Woman And Child Lucky To Be Alive In Horrifying Semi Crash

A truly shocking accident took place earlier this week in Vietnam, where an out-of-control semi truck broke through the concrete street divider and smashed into three stationary vehicles, nearly obliterating a woman holding a small child.

Thankfully, she managed to run away. If she hadn’t reacted immediately, she would have been swept up by the car that she was standing next to, which was struck by the runaway semi.

As for why the driver of the semi suddenly lost control like that, well, that’s a little hard to gauge. On one hand, it seems like they may have been spooked by a smaller vehicle, leaving what looked like a bus stop. However, to go from that to basically making a hard left turn doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

There were of course multiple other people involved in this crash, such as the driver of the beige Toyota, as well as whoever might have been in that stationary taxi or the white sedan parked in front of it. We can only hope they’re all OK.


  • Craig

    At the very least – people who drive 18-wheeler’s like this should lose their licence forever.

    • Jay

      So you didn’t see the car that pulled out? It cut the semi off at the last second. Hardly anytime to recover I’m not sure if I could handled it any differently. People should check their mirrors before pulling out and even opening their doors on busy road ways like this. It’s annoying and dangerous.

      • Momogg

        And it was better to hit this white van instead of going to the other side and doing something worse.

        • Jay

          You say it like he intended to go through the barrier.. As I see if he swerved to avoid hitting the car but these trucks can’t handle high speed lane changes like that which is probably why it went through the barrier.

        • Jay

          You wouldn’t be saying the same if it were a person or a child that ran or walked out into the road. Think of it as a human and you probably would’ve swerved the same way.

      • Enoch Gabriel Gonzales

        yes, but I think you must be running too fast for a semi for you not be able to brake at a considerable amount of time

      • Craig

        I saw it as clear as day. The car that ‘pulled out’ didn’t REALLY pull out’ at all. If the 18 wheeler didn’t respond at all – he would have simply tapped that ‘offending vehicle’ back in place.

    • Merc1

      He should have just rammed the car that pulled out in front of him.


  • Wandering_Spirit

    Southeast Asia is a zoo for driving. And some place in East Asia, as well.

  • Merc1

    Good lord that was dramatic.


  • “so u gone call me later Mr.Cab Man?” ..oh sh!t truck!! This is just horrifying yoh!

  • Momogg

    Trucker was too fast for the situation…

    • Jerry Hightower

      How do you know it was too fast? Trucks can’t stop on a dime. The video doesn’t show the whole incident.

      • Momogg

        Just watch the video again!
        You can see the bus in the beginning with a “normal” speed, later you can see the truck coming with excessive speed and then you can compare. Do you think it’s a highway? I’m not sure…

        Of course you cannot stop it like a light weight, that’s why you have to adapt your speed to the situation. 😉

  • Bill Nguyen

    Vietnamese people can’t drive for shit… I don’t even know what that commie cop was trying to do let alone that trucker.

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