Honda On Honda Crime Sees Accord Flip Element Onto Its Roof

Some hits in traffic, whether they happen at low or high speed, can easily cause vehicles to flip over as long as their center of mass is offset by an object with sufficient momentum.

If not all, most such incidents come off as being extremely unfortunate, where besides the danger to the occupants, instead of having to fix a fender, a door panel or even the entire side of your car, you end up having to turn the car over back onto its wheels before you can even assess the extent of the damage.

Such a crash took place earlier this month in San Bernardino, California, when the driver of a Honda Accord ran a red light, connecting with the side of a Honda Element, flipping the SUV over onto its roof.

The footage doesn’t provide much else, and there’s no way to tell whether or not the occupants of the Element were seriously harmed – the driver of the Accord should have been fine assuming they had their seat belt on.

Like with most crashes of the sort, it really doesn’t take much to cause one of the vehicles involved to flip. The sedan also didn’t appear to be speeding, which was probably the only responsible thing its driver did throughout this entire sequence.

While we’d like to think that these types of accidents don’t happen all that often, we have definitely seen our fair share.


  • SpongeBob99Swell

    Accord-ing to this article, seems like it might the the Element of the day!


    ….I’m… not funny….

    • Rzrlf

      painfully not

  • ksegg

    Almost every car I’ve ever owned was totaled due to a drunk driver, elderly, or idiot who wasn’t paying attention.

    I’m lucky I’m still alive.

  • LeStori

    Roll , roll, roll goes the BUV.

  • Althea Later

    Why did the trunk pop open on the Accord? A pile of papers flew out. Are trunk lids supposed to pop open in crashes (sarcasm)? It wasn’t THAT high speed of a crash.

    • Paul

      Impact must have tweaked a lousy latch enough to spring it open I guess.

  • ksegg

    I feel you. I still tense up if I’m at a red light and seeing the car behind me in the rear view mirror not slowing down fast enough.

  • Paul

    Accord-ing to sources, the one driver will be out of his Element

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