Can Mercedes-AMG E63S Outrace A Tesla Model S P100D?

With the Mercedes-AMG E63S repeatedly impressing everyone with its sheer acceleration force, it was always a matter of time before someone would pit it against a Tesla Model S.

UK’s Top Gear magazine has a love affair with drag races and they just had to see if the latest weapon from AMG has any chance of wiping that smug smile off the Model S’s face.

The latest E63 S features a special all-wheel drive system which clearly has made it a true monster when taking off from a stop.

Its twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 sends 604hp and 627lb-ft of torque to all four wheels via a nine-speed Speedshift MCT gearbox, propelling the E63 S to 62mph in just 3.4 seconds. The Tesla Model S P100D on the other hand has two electric motors for a total of 680hp and a 0-62mph in a mind-boggling 2.7 seconds.

Stupid amounts of power combined with all-wheel drive equals good drag racing, so let’s find out which one is faster.


  • S3XY

    Close, but Nope. And the AMG (A Massive Guzzler) burned tons of finite gasoline. Tesla didn’t burn any.

    • But to be fair, what was the emissions from the coal generating utility that was used to produce the electricity that charged the Tesla?…super-polluting coal is still used for generating a large percentage of electricity produced globally because it’s cheap to use…

      • Status

        You don’t know that the vector for charging that Tesla was a coal-fired power plant. The UK has a number of nuclear power plants too, which don’t produce CO2 emissions.

        • Surely…but as you should be aware, coal, nuclear, solar, wind powered electricity is not segregated in the power grid and are all comingled…obviously some of that electricity that charged this Tesla came from coal…

      • TheBelltower

        To be fair, if you’re going to compare the emissions of the “fuel” creation and delivery of the Tesla, then you have to do the same thing for the Mercedes.

        To drill for the oil, transport the oil around the globe by diesel ship, the refinery process and infrastructure, transportation by diesel truck to the gas station, electricity for the gas station, emissions for the employees vehicles to get to the gas station, and all of the other energy consuming parts of the process all happen before it gets to the car. You also have to consider all of the other various coolants in an ICE vehicle. All of those things happen before the car burns a single drop of gas… and the E63 consumes lots.

        • ace_9

          Google oil and its uses. And I would not even try to mention other things that you are ignoring. You’re clearly just another uneducated wanna be planet saver in an electric car.

          • TheBelltower

            “Google oil and its uses. And I would not even try to mention other things that you are ignoring. You’re clearly just another uneducated wanna be planet saver in an electric car.”

            Did you seriously just say “google oil and its uses” and then question my intelligence? I own several cars, including both ICE and EV, and I’m fine burning gas when I feel like it. But there are are endless reputable studies that prove-out my position. Please, feel free to refute anything I “ignored.” I’m able to have a conversation without being a total d!ck. Are you?

          • ace_9

            Did you google it yet ? Maybe I’ll give you a hint: electric cars (and many other products) are not oil free so the tankers and black clouds producing oil refineries are not there just to produce gas and diesel. And then also google rare-earth elements in batteries and then try to think about their amount needed for everyone to have an electric car, to have electric ships and trucks and how these metals are obtained and how actual batteries are made. Oh, and google also how much energy per weight or volume is in gas and in batteries.Then you can start comparing some imaginary emissions and maybe thinking if some oversized golf carts are really going to save the world.

          • TheBelltower

            I’m not sure of the first point you’re trying to make. Sure, oil production is used for many other purposes other than to refine into fuel. Similarly, like oil, electricity generation doesn’t go solely into charging EV’s. The discussion here has to do with the emissions from oil/electricity powering the car. Also, rare earth metals are used in the production of the magnets within the motors of some hybrids and EV’s. Tesla and BMW are two examples of companies that do not use rare earth metals in the motors of their EV’s. Toyota still does. If your point is to suggest that the production of EV batteries is a dirty process, it is. And that ends once the car is built, unlike with conventional vehicles that continue to be “dirty” as long as they are on the road. Because of this, the efficiency of an EV surpasses that of a comparable ICE vehicle after about a year and a half. Your point about energy density (it’s called “density”) is very relevant. Since you love Google so much, why don’t you google how much of the energy of an ICE vehicle actually hits the pavement versus an EV.

          • ace_9

            I mentioned weight and volume separately because batteries cannot even try to match it in either case, and of course there is no chance when these two things are combined (density). And even the low percentage of fuel energy actually used for powering the vehicle does not change the fact, that batteries are shit for storing the energy compared to gas. You should google it. Google the comparison between energy storage requirements in efficient gas car and electric car, especially in winter. The oversized golf cart would seem like almost all of its purpose is to carry its own batteries. And thats even with its famous 90+ percent efficiency that every wanna be planet saver knows so well (together with the acceleration powaaaa’ of course). And if you google the materials for batteries you would find out that it is not only about the process of making them now for a few electric toys. It is most importantly about the fact that if the battery drainers are gonna be the future than it would be much more difficult to get enough materials for their batteries. It would not be possible to have enough material for such high amount of batteries. And the process of obtaining these amounts would not be very nice and sustainable either. So how exactly are the electric cars better for people in the future ? How many people are using only EV ? How many of them are living in flats ? Everyone likes to talk about no emissions when the car is used and about the acceleration, but that’s about it, there are no other advantages and even the old stupid gas cars still seem like much better offer for almost everybody. But that is the ugly truth that nobody likes to google up…

          • TheBelltower

            “It would not be possible to have enough material for such high amount of batteries. ”

            I think we’ve heard this argument before against oil. Yes? And here we are in 2018 with plenty of oil, with oil reserves on our own continent larger than in the Middle East, in spite of naysayers saying it would be gone decades ago. With all of your concern about the supply chain of raw materials for batteries, you make it sound as if EV’s threaten to completely replace ICE vehicles. They won’t in the near future, so you can relax. On your topic of cold weather, my EV is much more likely to start in cold weather than any of my ICE vehicles, and is much more reliable because an electric motor is a simpler design with fewer moving parts and no need for coolant. Regardless of all that, it doesn’t change my original point that EVs contribute fewer emissions than tractor-based ICE vehicles. That’s my point, and it still holds true in spite of the other unrelated arguments you’ve thrown in.

          • ace_9

            You are more ignorant than I thought… Go google the range of your EV in real winter with heating turned on compared to summer. I was trying to hint at the fact that not all of that wasted energy in gas cars is always really wasted (heating the interior is a well spend energy). Amount of available oil was a problem, but we were lucky, but the luck cannot stay forever. And you are basically saying that we will be lucky again with battery materials. That is clever really… At least you are right that electric carts cannot replace ICE cars (and planes and ships and trucks and other machines). And EVs are not that much more reliable than good ICE cars. Both are good for a few years and then you need to start to worry about things. Car is not just an engine/motor. Yes, your argument about emissions is correct. But the point is that bicycles are much better at that, so why not use them, huh ? Saying that EVs are not polluting, are more efficient and have an awesome acceleration is how people are deceived in thinking that their are better that standard cars, while they are certainly not. I don’t like when people are deceiving. EVs are toys for rich people, but it is not as easy to see (with bicycles, it is much more easy for common stupid folks).

        • Yep…as with everything, there are always tradeoffs…however, I was answering the original poster’s comment that Tesla is “pollution free”…like I said, tradeoffs…

          • TheBelltower

            True. The production of the electricity may create emissions, just like the production of fuel does. But unlike the use of fuel to move the car, the use of the electricity to move the car doesn’t create any emissions.

      • OhDear

        How much CO2 is produced getting oil / petrol / diesel…??
        You have to compare like with like

      • Morten Krogh

        Still better. Do you think gasoline is produced by small angels in paradise or something? And renewable production of electricity is increasing dramatically, while oil production is only getting worse with fracking and oils and.

    • Research Janitor

      And producing the batteries is a completely clean process.

  • Ameer Hassan Tajaldeen

    i’ll still take the Merc lol crazy car

    • Jim Ragland

      Just from the sound alone…

  • Navy P. Morroccan ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Tesla is a Mercedes-Benz slayer.

    • PK

      I’ll still take the Mercedes.

      • Ary Wisesa

        Me too. Mercedes hybrid would be nice. LOL

  • Craig

    I’m always happy when the Tesla wins. And I’m not really sure why. Except perhaps… I feel the same way about Tesla as I did [and do] about the Tucker. Both are examples of what can be created if you’re willing to forge your own path.

    • Status

      But the evil ‘tech nerds’ at Tesla! How can you say that Tesla is willing to forge it’s own path if they are staffed with uncaring ‘tech nerds’ that don’t care about you, personally?

      Nobody wants to crush your little feelings, Craig.

      • Craig

        Does ‘Status’ work for Carscoops? Is he connected to it in any way?

        • Craig


          • Status

            I can give you a standard two word answer you don’t want to hear.

          • Craig

            How unfortunate. Just my luck I guess.

          • Status

            Maybe you really are schizophrenic. You were demanding yourself to answer a question built out of paranoia. What the hell would make you think that?

  • john1168

    I’m not sure the Tesla did win this race…. If both drivers just showed up to both cars to race, jump in both cars and go for it, right then and there, the Merc would have crossed the line a long time ago while the Tesla driver would still be to convince the Tesla that it was time to race… Yeah, the Tesla does 0 to 60 in two point whatever…. But it needed to do that an hour ago… LOL

  • Belthronding Tinuviel

    İ really like that matte grey Mercedes ,in and out.


    i’d still take the E63

  • Vassilis

    Love that Merc!

  • nauticalone

    The MB has so much more soul though…and the sound!

  • Andrewthecarguy

    I don’t care about this. F90 ///M5 vs the Merc already!!!

  • Faff

    1:59 Future of the combustion engine..?? Perhaps Mazda’s compression ignition petrol / gasoline may change that…??

    Mercedes wins… race started 20 mins go… Tesla was still faffing around with its electronics…

  • benT

    predictable result

  • jsz00

    Now if Tesla could solve fitment/craftsmanship issues and tuning the car so that it’s as good as the AMG… soulless electric car.