Why Would Anyone Fork Out $120,000 For A 2018 Lexus LS 500h?

Whether it’s busy chauffeuring T’Challa around or simply trying to win over the hearts of luxury saloon buyers around the world, Lexus’ all-new LS flagship is without a doubt a very attractive car.

It’s not perfect, at least according to most reviews we’ve seen, but if you just focus on its design, comfort levels and attention to detail, you might just fall in love. That’s as long as you don’t expect it to handle as well as, say, a BMW 7-Series – but few cars in this segment manage to do that anyway.

A well-spec’d LS500h can get to $120,000. Does it justify that price? Doug DeMuro set out to discover just that.,

First, he discussed the car’s very expensive options list. What stands out the most is the Executive Package, a $23,000 option. You can almost buy a 2018 Toyota Camry with that money.

Well, the Executive Package does add Kirko Glass, hand-pleated interior door trim, perforated semi-aniline leather interior trim, a 28-way power driver’s seat, Ultrasuede headliner, Power Front seat buckles and heated rear seats, power reclining outboard rear seats, four-zone climate concierge, power side-window sunshades, a 7-inch touchscreen controller and rear-seat knee airbags. So yeah, it’s pretty luxurious, if that’s what you’re after.

Then there’s all the clever tech, like the advanced 360-degree camera system or the heads-up display that warns you about incoming cars when you pull up to an intersection.

On the road, despite only having a six-cylinder (a bi-turbo 3.5-liter V6 to be precise), the 2018 LS500h is pretty sprightly in a straight line according to DeMuro, who also pointed to the car’s excellent sound insulation and ride quality.

Does it make for a credible alternative to the 7-Series, A8? And if so, is it really wise to spend $120k on it? Click on the following video and find out.

  • PK

    i have no clue either. i would spend that money on the s class.

    • Moveon Libtards

      Agree, S-class. Who wants to drive around in a slightly warmed over Toyota Camry.

    • Bash

      Stunning car indeed, but I agree, I’d rather go for a German car for that price tag.

  • Moveon Libtards

    Hey, look, you got a Toyota for $100,000 too much…

  • gibgibgib

    Not sure about those wheels, they look a bit tacky and aftermarket

  • pcurve

    I’m a sucker for that kiriko glass and hand pleated door panels… yes, if I had that $120k to spend on a car, I’d get this over $120k s class. Lexus should be rewarded for taking some interesting risks lately.

    • William A

      Agree. Quality and attention to detail are easy for Lexus, since they’ve focused on that front the get-go. The new LS though, just looks amazing. They’ve taken it to a new level on aesthetic. It’s the first one I like and prefer over a Benz. I want etched glass trim in my $120k luxury limo. I want a devilish grille. The LC 500 as well. The most gorgeous design on an automobile in a long time, in my humble opinion.

  • no25

    id get this over the bland SClass any day

  • Craig

    “…despite only having a six-cylinder…” Would anyone say that about a 911 or NSX or GTR? That said.. [And being someone who owned an LS400 for over a decade] I would NOT pay $120,000 for this car. But in fairness to Lexus – I can’t imagine spending that much on ANY car. In Canada – the LS500h costs $134,050. And that includes EVERYTHING! [It’s all ‘standard’ on the Canadian Hybrid version] Converted to US that’s 104,230.31. That’s a BIG difference.


    • William A

      You kidding? This makes the S-Class look like a Nilla wafer cookie.

      • Matt

        There’s nothing wrong with the S-Class design, it is elegant, versatile (ie it can be stretched into the Pullman without visual distortion) and holds a certain understated style and timelessness that appeals to many markets, from Europe, NA, Asia and Middle East.

        The LS looks sharp but Lexus doesn’t have the huge market share to stuff-up like Mercedes if they were to go full avant-garde.


  • Knuckle Buck

    why would anyone watch a doug demuro video?

    • Jay

      Very informative. Dailey score is pretty useless but overall the review is pretty in depth.

      • Knuckle Buck

        his constant moving hands makes me dizzy

        • Jay

          Sorry to hear, I don’t really pay attention to his hands honestly.

  • GobbleUp

    Tesla all day over this barge.

  • Jay

    The previous LS looks so much better to me.

  • Ary Wisesa

    After seeing it side by side with S-Class, I definitely would not hesitate to choose the LS. I even fall in love with the matrix in the grille that looks like designed with some fractal pattern. For me it’s truly artistic and sophisticated. I love art so much, and after seeing the Kiriko glass and the hand pleated door trim by myself, I’m convinced that they are truly marvelous piece of Japanase art. The fit and finish are superb. So in short, I dont mind spending USD120k on this car. Engineering wise, I never had doubt about Lexus credential of making true hi-tech hardware. I own a GS, and my brother own an LX, so I know one thing or two about what it’s like to live with Lexus.

  • Autoexperte

    because of the best interior of it class

  • Nicest looking Lexus so far…only thing it has against the German cars is better reliability and lower cost of ownership, for those of us that do actually own (not lease) a German car…

    • Finkployd

      I agree; as much as I love this model and as a nx owner, it’s interior just doesn’t hold a candle against an S class I’m sorry

  • ErnieB

    I just can’t stomach the looks of this monstrosity… but beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess..

  • Mitch

    No v8 for the 120? No, thanks…

  • LJ

    If people would stop buying cars for these nutso prices, the manufacturers would lower them. Something is only worth as much as you’re willing to pay for it.

    • Matt

      The cost of the vehicle is usually decided before the development of a car even begins. This allows the engineering team to decide on materials and technologies that befit the price range and fall with the development budget (again influenced by the estimated sale cost established early on).

      If they just drop the price by a significant amount, they may lose money on their investment – or at least not make enough to justify the budget spent developing/building the car in the first place.

      • LJ

        Reasonably priced cars, sure, but premium cars are priced high because they know people will pay that price, not necessarily to cover the costs of engineering/manufacturing.

  • I always find it hard to understand why Japanese premium vehicles are cheaper in US than in Japan. Where did all the shipping, handling, taxes go ???

    • Autoexperte

      German cars are also cheaper in US than in Germany and lot of the `Japanese` cars are made in the USA

      • That Lexus is definitely made in Japan. Also the same with GTR.

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