Tesla Model S P100D Tries To Beat A 1,000 HP Supra Every Which Way

If you’re going to seriously contend with the Model S P100D, you need to be lightning quick from a roll, but most importantly, off the line.

We’ve seen what happens when cars can’t jump out at the same time as the Model S during a drag race. They almost always get obliterated, since the Tesla will put all of its power down instantly, while its opponent struggles with footing.

It’s more of the same here, as this rear-wheel drive Toyota Supra isn’t exactly the ideal choice when it comes to getting otherworldly traction off the line.

Rest assured though, as lopsided as the standing start races might have been, the rolling starts were extremely competitive, as both cars got to do what they do best.

The Turbocharged Supra is said to make about 850 WHP, while also sending 740 lb-ft (1,003 Nm) of torque to the wheels. Those are some pretty staggering numbers, especially in a car that weighs a heck of a lot less than the Model S.

Anyway, check what happens during both sets of starts, but especially towards the end once the Supra starts shifting through gears after taking off from a roll.


  • Craig

    Oh how I would love to try out that Tesla!

  • giancarlo always me

    It seems to me that the supra’s driver is not so able with the manual gear

  • pmindemann

    So, the way-lighter Supra after heavy modification can only beat the Tesla above 50mph at the peak of its HP curve? I think the writing is on the wall for true performance cars of the future.

    • TheHake

      What will happen at the 1st turn? That Tesla is so heavy that it can’t take a turn like that Supra could.

      • Gnoxy

        That Supra has no traction control. The way the guy was not able to launch his car properly I would put my money on the Tesla in the twisties.

  • nastinupe

    Wow… engines are truly about to become obsolete.

    • John

      not even remotely close… battery life, battery capacity, charging speed. charging network. charging cost. EMF insulation… and most importantly .. the price. all electric cars are expensive as hell right now. sell a good and reliable ones like Civic / Mazda 3 for $20k without tax incentive and then we are talking.

      • TheHake

        Plus what’s going to happen when we run out of rare earth metals for all those batteries?

        • Gnoxy

          There are no rare earth metals in batteries. Zero. None! Its Copper, Cobalt, Aluminum and Lithium. Australia has unlimited supply of Lithium after they ran out of drinking water and started desalinating ocean water. The byproduct being salt and Lithium.

    • S3XY

      They’ve been obsolete since 2012 when the Model S came out.

  • S3XY

    Oh how far we’ve come. I remember when I was obsessed with Supra’s back in the early 2000’s and said it’d be my future car. Not even a consideration anymore nor do I desire one as much as I do Tesla’s. Tesla’s are truly the unrivaled superior automobiles. Crazy how advanced they are. Spaceship vs. dinosaurs (all gas cars)

  • izbih

    I raced a guy in a Tesla in my old 06 E55 AMG wasn’t stock had smaller supercharger pulley, headers, cooling mods, intake, and was tuned. Roughly close to 600HP to the crank. we did a rolling start at 30MPH and he didn’t stand chance, the best part was the look on the Tesla’s driver’s face who just got dusted by an old MERC. 🙂

  • Blade t

    I would much rather own the supra of the two .

  • Status

    Roll racing; for when you absolutely have no chance to prove yourself but what to soooo very badly.

    Apart from NASCAR, no race takes place from a roll, and we already know what’s wrong with NASCAR.

  • GobbleUp

    Tesla owner…best DD by far. I’ve always found anything above about 50/60 mph the car is average at best. But down low, unbeatable. As a DD, great.
    As a fun toy or exotic…no.
    PS – I have a Demon incoming, that should be a fun matchup!

  • TheHake

    The difference is that Supra can keep that up all day!

  • Guest

    You know i tried to like tesla but i just cant see myself in one putting my foot down hitting 100MPH and having too look at the speedometer to even see if i lve left the stop light because of how extremely quiet it is plus it takes no skill to drive that fat pos smh the future looks bland and boring.

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