Toyota Supra Will Be A “Pure Sports Car” And Very Different From The BMW Z4

When Toyota introduced the GR Supra Racing concept earlier this month, the company was tight-lipped on specifics. However, we’re starting to learn more about the production model as chief engineer Tetsuya Tada has given a few clues about what to expect.

Speaking with Evo, Tada said the similarities to the BMW Z4 will be “fewer than many may imagine” even though the two models were developed alongside each other. This would be a stark contrast from the Toyota 86 which is virtually identical to the Subaru BRZ.

While there will still be common components shared by both models, Tada said the Supra has been designed as a “pure sports car” while the Z4 will go in a “slightly different direction” as it is a luxurious and sporty roadster. As a result, the two cars will have different engine calibrations and the driving experience on the Supra will be “very different to the Z4.”

Tada wasn’t ready to reveal powertrain details but he said the company talked to previous Supra owners and they wanted to the new model to have a front mounted six-cylinder engine which powers the rear wheels. The chief engineer declined to mention its output but confirmed they are considering a hybrid powertrain as well as alternative options – such a fuel cells and battery power – for their future sports cars. Tada also declined to reveal whether or not the Supra will be offered with a manual transmission as the company is still working out the final details.

Regardless of the performance specifications, Tada said he wants owners to be able to tune the car themselves. The engineer went on to suggest Toyota will let aftermarket companies lead the way as the automaker didn’t have to get too involved in the tuning market with the 86.

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  • Six_Tymes

    thats a big statement, and will make for a great Head 2 Head to prove if true.

  • ramish rambarran

    Just wish they had NO connection whatsoever with BMW.

    • Mill0048

      I’m okay with sharing chassis development, but the drive-train sharing is just too much.

      • Honda NSX-R

        I hope Toyota changes some things here and there with the drivetrain

        • Bo Hanan

          “The two cars will have different engine calibrations”
          Same engine, different HP levels??? What does this mean?

          • They can always change ratio, throttle set up and so on, and so on. Same hp doesn’t mean same set up.

    • Matthew Daraei

      And why is that?

    • Bo Hanan

      Dude, BMW’s have always out performed Toyota, Supra or other. BMW has 4-door, 5-seater sedans that will eat Lexus best offerings, any day day of the week. Yes, I think it’s crazy Toyota would hand off an iconic car like the Supra to anyone else. But since they did I’m glad it was BMW. Merc would have made it to expensive and Audi to heavy.

      • Jay

        i’m a fan of both and its so weird to me how people dont get the strengths each brings. Their new layouts and infotainment destroy toyota.

        • Kagan

          The strength is cost reduction!

          • Jay

            yeah so the cars can actually exist and be made. How awful. I have had toyota/lexus all my life until recently… if they can sneak in idrive too i welcome it. Best of both.

          • Kagan

            just wait and see but diffucult to get the historical hype!

    • mas921

      to me it sounds like how the Camaro and ATS “share” the platform…

      • Shane

        Only the ATS and Camaro are the same parent company and also the weight loss is what the Camaro needed. Stupid fat Canadian built car.

    • Ary Wisesa

      I share your sentiment. Because
      I’m afraid using BMW engine could destroy the reputation of Supra, which is very well known for its supreme reliability despite of its high performance output. It’s not easy to make high performance engine while still retaining reliability. Remember BMW E34 V8 nikasil issue? My cousin owned a BMW 530i V8, and he was very upset with its atrocius problems. Eventually he sold it with very low price (virtually gave it away) just to get rid of it. And he swore not to but another BMW again. LOL…

      • ramish rambarran

        Thirteen or fourteen years ago I really wanted a BMW R1150RT motorcycle. I saved and bought it straight from Germany ! It was a real letdown. Right now it is not running, having shut down and won’t restart at a traffic light three weeks ago. It is still that way in my garage, just doing about 67,000kms……and I have had other problems with it in the past. For instance, the ABS module went south. I found out, that this is problematic. US$2700 for a new one !!!
        Most of my life I have ridden Japanese machines, not with such disappointments.
        Then I started doing some research into the automobiles. They are not too different.
        The money you pay takes care of the performance, comfort, bragging rights and pecking order. But once the reliability of any vehicle comes into focus, then those things don’t matter anymore, and the guy driving the 10-year old Corolla on the freeway will be king………you are awaiting the wrecker ! The value-for-dollar is important to lesser mortals, for sure.
        When the guys on Top Gear do all sorts of semantics with the newest-fastest-best handling-best looking BMW ever, they will not come back 3 years down the road to show you how it is, or, is not performing. You are left holding the ball.
        If Toyota wants to compromise the reliability of their newfangled Supra, then they are surely going south by using a BMW motor.

        • Ary Wisesa

          I see your point. Don’t worry, I still refrain myself from acquiring a BMW. LOL.

          I know from several BMW owners (friends and relatives) who said it’s quiet painful to maintain old BMW. So for now I still stick with Lexus and Toyota, LOL… They are extremely reliable, never once they need to undergo serious repair nor need expensive part replacement. Only for some normal parts like brake pads, oil/airfilters, spark plugs, wipers and battery. The only time one of them need “serious” repair was only for some bumper repair that was damaged by a nasty motorbike rider. Mechanical wise, they’re as excellent as

          They never disappoint me right from very first day of purchase. That’s what I call “peace of mind”. 🙂

  • LeStori

    A pure sports car with “foot stomper gearbox” aka automatic gearbox…. unlikely.

  • Shane

    If one car could some up the FCA merger, it would be this.


    We’ll see if that turns out to be once both cars are out on the roads.

  • Ruel Lewis

    Blah Blah Blah, just show the car already….

  • ramish rambarran

    Maybe because I am from a Third World country where we keep cars long-term, and where durability, cost of upkeep/maintenance, availability of spare parts etc. are important.
    Yes, there are BMWs here as well as other European brands.
    The first 5 years of a Toyota’s life can be had quite well even if you weld down the hood !!
    BMWs have lots of issues, from what I have seen. People who can afford to buy them, most of the time can afford to spend the money…………..just they don’t talk about it.
    The Toyota 2ZZGE engine, 2JZ, Yaris Turbo, Starlet Turbo and the GRMN lineup all testify to Toyota’s engineering.
    Heck i have a R1150RT motorcycle with less than 70,000kms and have had MANY issues with it. major ABS (read total brake failure) failure, starter failure, water in headlight from new, taillight falling off, etc. It is not running right now too.)
    I have had Japanese bikes without those kind of problems. Right now I am riding a Honda CB250…………Just fill gas and go !!!

    • Jay

      i didn’t wanna say it but i suspected this bias… to be fair i was born in a 3rd world too and can’t slight wanting dependability but it comes at a cost. Toyota takes very little chances.. they needed BMW just to even make this thing. BMW was already going to make a Z4. So would you rather nothing instead? Sometimes you need to have a company who takes chances to get to true innovation or we wouldn’t even have the electric car revolution on the way.

      • ramish rambarran

        I understand about a company to take chances. To the contrary, Toyota is a leader in Hybrid technology…..over 20 years. We are flooded with their reliable Hybrids here. Last year I visited Massachussetts and was surprised to see that the major brand on the roads was Toyota. Lots of Prius and Prius C on the roads.
        The sports car is another factor in the equation, I have to admit. The unreliability of the engine and other components, when much is demanded has to be factored in. Who can better address that ?
        But then sport car sales is a miniscule profit margin for a company like Toyota. Maybe it is not worth the R&D at all. So, get an engine from BMW !
        Remember business venture is not about liking the client. It is about making money.
        On another note, I guess there are lots of reason why the demands in the African bush veered away from Land Rover to……… know who !
        On still a further note, when the Americans invaded Somalia, the local fighters had “technicals” for mobile fighting. Quite effective and certainly wasn’t European built !
        Good, that the people who can afford BMWs and other are REALLY the people who can afford…….if you know what I mean.

        • Yeah definitely bias mate, Toyota cars can be unreliable too, since you talking about “third world country”. Take a look of Innova/Fortuner transmission case. Which has been an embarrassment for them.

          What you probably didn’t know is that this cooperation began because
          both brands need each other technologies, Toyota is keen on how to make
          mass production car using carbon fiber material as BMW had done on i3
          and i8 while BMW is interested on learning hybrid technologies from
          Toyota. From there the cooperation started.

          And you mention about BMW not reliable in your country, depends on how you see it. My mates running E60 like gazillion miles and it had been reliable. Maybe it’s because the “third world view” that usually seen European cars are packed with too much tech and that their spare parts is expensive. Not here in Europe though.

          And why the bush people turn their attention from Land Rover? Price. Japanese made Land Cruiser is so much cheaper than their Land Rover equivalent, but I can assure you in UK. Landies are comparable to Japanese SUV and Pickups. It’s not because they had become unreliable.

          And please don’t veered away from the topic. You mention technicals and Somalia. Which had nothing to do with this discussion. And also American forces are under UN guidance and not “invaded” in fact the intervention also include Malaysian and Pakistani forces, are you saying they “invade” too? And not in fact bringing aid to the Somalis?

          • ramish rambarran

            While this discussion was intended to be internationally on cars, I am not looking for argument on world affairs. Wrong word”invaded” I used. My apologies.
            For your info “technicals” were the Toyota pickups, that the Somali warring factions used with machine guns mounted on the trays. Worked pretty OK. Would outrun a Hummer.
            Don’t get too hot around the ears !
            I guess you partly answered the question about the preference for Land Cruisers on the African continent. The other part of the answer is “reliability”.
            Have your mate ever discussed with you, the money spent on the E60 ?

          • I know what a technical is, and as a person who learns this kind of stuff as their study, I don’t see the connections to our topic. Beside you know what is the first technical? American Trucks and later Jeep by British SAS and LRDG. Not a European built you said?

            And you surely don’t understand what happened in Somalia, it has nothing to do with Technicals against UN forces (yes after I dig out, India was part of that, going as far as sending tank). The Americans pull out from Somalia after disastrous Battle of Mogadishu, basically it’s like saying, you try to help people but then the people turns attack you.

            Oh yeah reliability sure, have you compare them? your track record seems a very bias view of Japanese cars. I don’t take side, both of them made good reliable cars, nothing but a 1st gen Discovery to used as a towing vehicle or emergency repair in here.

            As I said, you already come with prejudice that European cars come with high bills, maybe in YOUR country, but you can’t generalize every situation in every parts of the world, maintenance of Fiesta and Pulsar in UK is the same, check it for yourself.

          • ramish rambarran

            No more world affairs ArcherOnCars. No one is wrong today.
            I humbly decline further comment, as it snowballs.
            Amazing that the Japanese copied cars from the other world makers.
            ………….and today, they teach the world to make cars !
            End !

          • Well now we know who is the fanboy.


          • Jay

            Fanboys are soo strange. No company does anything great all the time. This just screams someone who cant afford to try something else… well sucks for you man.

            Like i have a lot of Apple products, but not their shitty mouse or weird looking airpods. There are ebs n flows. I liked lexus design before and not BMW, now i have flipped due to how far ahead BMW is in tech and looks. Visiting Massachusetts as an example with how many prius drivers? Okkk, you mean the northeast where frontwheel drive cars are needed due to weather and so are cheap utility cars like a prius? Toyotas aren’t even in the same class as BMW. Maybe if you said Lexus but guess what, their version of the prius, the CT200h failed hard and they never made another. And the prius sucks, its just something that gets you by, BMWs aren’t for people looking for just a cheap transport and they never pretend to be.

            Furthermore, hybrid tech is hilarious as comparison to allll the other tech BMW makes.. someone else makes the batteries, like with tesla, all toyota does is assemble them. Also their batteries are old tech too, nickel based not lithium ion. Get real, that’s why you strayed into other factors. You wants to be able to validate your cheap economy car. Sorry its true and i understand but you’re the one comparing toyota and bmw… maybe mini and toyota but that’s it.

            Toyotas infotainment is bad too, their maps and user interface look like they’re from the 90s. Get back to me when Toyota or even lexus has 360 cameras, 3d remote view and can park n drive themselves from a key fob. Just driving your car doesn’t make you a car guy, you better know and drive everything from every brand before you broadly make assumptions. This might surprise you but some people dont need to hold onto a car for as long as you do. I dont even disagree with you on dependability more so at the cost of repair on toyotas being cheap… but that isnt the largest factor to car ownership. How dependable do you think a Ferrari is? lol

            Lastly, veering off topic into socio political things is a tell tale sign of little knowledge on the subject matter. Do better.

  • ramish rambarran

    Yes I agree that BMW has lots of cars that will eat Toyotas/Lexus’ for breakfast.
    Albeit the shift to making the BMW Supra quite unaffordable to prospective Toyota buyers would have been established.

    • Mitt Zombie

      Just keep those cheap plastic BMW engine parts out of reliable Toyotas.

      • Christian Wimmer

        The engine bay of my 2007 BMW is full of plastics. And they are in great shape.

        Hell, modern Toyotas have engine bays full of plastic, as do most newer cars. It’s no big deal.

        • Jay

          lol cheap BMW plastics out of his toyota.. oof, you gotta be kidding. Toyota uses the same parts for literally 20 years, thats the only reason they are reliable. Thats some amazing innovation lol and i am a big fan of toyota too.

      • Agree with Christian, modern cars has a lot of “synthetic” materials in it. Even luxury cars.

      • Jay

        No ones going to upgrade your corolla don’t worry pops.

  • Isn’t this gonna add to Supra hype wagon? I feel like at this point they shouldn’t say something until it came out.

    • Tumbi Mtika

      It’s turning into the NSX saga all over again.

  • Eagle By Singer

    Didn’t they say it was going to only be an automatic car though?

  • Major Lee Gassole

    Hurry up and wait, everyone! I’m so fed up with waiting on this car, that all I can do is prepare myself to be completely and utterly underwhelmed when (or should I say “if”) they finally unveil a finished car.

  • Kagan

    “is still working out the final details” we are getting old waitnig!

  • Infinite1

    Still promising. I’m still hanging onto some type of hope

  • Tumbi Mtika

    I still want a 3JZ…

    • Charles Chin

      It’ll be a different tune B58.

      • Tumbi Mtika

        THAT’S NOT A 3JZ…

        • Shane

          1.5JZ-3JZ is what you get. A negative 1.5JZ.

  • Endera A

    “Pure Sports Car” without a manual transmission? ok……

  • Trackhacker

    “Pure Sports Car” with an Automatic ONLY Gear Box? Right…..

  • Ary Wisesa

    I respect Toyota’s decision to let tuning market do whatever they like for Supra and GT86, and it should be like it. Unlike JLR that is too greedy and wants to drive aftermarket companies out of business. Shame on you JLR!

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