Chinese Man Wants To Bless His New BMW 5-Series, Inferno Ensues

For many, purchasing a new car is extremely exciting and rightfully so. In many cases, it’s often the culmination of years of hard work and there are few better feelings than getting behind the wheel of your new ride for the first time. Sadly, this emotional high didn’t last very long for a man in eastern China.

South China Morning Post reports that the man spent almost $80,000 on a brand new BMW 5-Series and decided to bless it.

To do so, he and a woman covered the luxury sedan with a red banner, set up sticks and various sacrifices before setting them alight to “thank gods for blessing them with a new car and to wish for further good luck.”

Unfortunately, the gods didn’t take too kindly to the gesture.

According to witnesses, roughly 20 minutes after the ritual began, the 5-Series was set ablaze, and by the time fire crews arrived on the scene, much of the car was engulfed in flames. It took more than 10 minutes for the fire to be extinguished, leaving the BMW’s entire front and mid-section destroyed.

Speaking to local media, the fire department said it will investigate the incident, but said it probably was caused by the blessing ceremony. Curiously, fire crews said this wouldn’t be the first time a mishap like this has happened: last year, an owner lit firecrackers to celebrate the purchase of a new BMW X5, only for it to catch fire and be destroyed. Seems that, for some reason, Chinese gods and Bimmers don’t mix.

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  • Six_Tymes

    “HA HA”

  • Alfa Giulia QV

    One of the car gods got pissed and decided to punish him.

    • Bo Hanan

      I’d be curious to know how the owner is interpreting what happened.


    • casho2015

      Stop shouting please

  • Thunderbolt

    I thought the only god the Chinese are allowed to worship is the CCP.
    That man should be arrested for treason.

    • LeStori

      Think they now have to worship Emperor Xi Jinping

  • Shobin Drogan

    I feel bad for the guy but at the same time how ignorant can people be to light something so close to their cars?

  • Jason Panamera

    If that guy set his car on fire that way, then I don’t want to think what his lack of imagination would cause on road. I think gods did right thing, it’s better to waste 80k than someone’s life.

  • dawyer

    luxury cars supposed keep out of a Communist country but Political situation is changing. How can possible 2 young chinese girls can destroy a Ferrari 458 few days ago this way.

    • Eythan Aldrich

      you might delete this comment since you have the same one above

  • LeStori

    Well he got his reply. Pride cometh before a fall… At least his BMW has been purified!

  • Vassilis

    Shockingly stupid.

  • DanSemering

    why is it the BMW igniting …I saw one the other day in fire not far from where I lived

    • Jason Panamera

      It was Chinese blessing

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    Fire and agasorine go boom!

  • TB
  • Fabián Montiel

    Oh man this made me laugh so hard, how stupid can you be to set a fire in front of a car?

  • “Unfortunately, the gods didn’t take too kindly to the gesture.” Lol

    When tradition / culture meets progress, the collision is bound to lead to a blaze!

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