Toyota Leads BMW And Mercedes As The World’s Most Googled Car Brand

Insurance company Veygo has published a list of the most Googled car brands across the world and the results show that Asian car manufacturers dominate searches.

The most Googled car manufacturer last year was Toyota, topping 57 countries of the 171 that were researched by Veygo. There were also 7.8 million searches for Toyota per month, compared with 7 million for Honda and 6.4 million for Ford .

Toyota topped the searches in countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Finland, and the Philippines.

Trailing Toyota in second place was BMW, leading the searches in no less than 25 countries. In third place was Mercedes-Benz, topping the searches in 23 countries. Funnily enough, Lamborghini proved itself to be one of the most searched car brands in the world, topping search figures in 12 countries including Venezuela. Tesla was the most Googled brand in seven countries, including Norway, the Netherlands, and Hong Kong.

While the aforementioned companies proved popular, there are a number which are rarely searched. Pagani, for instance, was the least searched car brand of them all, while the likes of Acura and Chrysler were also quite low down on the list.

At the start of 2017, we showed you a similar map detailing the most Googled car brands by country. At the time, Toyota was also the most searched car brand, topping figures in no less than 74 countries and BMW was second, topping the list in 51 countries and dominating interest across Europe and parts of Africa.

  • DanSemering

    Botswana looking for those BMWs …:)

    • Ronald Roman

      Not for, but at.

  • sidewaysspin

    The poorer the country the more expensive cars they seek.

    • Bash

      Apparently that’s right.

    • mihsf

      Because only rich people have the internet?

    • Richard Alexander

      The starving masses of Venezuela need their dreams to carry them….

    • Marty

      Yes, the quick analysis is that if you can afford a new car, you google the car that you consider buying. And if you can’t, you might as well google your dream car.

  • What they say for Germany is true. I have friends in Germany and owning a Benz means you have made it in society.

  • Сафиуллина-Мохамед Рамазанов

    So the most design failed brand is the most googled brand

    • SpongeBob99Swell

      So.. the LFA, Supra, GT86, MR2, Celica, 2000GT, AE86, FT-1 Concept, the new Avalon (also the new Camry, Corolla, RAV4, Lexus LC, LS, etc)… are raised by the most “design failed” brand…

      …let alone the fact that beforehand, you guys complained about their designs being “boring” and not exactly ugly.

      • Сафиуллина-Мохамед Рамазанов

        Sir, I had GS-F, Rav4, Camry, Corolla, Hilux, LSs, GSs before

  • Mr. EP9

    China must really want Tesla and Japan must love BMWs. But apparently Russians want Hyundai.

    • Ronald Roman

      No, they don’t. Those are the brands they are searching for. I bet the Russians would love a Rolls.

  • no25

    aw you sad it’s not the failing Ford brand you love so much it has to be your name? hahah

    • FordMopar

      My screename is what I currently have in our household. It will change once the lease is up on either cars. Im open to all. Even Honda, Infiniti, etc. Toyota is a fkin’ joke!

      • no25

        You’re right – one of the most reliable, best selling brands is a joke. I think you’re the only joke here, honey. Get over yourself.

  • Dr Bjorn K. Von Strangefingger

    Los Mexicanos aman a sus chevy nova!

  • SpongeBob99Swell

    So apparently, the GT86, the Supra, the Lexus LFA, the Celica, the MR2, the Sports 800, the 2000GT, the AE86, etc, are Toyotas, but not for carnuts at all…

    ..I get that you may be a pro Ford, but I find it very contradicting that Toyota makes boring cars (hence the ones I named above), while ignoring the fact that now they are proving that they are becoming better and more exciting (the new Camry, Avalon, Corolla, RAV4 + Lexus LC, LS, ES, etc). It’s fucking fanboys like you make it horrible for legitimate car people that own Fords. Stop giving Ford/Lincoln a bad name.

    • TheHake

      The GT86 is useless and underpowered, and the others you name at the top are not made anymore. That’s like saying Lancia is doing fine… And they made the hideous new Prius and that hydrogen monstrosity, which is unforgivable.

      • SpongeBob99Swell

        The GT86 isn’t underpowered. Sure, there are millions of sports cars with more power, but they are heavier, more expensive, and a lot less fun to drive on public legal roads specifically. The funny thing is that you so called “car enthusiasts” seem to think that power and straight-line acceleration is the main priority for a car to be a true jewel of driving. No, it isn’t. There is a whole host of engineering to be done for that matter. Even then, while it’s not the most powerful thing on the road (being the spiritual successor to the AE86, as all claimed and admitted by Toyota even), it’s not slow either. Like the AE86 that all of you freaks worshipped the hell out of, why should the successor that inspires it be any different?

        Yeah, the GT86 sure is useless. It’s so useless. It’s a useless piece of shit that’s a blast to drive anywhere (even on public legal roads), paired with razor-sharp handling, responsive power that can even be used all day when driving, phenomenal balance, lightweight, paired with an ultra low center of gravity, accurate weight distribution, aggressive gearing ratios, low ride height, stiff suspensions, drift-happy feel, RWD, lightweight, etc… what useless piece of shit is it now? If you’re so curious why so many enthusiasts choose to purchase this car, test one out and name another sports car that offers such a visceral driving experience with a drift-happy feel for under $30K. It’s easy to add power, but keeping a car like this lightweight and nimble is a challenge. The tune-ability and lightweight feel is one of the main reasons why enthusiasts love the chassis and comparable to something like a Miata. The beauty about sports cars like the GT86 is that all of those ingredients, combined with responsive power, all 205 horsepower, which you can use all day, especially on legal roads, where it makes you feel like you are going faster and faster.

        Bottom-line, power just for the sake of 0-60/quarter mile times acceleration times etc, isn’t the only thing that defines a true driver’s car, especially for one on a budget. I guarantee that any true car enthusiast will agree. An ignorant person will disagree. (and yeah, I don’t like the look of the current Prius and Mirai either, but the Prius Prime at least looks decent).

  • Mike anonymous

    So is no one going to talk about how the French automaker Peugot is the most searched brand in Madagascar?

    • Dr Bjorn K. Von Strangefingger

      I really don’t want to talk about that right now.

      • PK


        • Dr Bjorn K. Von Strangefingger

          Man… been arguing with the gf… been drinking… the cat got out… just a bad time right now. Maybe later.

          • PK


          • KareKakk

            Most of Africa has been in bed with Peugeot for decades, nothing to talk about there anymore.

          • PK

            oh well.

  • FlameWater

    I think Hyundai will be the biggest car manufacturer one day

    • schnittz


      • PK

        why sadly? hyundai is becoming one of the best auto brand in the world. they’ve came a long way in a short period of time which is amazing!

    • PK

      i agree! hyundai is killing it in recent years till now!

  • PK

    love that mercedes benz is yellow. as it should be. amg! <3

  • Ronald Roman

    Most desired? Ha! Maybe the most “searched on the Internet” motors! Or the Brazilians would desire a Honda over a MB or an exotic Italian? Or the Russians would desire a Hyundai over a BMW….

    • salamOOn

      why do you assume that everyone should want an exotic italian?

      • Ronald Roman

        Who said that?
        Do you think that most Brazilians would “desire” a Honda or a Ferrari? I guess they can afford Honda and that is what they search on the net… It doesn’t mean Honda are the most desired.

    • Totz

      Honda is one of the most something and most popular brand in Brazil because of their history and racing heritage for Brazilians, and Honda has the one of the largest Honda factories in the world both for their cars and motorcycles….

    • Totz

      Honda is one of the most best sellers of cars for tens of decades and the best sellers of motorcycles since 1960’s in Brazil

      • Ronald Roman

        So? Would you trade your Honda for a Ferrari? Yes or no? Or you really desire a Honda…

        • Seats & a steering wheel

          A Honda is more reliable, more practical and more relevant to more more people than a Ferrari. YES I would trade my Honda for a Ferrari but only so I could SELL the Ferrari (after a couple of fun drives) and buy a New Accord, perhaps an SUV for the wife and a sporty Lexus RC F.

          • Ronald Roman

            From the beginning I am arguing about the use of the word “desired”. Not about the practicality of owning a Ferrari.

  • Vicki N. Kinner

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  • Totz

    most search brand doesn’t mean best seller, most reliable, most appreciated or most beloved…

  • Hamster

    its funny to see Lambo in Pakistan.

  • And very few Volkswagen? Interesting.

  • KareKakk

    Even more interresting would be to know the context of the search: “Toyota engine fail” is not that much of a good way to be the top googled car brand…

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