Mustang Drivers Are Smashing Into Cop Cars Now Too

Dramatic footage has surfaced showing the moment an out-of-control Ford Mustang slammed into a police cruiser in the U.S.

According to local law enforcement, the Pasco Sheriff’s Office in Florida, the driver of the Mustang had recently committed a robbery.

While fleeing the scene of the crime, the driver struck a vehicle and police officers soon initiated a chase. However, the pursuit was called off as the suspect exceeded 100 mph (160 km/h) in their attempt to flee. Police continued to monitor the suspect when he sped through an intersection at approximately 70 mph (112 km/h) while heading northbound on US 19.

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Video from the body cam of an officer on the scene shows the moment the Mustang driver crosses the intersection out of control as the muscle car slides towards traffic lights. It then slams into the front of a Ford Explorer Police Interceptor and slides at least a hundred feet down the road before coming to a rest.

Police report that the driver of the Mustang immediately jumped out of the car and fled on foot. Officers gave chase and the suspect was arrested shortly after.

Despite the severity of the crash, both the officer of the Explorer and the suspect avoided serious injury.


  • charlie bear

    Lol, this made my day!! glad that officer was okay.

    • Perry F. Bruns

      Well, it is Pasco County.

    • Jay

      Indeed I thought he was running full speed but I noticed it was just a lot of sound and movement but he wasn’t moving very fast at all. Must’ve been a big fellah.

  • Jay

    The Ford on ford violence has got to stop this is getting out of hand.

  • Bash

    Well, it will be news when a Ford doesn’t hit anything.

    • ErnieB

      You mean a mustang..

      • Bash

        Of course, lol

  • charlotteharry57

    After having sat in a new ‘Stang at a recent auto show, I have to wonder if the awful dash layout has something to do with the “Mustangs crashing all over the place” thing. You couldn’t place the infotainment screen any lower, if you tried. Reminded me of the first Gen Fusion.

    • ErnieB

      Nah.. I have one as a daily driver and it’s ok.. it’s the tail that’s the matter.. the thing plays nasty tricks on you if you don’t know how to control it..even with traction control on you can get tail happy fast at any moments notice.. it’s fun though ..

    • Ben

      If dash placement and visibility were the issue with the Mustang, Camaro drivers wouldn’t be able to make it out of their driveway. No excuse.

    • Jason Miller

      People driving high power cars with no performance driving training is the problem.

      • Anton Yuri Calderon

        Thats like 99.5% of them. We’re all doomed!

  • ErnieB


    • Anton Yuri Calderon

      Perhaps the Explorer was just simply in the way…

  • Mr. EP9

    I’m not going to say this chase happening in Florida had anything to do with the outcome……..

    But this is Florida we’re talking about here.

  • Paul

    It seems like it took the body cam Cop an awful long time to get over to the security fence.

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