All-New Audi A8 Combines Sophistication With Sleek Style

Finally, after years of testing, months of teasers and days of eager anticipation, the all-new Audi A8 has officially premiered at the Audi Summit in Barcelona, Spain.

As we previously learnt, the new A8 will make use of a 48-volt electrical system and therefore adopts a number of advanced technologies, including a fully active, electromechanical suspension system and is said to be the first car on the market that offers level 3 autonomous driving.

The aforementioned suspension system works thanks to an electric motor on each wheel and incorporates a rotary tube and an internal titanium torsion bar and lever that can apply up to 1,100 Nm (811.3 lb-ft) of torque on the suspension courtesy of a coupling rod. This system then works in conjunction with the luxury sedan’s front camera which detects bumpers and allows the suspension to automatically adjust to offer the smoothest ride possible. Audi says this system will be able to eliminate almost all vibrations and jolts.

On highways at up to 60 km/h, the autonomous system can take full control of the vehicle and permits the driver to completely remove their hands from the steering wheel. Like its rivals, the new A8 includes remote parking which can be operated via a remote, even without any occupants seated inside.

In terms of its design, the A8 is heavily inspired by 2014’s Prologue Concept and brings a new Audi design language into reality. Created by Marc Lichte, the A8 is significantly sleeker than the outgoing and still manages to ooze the sophistication and class you’d expect from the company’s flagship sedan.

At the front, Audi has integrated a set of thin horizontal headlights with LED daytime running lights seamlessly incorporated within. Additionally, the front is made of up an enlarged chrome grille. Audi says that it has also designed a sleek roofline for the car, allowing it to achieve a “coupe-like” shape. There is also an elegant line running the length of the car on both sides.

The rear meanwhile incorporates overhauled taillights dramatically different to those of the outgoing model. Perhaps the most obvious change are the twin LED taillights which incorporate a light bar stretching the width of the rear. Altogether, the design of the new A8 isn’t quite as revolutionary as the Prologue was but it is certainly modern enough to rival the existing Mercedes-Benz S-Class and BMW 7-Series.

In Germany, the new A8 will initially be offered with two V6 turbo engines, a 3.0-liter TDI and a 3.0-liter TFSI. The diesel engine will deliver 286 hp while the petrol powertrain will offer up 340 hp. Further down the road, a 4.0-liter TDI V8 with 435 hp will be introduced alongside a 460 hp 4.0-liter V8. The range will then be completed by a 6.0-liter W12 delivering an undisclosed amount.

All five engines operate alongside a belt alternator starter thanks to the 48-volt electrical system. This means the new A8 can coast with the engine switched off and restart smoothly when required. Audi says that this alone can drops fuel consumption by as much as 0.7 liters per 100 km in real driving conditions.

At a later date, an A8 L e-tron quattro will hit the market. It will combine a 3.0-liter TFSI engine with an electric motor to deliver 449 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque. Thanks to its lithium-ion battery, it will also have an all-electric range of about 50 km.

German prices for the new A8 will start at 90,600 euros ($103,248) in Germany while the A8 L kicks off at 94,100 euros ($107,236).

Update: Comprehensive gallery added


  • No surprises here…

    • Day_Trader

      VW anyone?

      • Grumpy

        Dash has much resemblance to the last gen passat. More originality would be nice.

      • luxury sedan’s front camera which detects bumpers and allows the suspension to automatically adjust to offer the smoothest ride possible. Audi says this system will be able to eliminate almost all vibrations and jolts.

      • On highways at up to 60 km/h, the autonomous system can take full control of the vehicle and permits the driver to completely remove their hands from the steering wheel. Like its rivals, the new A8 includes remote parking which can be operated via a remote, even without any occupants seated inside.

    • Bo Hanan

      Still the car to own with a warranty. Always was, always will be.

  • Alban Gojani

    It does look really good. Can’t wait to hear and see the reviews.

  • Bash

    Looks….., Familiar. Can’t wait to see the interior.

    • Zandit75

      Go back and look at the gallery

      • Bash

        Thanks, i meant in person..

  • fabri99

    I don’t doubt it is extremely sophisticated, but…sleek styling? I don’t see any of that. If the 7-Series was bland and unoriginal, this A8 just goes above beyond that. I think it just got easier for the S-Class to stay the class-leader. Let’s see what the interiors look like, but I can picture those already.

    Edit: The interiors seem to be extremely nice, not too…baroque (unlike the S-Class). I quite like the rear end, it give solidity and importance. It doesn’t make the car much better looking, but it is a slight improvement and at least a distinctive feature.

    • Zandit75

      Not sure if the gallery has been updated, but there are a heap of photos of the interior in there.

      • fabri99

        Well it has indeed. Thanks for the tip!

  • getoffme

    What a joke…..
    Hyundai Elantra grille. CHECK
    Hyundai Azera or the Lincoln Continental tail lamp design. CHECK
    Blandness to the max. CHECK

    Infiniti Q50’s dual touch screen. CHECK

    And Audi call this flagship? The interior is nothing special either…Smudge galore.

    • Auf Wiedersehen

      To be fair, Hyundai stole the grill from Audi, so, UNCHECK. And the button-less touch panels have been in the Panamera for at least a year.

      • Darius Davis

        Hyundai was using its hexagonal grill before Audi switched their trapezoidal grill to hexagonal…

        • Six Thousand Times

          Most grills are either round or rectangular. It’s about getting your burgers right over the heat.

      • Robert

        And then Audi stole the grill from a Chevy Sonic. Seriously, go compare the two…then ask yourself, would you want your luxury brand pilfering design from a commoners EconoBox? 😉

        • Just another Supra fan

          And then they proceeded to rip the tailights out of a BMW 7 series and flattened them.

        • Six Thousand Times

          It’s hard to sell Sonics these days. Chevy really ought to throw in a grill. And about a 24-pack of brats.

      • Six Thousand Times

        I know I guy on my street who had his grill stolen right out of his back yard.

    • SmartAss💁🏾‍♂️

      Immediately thought of the Continental when looking at tail lamps.

    • Silimarina

      Actually the tail lamp design is from the Audi Prologue concept.


    I think they still have many many roofs from 1995, definitely be enough til 2040…

  • VG

    I am not a huge Lexus fan but the new LS looks more exciting and has a nicer interior.

  • salamOOn

    well, exterior looks better than i expected, but i HATE the interior…..
    i knew it will be panamera like… touchscreens everywhere, but they even add huge amount of piano black…. very practical.
    this would be NO BUY factor for me…

    • Astonman

      You can get it without piano black you know…

      • salamOOn

        i would wait with that statement at least until configurator is live….

        • Astonman

          Sheesh… you should take your own advice 🙂

          • salamOOn

            and why? i commented photos, your statement is based on nothing….you do not know if there will be no piano black option….

            however if there will be this option, i am sure there wont be “no stupid touchscreens for everything” option… so still NO BUY factor.

          • Astonman

            I’m basing it on pass experience of what they did and did not offer. Lets be realistic – do you really think that is the only option they will offer? Regarding the touchscreens – that’s all they’re going to give you. But before you say “no buy” go check it out to see for yourself if they work better than what has been offered in the past. Oh…I don’t work for Audi so I don’t want you think that.

  • Miknik

    It combines boring with even more boring.

  • roy

    Let’s not talk about the exterior but damn that interior is just out of this world. And I know the quality will be better than the s class


    Best innovation – FOOT MASAGE, all that said……..

    • Obsequious Lickspittle

      Hard sell on the second hand market with the over-powering smell of sweaty cheese.

  • DuDE

    Oh boy….it looks more like a passat with an Audi grille.. and the interior is just too busy..they could have atleast made the hazard button physical, and those glossy bits are going to make a mess of it all with all those fingerprints .

    • Markey

      exactly my thoughts

  • Charlie Medina’s Smiling Coach

    It’s like the person at a party who is really nice on the inside but awfully plain to look at and probably eats a little too much cake…

    • donald seymour

      Wow, that’s the best analogy I heard about this car.

    • Alx


  • Bob

    So… Mercedes-Benz then.

    • PK

      yessir. even the pre facelift s class is better than this new a8!

  • Wis

    Sorry Audi, but this is fugly (saying this as a German).

    The front looks horrible, the rear is acceptable, the “chocolate side” as we say in Germany is the side-view.

    Regarding the interior: Why are the screens in the center console positioned so low? Yes, they are all touch-screens, but this arrangement looks already outdated in comparison to the current S-class or 7-series.

    Audi needs a new design-team, their latest cars are all underwhelming to say it mildly if it comes to their design.

    • I’m guessing they put the center screen(s) low because the one used for navigation is the Virtual Cockpit display and the optional HUD; the center console displays are mainly for functions and multimedia, not navigation – and I’d rather have this than the iPad-like tablets on the dashboard 😉

  • Christian Wimmer

    Exterior was predictable; handsome, elegant with an understated touch of classiness. Looks good but does not blow you away.

    Interior? Gorgeous. Love it.

    • Matthew Boyd

      My thoughts also.

  • homemark

    Ouch! Hit my head on the desk. Never knew it was possible to fall asleep because of a photograph of a car.

  • ediotsavant

    Boring exterior. Perfect car to own for those who don’t want to to upstage the boss’s A6. Interior is a let down. Many flat surfaces. Lexus next LS beats this in style.

  • Dariush

    so nice until you get to the front. Way too rich of details and with a weird shy attitude. The rest of the car is super clean and very well executed.

    • Alx

      Agreed. The front end is like a fuken cheese grater.

  • TheHake

    That front is too busy for me, but the interior looks fantastic!

  • eb110americana

    Audi, I don’t know how you manage to make a car that is both ugly and extremely bland, but somehow you have pulled it off.

    Lest you forget, it replaces a car that once looked like this:×422/quality/95/

    • donald seymour

      Oh my gosh, this car looks like a beast and a monster compared to this new iteration.

      • Matthew Boyd

        That’s because your looking at the S model in the picture… Trust me you’ll hop right back on the band wangon when they introduce the S version of this. Audi never fails at making a conservative design extremely sporty when they introduce an S or RS model. Lets state the obvious here, no Audi really photographs well. The A7and A5 are some of the sexiest Audi’s in the fleet, but they don’t look that great in photos. You have to see these cars in the flesh, and most importantly when their moving. No one can debate that all Audi’s have a presence on the road that not many cars do. Who doubted the A7 but changed their mind when they saw it in person? All the gripes about the new A5 but look at the flock of new followers to that vehicles. Even the new Q7 was dubbed a wagon until people saw it in person next to it’s older version and other SUV’s in the class. Most cannot judge an Audi until we actually see it.

        • exeptor

          Well said.

        • supermanuel

          Sorry Matthew, but I can debate that all Audi’s have a ‘presence’ that few other manufacturers do for as long as you want. I don’t think they do at all. I disagree entirely. They look austere and cold and now they look dated. Even the S versions. The A7 looks like a dog taking a sh1t with it’s saggy 4rse.

          I have no problem whatsoever with other people liking them, buying them, admiring them. But I don’t do any of those things, not anymore. It’s all just so old hat over there in Ingolstadt, as if they’re terrified of moving anything forward for fear that they might f**k it up. I remember when Audi design and engineering and styling and innovation actually surprised the world. I’d love for them to do that again. This just doesn’t.

          • Matthew Boyd

            Supermanuel, I get your point, not everyone will like the same thing, and the A7 does look like a dog sagging it’s butt, reminds my wife of our dog Dora. With that being said, let me get your response on this. You said Audi styling is cold, and it is, I admit, but that’s not a bad thing when it comes to a machine. I don’t agree that their styling is old though and here’s why. I feel it’s evolutionary. How many old Audi’s can you look at and look at their competition equivalent model year and say the Audi looks older? We’ll keep the topic on the A8. Let’s take the 98′ A8 and compare it to the 98′ 7 series and S Class, or take the 2008 A8 and compare it to the 2008 S Class and 7 Series, and on to the next generations. To me, and this is my opinion, there’s an advantage to evolving the car’s design because it keeps the older cars looking fresh for longer, yet makes one appreciate the details in design and technology new models bring to the forefront. Look at Porsche, Bentley, and pretty much all of VW Group. It’s in the company’s DNA. As for Audi’s having a presence, my reason for saying that was because the company set a tone that had the world in a craze with the 2008 A5 with it’s daytime running lights. From then on, most people know an Audi when they see it due to it’s industry leading lighting design and technology. I feel those elements alone give Audi’s a presence on the road unlike most car manufacture that blend in, in a sea of cars on the highway. Let me know what you think.

          • supermanuel

            That’s all fine Matthew if you drive an old Audi and you like the fact that it looks very similar to the new ones. You’re right, that is an advantage. But it works negatively the other way round. I don’t want to spend £60,000 on a new car that looks like a car from 2003. The ‘evolutionary’ thing gets you only so far before it becomes a slightly naff, very tired pastiche of itself. There is nothing innovative about the styling of the current range of Audis. The only thing that stands out as experimentation is the ridiculous rear pillar on the Q2. I just don’t get it Matthew.

            I used to really like the styling of Audis. It was an exciting brand in the 80s and 90s and that carried over into the 2000s as a sense of anticipation that they would again create something as surprisingly impressive as the first A4 or the C5/4B A6 with that wonderfully bauhaus rear end. I want them to find their courage and try again, rather than regurgitating 20 year old designs with bigger grilles and more elaborate DRLs.

            Thanks for engaging rather than just screaming at me for having an opposing view by the way. Makes a nice change these days to have an actual discussion.

          • Matthew Boyd

            Same to you, thanks. This conversation has been a nice change from what goes on in open discussions like this. I respect your views, and you’re a customer that Audi should work on winning back since you were once a fan of the company’s design language.

        • I totally agree; one Audi that looks pretty lame in pictures (and with an ugly front overhand) is the A6…. until you see one one the street, if it’s black the better. As a graphic designer, I have an eye for details, but boy, do Audis deceive in photos; because of that I’m holding my judgement on this new A8 and A5 Sportback until I see them in the flesh.. er, I mean in the metal.

      • Matthew Boyd
        • exeptor

          Looks mega and so different (in terms presence) compared to the same generation 3 liter diesel car for example. Don’t forget that the new car in the pictures most probably is a 3 liter diesel (or something like that), i.e. basic model. I hope that Audi will again do their magic for the S model.

  • Knotmyrealname

    Exterior? Wake me up when the next A8 arrives.
    Interior? WOW. Show car beautiful. Simply wow.

  • Adi

    When other car manufactures came up with this buttonless design with everything controled from touchscreen every car journalist was like “That is so unintuitive… You have to take your eyes of the road…”. But now when Audi does it everyone will be like “Thats so clever… Such a clean design…”

    • Miknik

      When you are flown in business class, stay in a 5 star hotel and participate in huge parties “world exclusive”, it’s a different story than when you are handed the keys to a Peugeot city car on a rainy after noon in an industrial estate…

      • Adi

        Exactly… And I’ve heard that VW group is especially generous to car journalists.


    Looked nearly the same as 7 series and it has passat door handles

    • Dariush

      7 series has fluid surfaces with quick reflections… this is way sharper… how the fuck you find similarities!?

  • donald seymour

    Boring moving along. However, the interior is beautiful and deadly all at the same time. Eyes will be off the road trying to use the controls.

    • Matt

      Luckily it has autonomous driving tech, huh?

      • donald seymour

        I thought about too, but how well would it intervene in a situation like that?

  • That Ross Chap

    On the positive side, it takes some good elements from the RS7, the rear lights look very good, the interior is extremely beautiful and the new paint colour is a sophisticated interesting option. However, that doesn’t override the cars biggest problem – that it looks like a stretched slab sided A5 with a larger grill. It is hardly an unpleasant looking car, but the feelings aroused by seeing the car are ones of deflation, boredom, and the disappointment that arises when ones low standards are met but are far from being exceeded. It’s a dull car with basically no modern features in the exterior and is by far the most dull of it’s class. Why anyone would purchase this over an S Class or a 7 Series is almost unfathomable to me.

    • donald seymour

      PREACH BROTHER! And let the church say yeah. Unfathomable is the choice word.

  • Jay

    Audi’s and Vw’s are looking more similar to each other every year.

  • Biggest Passat ever!

  • Markey

    sleek style? It looks just like every other VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat.
    Boredom, defined

  • Dennis James

    So this is Audi’s “radical, new design language” as they were saying ? :)) It looks 80% like the old one…

    At least it doesn’t have the “glued tablet” disease.

  • Rares

    Thank you for the beautiful car you had this car has updated matrix led and another renewed steering wheel unlike VW Skoda or Seat and this big grille is awesome i’ll give you 10/10 IGN for this beautiful car
    Note: Skoda Octavia is still good looking facelift so don’t judge me

  • roy

    Well the reason shit works for Mercedes is that s class’ design was applied on other cars… Will not in case of bmw. And when audi comes in is that they did apply it on the flagship and the design is certainly new, but still has that huge neon sign pointing to its previous design

  • OdysseyTag

    Design will always be subjective, craftsmanship is not and Audi will probably deliver in this product. Looks promising.

  • Craig

    If someone said that is the 2010 or 2006 [or whatever] Audi A8 I would have no reason NOT to believe them.

    • Dennis James

      So it means it’s a timeless design 🙂

      • nastinupe

        You can’t argue with that. I guess the difference between this design and say a Porsche 911 is that the 911 is so unique and one of a kind whereas this is just a rectangle. It’s like what you would draw if you were just learning how to draw a car. The design is so basic that it’s totally boring. That’s what attracted me to the A7. It had the beautiful Audi lines but in a more dynamic and exciting shell.

      • Craig

        lol. Maybe. If the ’68 Chrysler Newport is ‘timeless’!

  • Callan Bryce

    Digging this new Lincoln Continental

  • Denzel

    Classiness has been the audi way with the A8 I would also like to add studio photos are ugly. Watching a video of it in motion makes it look 5x better.I wish the front was more slim like the prologue but I hope that’s what the A6 or A7 get cause of they are bit sportier than the A8

    • MarketAndChurch

      It looks pretty good in motion, and really unique. It reminds me of both aviation and yacht design.

  • Felix

    Yeah, thanks for teasing us with the prologue and then giving us this

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    All the hype for that….looks like the love-child of an A4 and a New Lincoln Continental.

    So, Meh! from me…not that they need my approval.

  • Infinite1

    Front end looks like an off spring of the Lincoln Continental and a Hyundai, the steering wheel is really odd looking even though it’s multi-functional, and the screens are sitting too low. I do like the rear end of it though

  • dumblikeyou2

    It looks cheapish in the way the Passat does in North America.

  • Youssef

    Is there like a secret agreement between automakers to stagnate their exterior designs? Something’s fishy. It seems like no one cares about gaining an edge with an all new next generation/futuristic style… Just amazing concepts that never make it to production.

    • joey

      I’ve been wondering myself. To me it seems Mazda, maybe Mercedes, a handful are not in on the agreement.

    • Matt

      Two words: Chinese market.

  • Zed68

    It looks amazingly, stunningly, mind-blowingly meh.

  • Stefan Aamann

    Haven’t been this excited since the last Samsonite came out.

  • supermanuel


  • supermanuel

    Audi has had years to come up with a new A8 flagship that would move the game forward and this is the best that they can manage? I don’t think they should have bothered.

    The author ‘writes’ “In terms of its design, the A8 is heavily inspired by 2014’s Prologue Concept and brings a new Audi design language into reality.” Sorry Brad but that’s just plain old bullsh1t. I think you might be regurgitating Audi press releases verbatim there. There is zero new design language on this car. Zero.

    • Auf Wiedersehen

      Brad just wants to keep driving Audi press cars.

    • alexxx

      actually i would say -1 new design language….whatever that means

  • LJ

    Carscoops need to double check the gallery. I think they’re accidentally showing rear shots of the Lincoln Continental.

  • Balcis

    future on the autonomous side but past on the electric side with a 50km range hybrid later on. this looks as a great car but when you have a look at the ev’s and hybrids achievements; they are simply mesmerizing.

  • ScubaScuba

    rear seat quite maybach like

  • nastinupe

    I now hate the A8 and Q7. My hold out is that the new A6/ A7 looks decent. Otherwise I’m probably going to move on to Porsche and get the Panamera.

  • BlackPegasus

    The exterior looks very Volkswagen’esque.
    The interior is refreshingly new, but I predict lots of gadgets malfunctioning over time. This will NOT be a car
    you’ll want to own without a bumper to bumper warranty.

    My verdict:
    – disappointing exterior design
    – over engineered interior

  • Marvin Manhertz

    Looks like Passat with a Lincoln Continental rear end.

  • atomiccow

    Marc Lichte’s hands must have been tied really tightly if this is what Audi’s management considers a “new design language”. There’s more and more evidence that German automotive design is now limited to interior design. Exterior design seems to be restricted to adding chrome and increasingly complicated light clusters. VW design language seems to be pervasive through VW brands. Audi, VW, Skoda, and Seat design are all melding to the same design elements. VW design shows the hubris of their “you can’t improve on perfection” mentality.

    • MarketAndChurch

      I feel like you’re giving Marc an out, when if anything, I feel like this was mostly his brainchild.

      I mostly like this car, for what it is. But I think most of the inspiration for the direction of the design can fall squarely on the shoulders of Marc.

      • Matthew Boyd

        I feel the same. I saw sketches released on the vehicle some time ago, and a rendering as far back as 2014, (courtesy of working for Audi from 2014-2016). Both showed the grille in a large frame and small frame. They also changed the taillights last minute, but either way, that’s the highlight of the vehicle. The Prologue broken down, is the front of the new A7, back of the new A8 we just saw, and the sides of the new A6 (shoulders above wheel arches). As for the front looking as dominate as it does, I’m beleive Marc did that on purpose, and this car will make more sense design wise once we see the A7 and A6. It may just throw everyone off because the Q7 has a very dominate grille surround, so this looks similar.

        • MarketAndChurch

          I hope you’re right. I haven’t seen the side profile of the A6 yet, but more pronounced shoulders above the wheel arches would be a welcome addition, as would a greenhouse mirroring the coupe-like proportions of the A8.

      • atomiccow

        It’s totally true this could be his full vision realized. In the end it’s either a case of the management not allowing a designer to realize his/her vision or the management hiring a designer who’s vision is inline with their own to begin with. I was just giving Marc what is in my mind the benefit of the doubt. Personally, I’m not partial to current trend among the Germans of glacial-paced evolution (for exterior design). The amount of differentiation between the latest generation A4 and its predecessor is literally a practical joke.

  • MarketAndChurch

    I kind of like it. It seems like a car for those who don’t wish to show off their wealth. It’s just the front end that I find hard to get around. Maybe it’ll grow on me.

    I’m not really a fan of the 7-series though and the XJ is growing long in the tooth so it may just be in Audi’s luck that the rest of the segment isn’t as impressive as the previous generation was when they first debut, 5 or so years ago.

  • 3 problems :
    1) the back doesn’t go with the front like on all Coupés from Mercedes wich it looks borowed from.
    (with more angles sure)
    2) the dash board looks modern but a bit boring. More VW than Audi.
    3) Whay all those stupid tactile commands and screens????? Audi forgot why their center stack are praised. When you touch a screen and not a knob, the whole time you use it, you eyes are not on the road. And the higher a GPS screen, the less likely you eyes stay on the road. And the virtual cokpit is not an answer, only the headsup display if it’s good.

  • Stemider

    To many horizontal lines, just count them. It’s a line after line after line after… to many. And the front with those chrome details… naaah.

  • Vassilis

    Can’t say I love the looks but it should be a very good car. Looking forward to the various comparisons.

  • sean tooher

    looks 10 years old already, new design language my ass !!!!

  • Toss

    Marc Lichte was payed for drawing this car?…really?

  • An Existing Person

    I’ll reserve further judgement until I see and feel this car in person, but so far as is, it only gives more incentive as to why the S-Class remains the best in its segment without a doubt in all aspects.

  • Nordschleife

    If only real cars could look EXACTLY like the renderings? The rendering in blue looks amazing. The execution…not so much. I am as underwhelmed as I was when they first started teasing this car.

  • Blade t

    Looks nice,,I’d wait for that w12 ….

  • exeptor

    Some people just like it this way. More under the radar design sometimes is better. Still a bit disappointed about the huge gap between this and Prologue prototype. Especially on the headlamps. These are too wide and generic and somehow kill the nice level of aggression which Prologue front has. Apart from that if I’m on the market (unfortunately I’m not :)) for a big luxury sedan I will definitely have A8 in my (very) short list.

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    “allowing it to achieve a “coupe-like” shape”

    Really? What exactly are they seeing that looks like a coupe? Because this looks just like every other sedan profile since…well…ever.

    • supermanuel

      Cut and paste ‘journalism’.

    • Matthew Boyd

      He’s talking about he back window before the C-Pillar. It goes to a point. Not many cars create sedans with a couple like greenhouse. That should be all that he meant because the car is nowhere being a coupe, just it’s greenhouse. Check out pictures of of any sedan on the market, most rear quarter windows have some type of vertical close area where all Audi sedans have the same close as an A5 coupe. Of course the A5 and A7 Sportbacks are unique because of their proportions, but thats a character trait all Audi sedans have had since the mid 90’s. unique

      • ediotsavant

        Ford called and said they will send some Lincoln Continental badges for the rear.

        • Matthew Boyd

          It does look similar.

  • PK


  • 31/12/2999

    I only agree with the interior design because the exterior design is ugly as fuck.

  • 31/12/2999

    I prefer 2018 Lexus LS

  • Ermal Morina

    Honestly,I’m dissapointed.
    Mainly by the exterior.It looks absurdly meh and old already,the design language as they call it “new” is 20 years old design language of Audi.I mean,the side profile just kills it for me.It looks exactly the same,and I mean it,exactly the same as every A8 and A6.Look it up a 2002 or a 2008 A6 or A8,same ass profile.
    As far as the interior goes,I think it looks quite good and kinda futuristic,but not S class like or Bentley or Rolls Royce,looks like it’s going head to head with Tesla,which isn’t necceseraly a good compliment either.I don’t doubt the capabilities,and the technology this new A8 has to offer,but personally,I wouldn’t take this over a 7 series,and not in a million years over an S class.Who is a clear winner overall here?!! Definitively the Mercedes with it’s S class.The S class has such an elegant design and beautiful interior and I don’t see this A8,yet again,make any trouble for Mercedes.And when you think that in 2-3 years time the new S class model will come out,it’s bad news for Audi I guess.

    • alexxx

      tnx for writing this post so i didnt have to…:-))) there is a resaon why audi is nb3 behihd bmw and mercedes… exactly and literally the same profile for 20 years!!! really audi???

  • MMNYC18

    Impressive! Amazing! and … fake tailpipes?

    • lagunas3ca

      Was wondering how long I’d have to scroll before someone mentioned those fake tailpipes

  • Shtekeris

    Now that’s how you implement screens in interior, not just put in 2 screens side by side and call it a day ala S-Class.

  • Enter Ranting

    So, it’s a bigger Jetta with a shiny black plastic interior. I’d drive a new Lincoln Continental WAY before this forgettable mess.

  • Ruel Lewis

    Great more fake exhausts…Audi is on a decline.

  • Not a fan of Audi’s evolutionary design but somehow I like this. Seems well proportioned and looks good.

    With that said I don’t think I’ll ever lust after any Audi as I did the V10 S8.

  • lagunas3ca

    So when is Audi announcing the next all-new A8?

  • EddyCj

    The front is nothing new, but damn that back looks good!

  • Robert

    Just as I expected. The interior touchscreen sleek, and the exterior more evolutionary blahhhh.

  • accolade

    The super-wide grill looked nice on the Concept Audi A9 Prologue. But yet I knew it was going to look hideous once they produced a production approved version.

    Audi cannot turn a concept product into a good production.

  • JJ

    Fake exhaust pipes? seriously?

  • Six Thousand Times

    I just swung by to say it looks like the current one but it looks like everyone else has it covered.

  • TheBelltower

    This is very ordinary and expected. It won’t move the needle one bit. The Tesla Model S will continue to lead, the S class will continue to be the first traditional executive car, the 7 Series will continue to be second… while Jaguar, Lexus, Audi, Cadillac and all the others will continue to fight for the scraps.

  • GobbleUp

    All that hype and just meh? Great marketing job focusing on a boring update. Poorly done. hype it up when its a winner.

  • Benjamin B.

    So the TFSI V6 replaces the supercharged V6? Personally the 4L TDI V8 sounds pretty interesting to me. I wonder how much torque it’ll have. Will there be a S8 or RS8? I wonder which engines – the two V8s or W12 – those models will use.

  • Benjamin B.

    Ford needs to make all F series 48 volt now.

  • bimo movuzzo

    but…why? the old ones looks more beautiful and elegant with better proportion



  • seriously

    it looks like a bigger A6 with a new grill, and the interior looks nice but somehow looks like the last 2 generations with alot of glossy black plastic and Im hoping in a car at this price point it isnt just glossy black plastic that realyl wouldnt cut in a car that is competing with the S class…..

  • Tumbi Mtika

    The Continental looks more exciting than this.

  • SteersUright

    The grille has gotten so large it looks comical and hideous. The A8 has lost all of its grace from the front. The side and rear treatment are very elegant. The rear in fact, looks like the beautiful Lincoln concept before Lincoln ruined that car and made the production version so much uglier. In fact, looks like Audi could pull off the rear lighting that Lincoln failed to be able to. Inside, its all Audi and gorgeous. Audi’s look bland in pictures and effortlessly elegant going down the road. Im sure this will be the same.

  • Hamster

    Gosh the steering Wheel…Audi Why??

  • James From Miami

    Cheap down sized imitation of the 1990’s Chevrolet Caprice, and Impala SS. That’s all this is. I would rather buy one of those cars with the original design, than wasting my money on this new cheap foreign imitation.

  • Mynameis Taylor

    from a design perspective, this was one of the biggest disappointments for me!! Audi A8’s have always been understated, but very chic and sophisticated. this new iteration looks far too much like a VW. Sorry, Audi….I wanted to be blown away like the first generation R8, an the RS7 and the first generation A5….I’m not blown away. ugh

  • looks sleek, awesome.

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