3D Design Working On 2017 BMW 5-Series Aero Kit

Japanese tuning firm 3D Design is currently working on a way to make the brand new BMW 5-Series look more aggressive.

The body kit components you see here have yet to be finalized, as the tuner states the G30 aero program is still under development and what we’re looking at here is part of the modeling process.

3D Design is no stranger to modding BMWs, and if the past is any indication, the final aero kit should feature a custom front spoiler lip, rear diffuser, trunk spoiler and side skirts – all made out of carbon fiber, like on this M4 and this M2.

As for the interior, we’re not aware of any modifications just yet, but other 3D Design-tuned BMWs have featured custom badges inside the cabin, constantly reminding the driver who it was that completed the bodywork.

Aside from a few M Performance kit-wearing models, once this project is finished, we should be looking at one of the first aero kits developed specifically for the all-new G30 BMW 5-Series. And yes, we expect it to end up looking sportier than BMW’s own M Performance trim.


  • fabri99

    Not a fan of tuning, but this is not the worst one I’ve seen for sure.