Mercedes G63 And Old ML Go To War In Shocking Road Rage Incident

In what looks like a small convoy of very to moderately expensive cars, two similarly-branded vehicles all of a sudden start ramming each other.

To be fair, it appears that the driver of that first-generation ML started it, at least from what the footage shows. It’s the ML that first hits the G63, and even after the AMG-powered car retaliates, the driver of the ML goes on to be the more aggressive party.

As for the white Rolls-Royce and second-generation ML (also in the convoy), they were lucky not to get damaged during that epic and ridiculously stupid SUV battle. It’s like watching Pacific Rim, but with cars.

So why did this happen? Aside from the fact that the action took place in Russia, there isn’t any more info on this incident at this time. Of course, we do know that you have to be a tiny bit off your rocker in order to willingly turn your two tonne+ car into a mobile projectile.

Still, once the driver of the G63 pinned the ML and floored the throttle (45-second mark), the extra muscle of the G-Class really became evident.


  • Howstar

    Safe to say we don’t need either of these people in the gene pool

  • Miknik

    And Russian numberplates. So no surprises there…

  • Андрей Игорев

    It is a wedding tradition of the Caucasus

  • europeon

    I remember reading somewhere that in those countries it’s a wedding tradition to fight to be the closest to the married couple. It’s like the supreme honor or something like that. Pretty sure that’s what’s happening in the video, but maybe someone from that part of the world can tell us more about this.

    Also, I thought that being a journalist means doing some research, but, hey…

    • Erzhik

      You are correct. It’s a wedding tradition in certain countries. The closes car to the bride and groom is usually the “coolest”.

    • Bob

      Okay? There’s a huge assumption you’re making that research wasn’t done for this article you know right?

      • europeon

        You are obviously new here.

    • Kagan

      Correct but this doesn’t seem like that!

      • Erzhik

        It is a wedding procession. It was in russian news.

        • Kagan

          Oh so it was but they seemed to serious. It is not Russia it is Chechnya and maybe that Caucasus region.

          I saw a video like that from an eu capital.

          I know we have a tradition to be first to come with the news that we got the bride but haven’t seen or heard like that in the video.

  • Jay

    Scene straight from the movies here.

  • I’mCallingYouOut

    Road rage is one hell of a drug.

  • Jay

    That wagon took those hits like a G.

    • Six_Tymes

      HA! I see how you did that. “HAHA”

  • Erzhik

    It wasn’t a case of a usual road rage. It’s a wedding procession in Chechen region and it’s their tradition to do so. They do it because the car closes to the main car with bride and groom is usually most important. This thing happens at every wedding in that region or with the people of that region. It’s a really stupid tradition. They will force the other car off the road or even cause one car to roll if it means they will be the closest car to the bride and groom.

    • Tydogg123 .

      It’s that’s the case, I’m bringing a tank to the next wedding I go to.

  • Luc Helterbrand

    that whole culture needs to be eliminated from the gene pool by evidence of this wedding procession. pathetic stupidity.

  • nastinupe

    When you’re rich off of your family’s money you don’t care about destroying $150,000 vehicles because you’re upset.

  • Lacedon2

    Fucking kaukaz.

  • InCotexM 3

    It is not worth it. When you have a nice car you have more to lose.

  • Toss

    And russian people wonder why they are not loved/ wellcome around the world?

  • Peter Vancouver

    That tradition must have been invented by a body shop. All I see here is very LOW IQ

  • PlonPlon

    Big cars but small brains!

  • PK

    typical russian dumbasses….

    • Lyonel Baratheon

      Its a not russian, Russia – yes, but this is “highlanders” from south.
      This is “typical” (idiot) situation during a wedding in Dagestan, Ingushetia.

      Can you say about mexican citisien like – this is typical american dumbasses? No.

  • Six_Tymes

    that is effed up…

  • Chechnyan wedding…

  • Wandering_Spirit

    That is not Russia to me. They are not speaking Russian. Most probably some Central Asian language…nearby Russia. I could be wrong. If i am right, madness flows high in those regions.

  • sidewaysspin

    Not such a pretty little car now.