ll bring you a suitcase full of cash later today.”

  • Shijit

    its a steal ! literally !!!

  • Miknik

    GIven the bentyaga is an Audi Q7 in comparable cladding, I don’t see the problem with this one. Just looks as much “Bentley” as the Q7, which, granted, is not much…

    • Matt

      Except this is a Venza, not a Q7.

  • TheHake

    The Venga was a nice car already. Why spoil it by doing this?

    • Ary Wisesa

      I thought almost exactly the same thing.

  • Jorge Teixeira

    It looks better than the real one (which isn’t saying much, I know: a brick wall looks better than it…)

  • Kaido Alex

    Such a waste of a good car. The lines don’t flow really well.

  • Tumbi Mtika


  • BrucieBruce

    I hate admitting it, but this looks pretty good, and better than the original Toyota. This is not my style, but pretty good.

  • S3XY

    Lol. The front actually looks better than a real bentley haha

  • Ary Wisesa

    Toyota Venza actually already a nice car on its own.Why would anyone need to convert it to less attractive fake badge? For me, it’s better to have genuine Casio than fake Rolex. But of course it’s his/her money that has nothing to do with me. So I guess I’m cool with this. LOL

  • Peter

    Ugly af… and I dont think they will fire anyone for this sh.. which makes me feel uncomfortable