Supra/Z4: Toyota And BMW Engineers Haven’t Talked To Each Other Since 2014

BMW’s all-new Z4 is already out, and will greet the audience visiting the 2018 Paris Auto Show early next month.

The development of the platform-sharing Supra is well underway, too, and with the Japanese sports car about to be unveiled, one would naturally assume that talks between Toyota and BMW must be frequent.

However, they would be wrong, because, believe it or not, the Supra’s engineers last talked to BMW’s guys some four years ago. The information was brought forward by CNET, who talked to the Supra Assistant Chief Engineer Masayuki Kai after driving a prototype of the sports car in Madrid, Spain.

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“We agreed on the packaging, like where is the hip-point of the driver, what’s the wheelbase, the width, where’s the fuel tank, where’s the A-pillar, this was around the middle of 2014”, said the Toyota official. “After that, we completely separated our team. After that, no communication with each other.”

Still, the decision to co-develop the new Z4 and Supra was taken back in 2012, so until 2014 they had plenty of time to get things started. But due to the communication black-out, Kai doesn’t even know how many components are shared between the two vehicles, except for the platform.

“Basically, the platform is the same, so we assume that we are using the same components, but as I mentioned, we are not sure that they will use the same components”, commented Masayuki Kai.

Now, the communication black-out can only be good news for both BMW and Toyota enthusiasts, as it assures that both cars have distinct driving dynamics. Just how much they differ from one another is a very good question, one that should be answered when the new Supra finally comes out next year.

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  • Bo Hanan

    See photo of Supra & Z4 engineers, (talking???) taken in August 2017…… Uh huh.

    • Rocket

      If one were to Google, one could find lots of photos of BMW engineers shaking down the Supra essentially right up until launch.

      • Bo Hanan

        I think Toyota is purposely delaying the intro of the Supra because of negative chatter online that its really a Z4-Coupe. Their hoping we’ll forget the connection.

        • JimmyK

          True.I think that more and more Toyota people are going to talk publicly due to the negative hype of the car around the net,trying to reverse it.Its a marketing trick but we don’t buy it.

  • Finkployd


  • SpongeBob99Swell

    Well that escalated quickly…

    …now please, for the love of Karl Benz, unveil the bloody thing already.

  • d’Aforde

    The Suboyota should have been a new MR2, Celica, and Supra. The MR2 could have been on shortened platform with a twin-turbo four. The Celica could have shared the MR2’s engine but had slightly more power. And the Supra could have used the Camry/Avalon V6 with a turbo bolted on or blown out to around 400HP. And that car would have made a wicked RC (with a manual). That would have made more sense than the BMW/Toyota collaboration, but I hope the cars are awesome.

  • Honda NSX-R

    I choose not to believe it. Even if it’s true, I think what Toyota probably did was give the BMW engineers the testing standards for the car had to reach, and leave the testing to them since we keep seeing it with BMWs 99.9% of the time (including the Z4).

  • ErnieB

    Show us the damn thing already.. so that we can make fun of it’s looks..hahahaha

  • Lloyd Anthony D Peters

    The Toyota Supra. Coming Soon….

    Brought to you by Valve Coporation.

    • Mr. EP9

      We’d be more likely to get Half Life 3 at this rate.

      • ksegg

        Or a modernized Final Fantasy VII remake.

  • LJ

    Toyota hasn’t spoken to their own stylists since 2014 either, apparently.

  • donald seymour

    A slight rap beef. Laugh out Loud.

  • Tan Lee

    Quite disappointed that this will be called ‘Supra’. Should have been the Celica. Supra was the Muscle car of the Toyota line up not just in power but also Size. Now it just looks like a toy. It probably will handle very well but it’s not a Supra.

  • no25

    at the end of the day, we have waited way too long to see this Supra to the point where a lot of people just do not care anymore.

  • Philip George

    That’s just baloney.

  • SteersUright

    Total BS. Please. Toyota gave BMW their preferred parameters and then BMW set out to build both cars because Toyota lacks the confidence to go it alone these days. The same happened with the BRZ/86, Subaru engineered and built that car with Toyota adding nothing more the subtle tuning and styling changes near the end.
    Toyota, find your cojones and do the engineering yourself for once. Every performance drivetrain you produce sucks and is out of touch, and out of date. Even your LC500 is too big, too heavy and features a mismatched torque-less powertrain. That stunning V8 has deserved a lightweight application since its inceptions a decade ago.

    • Bo Hanan

      Toyota’s problem is they’re too big to produce small market specialty cars in a cost effective way. They would lose money on every Supra if they built it in one of their gigantic factories. I also think Toyota approached BMW about teaming on a sports car and BMW offered the Z4-Coupe, which has always sold in small numbers and would have threatened the M4/M2 coupes.

    • I don’t think partnerships are always bad, the problem with big company is that decisions made by various department that it’s hard to agree or something. So partnership like this saved money and still give some performance cars.

      Also LC500 were never meant to be a sports car per say, they are always meant for big high speed GT.

  • LeStori

    Can imagine at talk between German and Japanese Engineers. When the Japanese Engineer cannot answer the German Engineers question, the Japanese Engineer would go so red in the face that the German Engineer would wonder when the Heart Attack would happen.

  • The problem is, this is the word from the mid level Toyota exec. It doesn’t necessarily means representation the whole situation. So I don’t believe it.

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