Lamborghini Urus Does The Rounds At The Nurburgring

Prior to the Lamborghini Urus debuting on December 4, a disguised prototype has been filmed undergoing tests at the Nurburgring.

As with other recent prototypes, the camoflage of this test car isn’t much more than a wrap, therefore offering us a decent look at some of the SUV’s key design elements.

As long expected, the design of the prototype model closely resembles the five-year-old concept but does include some changes, namely a revised front bumper, a slightly bulkier rear end, and new tailpipes.

Of more importance than the styling, however, is the sound of the Urus. Whereas both the Aventador and Huracan feature high-revving, naturally-aspirated engines, the Urus has a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine. We know this engine will provide remarkable levels of horsepower and torque but, unfortunately, it doesn’t sound great. In fact, there’s a number of four-cylinder engines on the market which sound better.

Either way, we know the Urus will be fast and attempt to set a new SUV lap record at the Nurburgring.


  • Howstar

    Nice Audi

    • Fabián Montiel

      A Q8.

  • Michelin

    Alfa Stelvio Quadrifoglio is still the fastest SUV on the Ring.
    Hard challange for Urus !!!

    • Carmelo Van Cabboi

      1 months befor the presentation and nobody talks about any record for the new Lamborghini (?). Alfa Romeo one year ago said that the Stelvio was the faster and now the lap is even faster. I don’t think the Urus will be faster then the Stelvio QV.