Watch Toyota VP Troll Everyone In LA With Supra Tease

While Toyota has already confirmed the new Supra for the 2019 Detroit Auto Show, we were hoping for at least a small sneek peek of the finished car during the LA Auto Show and the company’s executives were aware of it.

Shortly after finishing the presentation of the company’s five new models, Jack Hollis, Toyota USA’s Vice President, decided to have a little fun with the crowd.

“Maybe there’s a sixth car we should tell you about. You might have heard a rumor that we have a new Supra coming. I know that sports car fans around the world have been waiting nearly two decades for this new Supra, so are you finally ready to see it?” said Hollis to the crowd.

“Cameras ready?”, he asked pointing at the screen behind him, only to be followed by a single ‘Supra’ logo.

“Come on! I’m not ready to show that to you yet!”, Hollis said with a smile. “We need you to be with us in Detroit, January 14, at the International Auto Show. I wanted to have some fun with you, because we know this vehicle is coming and we’re excited.”

Production of the new Toyota Supra will begin during the first half of 2019 at Magna Steyr’s factory in Austria, alongside the new BMW Z4. The two models share the same architecture and powertrain but so far the companies claim that they developed and tuned their cars separately from each other.

The new Toyota Supra will be powered by a 3.0-liter straight-six engine with twin-scroll turbochargers, kicking out around 340hp. 0-62mph (100km/h) is expected to be under five seconds, with the chassis featuring goodies such as an adaptive suspension, an active limited-slip differential and a perfect 50:50 weight distribution.


  • Christian

    F THAT… WHo cares about a German Supr.a.. The new AMG GT-R PRo is out… and Shem. ale shemmmm bought one, saidly

    • ErnieB

      And the gt500 will steal it’s lunch money..

    • PK

      it’s beautiful! <3

  • Christian

    I don’t like him…He reminds me of my dad…

  • HG504

    Everyone knows what it looks like anyways. Nothing is left a surprise anymore

  • ErnieB

    Fail. Fail. Fail.

  • Mr. EP9

    You have got to be…….Show the damn thing already. Jeez. Stop wasting time with these teasers.

    • SpongeBob99Swell

      I would feel the same typically at this point, but I think I’m patient enough for the NAIAS reveal for it coming soon.

  • nastinupe

    The Supra will be DOA, just like the FR-S/86.

  • TB

    What a Douche…I think there was…like 4 people there….

  • дапвт

    Hopefully it comes out and its a massive flop in sales. Will teach them that teasing it for 10 years is idiotic

    • ctk4949

      If its $60K+, then it might be.

    • Jureck

      Yeah, and teach them to build never a car for enthusiasts again. Why bother with annoying carguys if you just can sell SUVs and Priuses to everybody else…

  • SpongeBob99Swell

    To all of you uneducated freaks with no knowledge complaining that this Supra won’t live for the MKIV hype: Deal with it.

    The MKIV was a simply a grand tourer type vehicle. Not really that good, visceral, or drift-happy at corners. While it’s still a classic and a great vehicle, it wasn’t GTR-levels of hardcore at all (not even in the level of Toyota’s own GT86, when it comes to a hardcore, jewel driving experience), and it was known better as a tuner’s halo car (which was when you guys kept on tuning the hell out of it). And that happened during the 1990’s, when a Honda NSX could go head-to-head with a Mitsubishi Lancer, Mazda RX-7 and Toyota MR2, because of horsepower limits and Japan-oriented market strategy. Today, Japanese manufacturers changed completely, and they’re focusing on crossovers, if all.

    In fact, the Supra started as a sportier, bigger and more luxurious version of the Celica, if you go that far. What saved the Supra were the tuning and customization markets. This car looks, sounds very interesting and appears to be very competent and with equipment that is very up-to-date with today’s market (sorry, manual transmission lovers), so probably it won’t flop like the NSX did lately. Especially when Toyota had no choice but to collab with BMW to reduce development costs to make the car more profitable, which is why BMW asked Toyota to co-develop the car. All BMW did was supply the chassis (which Toyota then enhanced the rigidity, suspensions, structure, etc their own way), the engine (which Toyota then tuned in their own way), and some parts of the interior then fucked off. So given the fact that Toyota and BMW haven’t interacted with each other for years now, it’s clear that the Supra and Z4 will be different cars for the vast majority (especially since only 6 parts of the two cars will be in common). Let alone that BMWs straight-six motors are some of the best in the industry (and the Supra itself is known for having a straight-six motor anyway), but for that matter, we’re getting one with Toyota’s feel and soul.

    All in all, I’m sure Toyota knows exactly what they are doing. I’m certain that the same company that made the LFA knows how to make a damn sports car. It has everything to do with profit, as well as development costs and reducing them. Sales for these types of cars don’t justify the cost of producing by yourself. Partnering lowers the cost for both parties involved and still allows enough differentiation to make the car unique, and makes it easier for both companies since these cars are expensive to produce (despite being low volume sellers)…….speaking of which, from being just a sporty GT vehicle, into a legitimate tour-de-force sports car you guys have been wanting the Supra to be regardless, given how you guys kept on tuning the hell out of the original generations of the Supra…. they didn’t ruin the Supra at the end of it all, they re-imagined it. And while profit and development costs is why it may use BMW’s blood (although Toyota did enhance the engine, chassis, suspensions, structure, rigidity, etc, all in their own way), it’s soul and feel is still Toyota at heart for that matter (so even expect Toyota’s great reliability to maintain since the engine’s tuning is done by Toyota, if otherwise the B58 in itself is essentially the German equivalent to a 2JZ). Either be a man and give it a chance, or say goodbye to any sports brand initiative from Toyota at all.

    I’m done with the rant. Whine all you want haters, but this is all the truth. I personally think the new Supra is going to be an epic re-incarnation to the original, and I’m sure it will be epic as a whole (just like the new Avalon that I honestly considered, to be almost, the perfect car in my book). Even though the hype may have been dragging on for a little too long by this point (especially with the constant nonstop updates about it), I’m really glad to know that Toyota took all the time they needed to accurately revive (and re-imagine in a big way) the Supra.

    So yeah… can’t wait to see the reborn Supra at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show next January once it reveals there! Cheers. 🙂

    • ErnieB

      If it starts in the mid $40s with the top of the line in the $60s then I see it really selling. I think what irks people is the unnecessary prolonged reveal and the fact that it should have had better proportions— it looks stubby to me.. Performance wise it will not disappoint but there is a lot of great competition in this segment.

      If it starts in the $60s then I don’t see it selling very well.

      • SpongeBob99Swell

        “You must be a really die hard [and partially blind] fan to like the Avalon .. wow..damn the thing is horrible to look at! ”

        You guys only find the grille to be the only styling touch controversial about the Avalon’s design. I personally find it sleek, modern, well-sculpted, and it works personally by also blending well with the overall design, and the overall youthful new atmosphere that seems to appeal to me (I mean, they already nailed it so much with the rest of its design). The Avalon though isn’t the only vehicle to me that has big grilles to do work (there’s also the BMW X7, numerous of Audi’s latest products, just to name a few). Besides, styling is a subjective part of cars, so what if I love it?

        And no, I’m not a fanboy of the Avalon when I mean that I love it overall in an honest and unbiased manner. It’s my personal favourite full-size sedan, and forgotten and most underrated car I think of. I almost wanted a fully loaded Touring variant for that matter. In the end, to each their own.

    • Scherpereel Clement

      I think the MKIV is iconic because of Fast and Furious AND the fact that the engine is so strong and can be push to absolute ludacris power that’s all. As you said, the stock model is not the sportcar people think it is.

  • An Existing Person

    Even the VP thinks the new Supra is a joke.

  • no25

    At this point, a new Sequoia could come out faster than this overhyped Supra.

  • SpongeBob99Swell

    What the hell is with my comments pending out of place? Good god…

  • getoffme

    Lol @ the poseurs here. You all have asked for it don’t ya?

  • salamOOn

    omg this never ending teasing of that bmw with a toyota badge……just gimme f-type or amg gt.

  • He seems to think he’s funny. not the audience.

  • LJ

    Does anyone care anymore?

  • exeptor

    This guy should have its own course in Master Classes. The topic of course has to be related to humor.

  • Sybill Julian

    We’ve had enough with this teasing! More annoying than the new 8 series

  • R55

    The Crackdown 3 of cars.

  • Kagan

    10 years of teasing , at least it feels like that!

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