Drone Footage Reveals That Tesla Has Ramped Up Model 3 Production

Tesla is well behind schedule with its Model 3, but drone footage of the carmaker’s Fremont factory shows that it has increased its entry-level model production in recent months.

In October, Tesla revealed that it built just 260 examples of the Model 3 in the third quarter of the year “due to production bottlenecks.” This was significantly less than the 1500 units which Musk asserted Tesla could build in September alone.

This clip perfectly captures the enormity of the automaker’s facility and the large number of Model 3s sitting in parking lots at the site. At the same time, it’s baffling why so many new Teslas are still in the company’s parking lots, especially since over 400,000 people are waiting for their EVs to be delivered.

Nevertheless, Tesla fanatics and Model 3 customers will, in all likelihood, be happy with the news that the automaker is finally is increasing its inventory.